Divine Survivor: 1948 Buick Super Woody Wagon

Buick Super production began in 1940 and extended – with a couple of years’ hiatus during WWII – through 1958. The “Super” moniker was used variously along with “Super Eight” or “Buick Eight”, referring to the venerable Fireball straight eight-cylinder engine that was installed in these models throughout production. By 1948, the cars had received a facelift that included fastback styling, an Art Deco-esque line from the front fender clear to the rear, and a more elegant grille. (Helpful hint: you can tell a ’47 from a ’48 rapidly by the “Super” badging present on the front fender of the ’48.) The largely hand-built Estate wood-bodied wagon re-entered production after a six-year suspension. Here on craigslist is a honey of a wagon, a 1948 Buick Super Woody for sale, with an asking price of around $55,000, and only 39,000 original miles on the clock. The sellers seem negotiable, so if you love this wagon, they encourage a call. The car is located in Norwalk, Ohio. We have T.J. to thank for this tip!

Buick was making three models in this era, differentiated by trim and engine power. The upper echelon was occupied by the Roadmaster, the lower end was devoted to the Special, while the Super sat in the middle. All utilized a straight eight. In the Super, this motor displaced 248 cu. in. and generated about 115 bhp. The transmission was a three-speed manual. With its heavy wooden body, the wagon took an age to get up to speed, but customers were after the looks, not the speed. While this listing isn’t expansive regarding the mechanical condition of this car, I suspect the sellers are long-term, caring owners. There’s a reference to extensive maintenance conducted over the years of ownership.

The condition of the wood, paint, chrome, and interior is fabulous. The sellers indicate that all these items received some professional attention over the years. The mileage is completely believable when scrutinizing these photos; it’s not a perfect car but it’s incredibly nice. The next owner’s challenge will be to preserve its condition. The seat fabric and large gauges add a jazzy touch to this model’s substantial charm. Included is a very rare GM tissue box dispenser – just try finding another one!

One of my favorite features of the earlier woodies is the wood roof. I remember seeing something similar on a Mercury wagon at a swap meet and being completely astonished. That was fifteen years ago and I still haven’t gotten over it. This one is outstanding – just ticks one more box in the “plus” column for this great wagon. What do you think?


  1. jnard90 jnard90 Member

    Absolutely beautiful wagon!

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    • Michelle Rand Staff

      I love it, I feel like it’s a friend.

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  2. Denny N. Member

    Seller has posted lots of pix on CL. If mileage advertised is correct, this would seem to be a screamin’ deal.

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  3. SirRaoulDuke

    Not my era/style, but damn if it isn’t beautiful.

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  4. normadesmond

    It’s beautiful. I’m imaging how it sounds when you’re inside it.
    Certainly not like a new Lexus.

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    • matthew grant

      to me, preferable to a new Lexus. I could see this in the drive at the house on martha’s vineyard. I love it.

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  5. Charles Marks

    I fall in love with all these cars fifty times a day. Jeez, I wish I would win that $1 billion lottery!!🤣🤣

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  6. 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

    A good friend and neighbor recently passed away at the age of 92. His pride and joy was this 47 Buick Super wagon. A few years before he died, he had put a rod through the side of the block. I found a nice running 248 straight 8 from a 41 Buick about to become a Ls powered street rod. I bought it and offered to install it. He dragged his feet on it, mainly because it had become very difficult for him to drive it. After his death, his widow asked if I would get the Woody running. I put the engine in, and without the family knowing, had it front and center at his memorial service. His son told me that “it was a 3 Kleenex job” when his mom saw it.

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    • Arfeeto

      Absolutely gorgeous!

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    • MKG

      Heck, you got me going just reading it, lol.

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    • LMK Member

      Beautiful effort !!

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  7. Ike

    Just beautiful and very well maintained!

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  8. Bob McK Member

    This beauty belongs in my garage.

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    • Gil Davis Tercenio

      No, it belongs in MINE! :D

  9. RC Graham

    This is a magnificent example of a work of art of a car.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a nice woody. They are usually overwrought restorations that look for all the world like a cross between one of Liberace’s grand piano and a mahogany coffin.

    Just a Wonderful Work of Western Art.

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  10. charlie Member

    A great car! Back in the late ’50’s, early ’60’s when people still took these on tours, sedans included, you saw them with the hoods up whenever it was time to stop for anything, to let the starter motor cool. It would get hot and bind. GM still did not figure this out with my ’67 Pontiac with the 400 engine, which likewise would not restart when the starter motor was really hot. I put an aluminum pie plate baffle in between the block and the starter which helped a little. And today my son’s new Honda Pilot’s transmission overheats in 100 degree weather, the solution is the extra transmission cooler which comes with the trailer package, so it is an easy install, but not a warranty item. More “value engineering”.

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  11. princeofprussia

    Beautiful. The wood slat headliner…wow. Almost reminds me of the cheap plastic, ill-fitting interiors of the 1980’s. NOT. I’d spend hours just standing there, looking at it. Rolling art and history rolled into one!

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  12. Rallye Member

    Reminded me of my foray into Buicks and making people happy. 30 years ago, I went to a Buick collector’s auction to see what some other collectibles sold for… REALLY!…just to watch. They sold a couple of parts cars from the rows and I said to myself “Wait, these things are heavy with straight 8s and people are paying way under scrap.”. Next up is a 1950(?) Roadmaster woody. It had been purchased from a junkyard in MN, parts removed and was deteriorated in most ways. I bought it, advertised in Hemmings and a shop in AZ was very happy to get it. I bought 2 other Buicks that day and have a couple of trinkets left here somewhere. Now about some of these other things I saved from the crusher? Can you advertise parts here? Like a Mack EE cab?

  13. chrlsful

    these are over the top for me – just enuff wood, cloth top, my fav motor (i8) showing a transition to a more modern era to come. The waggy just makes it that much beddah 4 me. A real treat, thnx Ms Rand~

  14. DON

    As expensive as these cars were, I’m surprised it wasn’t an automatic .
    Its hard to believe there was a time when cars like this were mostly hand built on an assembly line

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