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Documented 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air III

The seller describes this car as a rough but salvageable 1970 GTO Judge.  You can see it here on eBay along with pictures of the parts that go with the sale.  The car is located in Columbia, Tennessee and has a buy it now price of $18,000.  There have probably been a few people that just walked by this car but it is said to be a PHS documented Judge.

There were four engine options in 1970.  The base 400 cubic inch motor was the same as in 1969 and produced 350 hp. The Ram Air III (RAIII) 400 cubic inch motor delivered 366 hp and the Ram Air IV (RAIV) 400 cubic inch motor produced 370 hp.  New for 1970 was an optional 455 cubic inch engine that generated 360 hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque.  Of the 41,143 GTOs built in 1970, 30,549 came with the base 400, 4,644 came with the RA III 400, 804 came with the RAIV 400 and 4,146 came with the 455 HO engine option.

This car reportedly comes with the numbers matching RAIII block, #12 heads, and 4-speed transmission.  The car was originally maroon and comes with the front and rear seating and some interior pieces.  The mileage is listed at just under 68,000 miles.

The description states that the car comes with decent fenders, hood, and rear wing.  This car is not for the faint of heart and will need a lot of TLC to get the bodywork completed with the engine is being rebuilt.  How adventurous are you?  Is this real deal Judge worth the effort?


  1. Arthell64

    Why not let it bid up from $1000 and see what’s it really worth?

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    The Judge is not in his chamber….

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    • David Ulrey

      That’s because the Judge already passed sentence and is home having dinner. It was found guilty and is currently on Death Row.

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  3. Curt

    Ready for the crusher, and nothing else.

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  4. Poncho

    All Pontiacs from at least 1969 are available from PHS for a fee. Nice that it is available, but not really a selling point. The fact that the VIN does dictate that the VIN is a Judge is special, provided the VIN tag originated with this car. Still, a RAIII Judge may be worth the repair cost if some of the work can be done yourself. $18k is a lot of money for all the knuckle busting, grinding, welding, sanding, and parts sourcing and purchasing in the car’s future though.

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    • Trey

      The VIN doesn’t determine that this is a Judge. For a guy named Poncho, you should know better.

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  5. Del

    Bid up from 1000.00 ?

    Its not worth even a grand

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    • JOHN Member

      I tend to disagree that it isn’t even worth a grand, heck, a used Muncie is going for almost that, a set of RAlll cylinder heads are worth nearly $1k today. I’m a Pontiac guy, but it is a money pit for sure. It can be restored, sure, but should it is the question! And for Poncho, PHS goes back to at least 1964, I have had 3 64’s, I got PHS for all of them, that’s back when it was $25 and they even gave you black and white stock publicity photo’s from GM and other literature.

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    • mjf

      I am with you on that

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  6. TimM

    Is it me or are people just crazy!! This is a frame off restoration and who knows how many parts are missing!!! For the life of me I would not ever take on a project like this unless maybe I got the car free!!!

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  7. sir mike

    I think one too many zero’s in the BIN price….does he think it’s an old Porsche??

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    • Paul

      Some GTO judges are worth more then some Porsche’s!

      This car in the condition it’s in is worth more than a 1970 Porsche 914 that’s is running & driving

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  8. chillywind

    Look at his other parts cars for sale. WOW this seller has one hell of a Pontiac JUNK yard.
    On one hand its great that he is finding and collecting all this pontiac stuff, but the prices are way to out there. I know we all have to eat and make some money but this stuff is seriously deteriorating while the prices are insane and not selling.
    One of those situations that the stuff will be too far gone by the time the owner comes to senses and sells what’s left of the rusty sheet metal.

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    • JOHN Member

      The guy does have a lot of stuff, his prices seem crazy, but apparently it is selling! look at his selling history. This stuff isn’t exactly growing on trees these days.

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  9. benjy58

    Where do you start?. First you call a tow truck then check on your phone for your GPS, then you find the nearest scrap yard. Deducting from the amount of bondo you may get 200.00. Good Luck

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  10. Billieg

    Junk it. $18k? that’s a joke.

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  11. Arthell64

    The seller does have an impressive Pontiac parts collection. Wonder what happens after the last chance to purchase?

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  12. Mark M

    Was that burned in a fire?

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  13. Classic Steel

    Get your rusty trusty Goat from Cars outside under Trees. …

    It slices-it dices and yes even can give you tetanus .
    Just buy now at 19950…err 19.95 plus shipping and handling fees.

    Some assembly required and a platinum credit cars will be required to assist restoration

    **this advertisement does-not guarantee your product makes it to your driveway in one piece as rust frankly breaks down fast. 🤣😂👻

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  14. LARRY

    Classic Steel..omg jeeeezzzz..took the words out of my mouth only much more colorfully🤣

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  15. JimmyJ

    Did bodymen in the 70s not have a hammer and a dolly?
    If my old man invested in bondo he’d be a rich man!

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  16. PLE

    I see about $4000-6000 worth of parts, I don’t see $18000 of anything.

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  17. the one

    Oh really… But, you never know, there’s a new sucker born every minute.

    W.C. Fields

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  18. ACZ

    Documented rusty junk.

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  19. v

    hey guys how can you figure on a reasonable price for those kinds of pontiac parts with 1 or 2 lousy pics. . this stuff is a treasure trove of PONTIAC HISTORY. i wish i were 30 years younger cause ive seen rusty and this stuff aint it. this guys got a lot of primo stuff. the problem is some of you guys cant see the pictures through the beers that are on your coffee table and you havent moved your feet since you last farted. you guys are not even realizing if this is the stuff he is listing, what kind of gems is he holding back on listing. when’s the last time you saw 3 goats together in 1 listing. i know winnie the pooh knows 3 goats. the dumbest part of all this is he’s listing LAST CHANCE and no one is realizing he might have to get rid of this stuff cause some wigit engineer bought 2 acres of his land next door. and now they moved in next door and they dont like his posessions anymore. if i had 10,000 dollars and a good trailer and a good body id beat a path to is door and see how much of the trailer i can fill up. id be asking him do you have any aluminum pontiac front end cars. or do you have anything with SD on it. after all if you arm chair guys owned this stuff you wouldn’t have your prices jacked up ….would you???

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    • Rattlehead

      Absolutely correct my sir, and a lot more tactful than I would have put it thank you

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  20. the one

    One man’s garbage is another man’s potpourri!

    The Grinch

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  21. the one

    Location: Olathe, Kansas, 66061
    VIN #: 242370R
    Transmission: Manual
    Condition: Project
    Exterior: Pepper Green
    Interior: Black w/ console

    Seller’s Description:
    1970 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” project with MANY additional parts. Price reduced 10-10-19. Ad expires in November.

    This car is a real deal Ram Air III, factory air conditioned, numbers matching, 4 speed Judge capable of becoming a high end car once restored. It is NOT a clone, tribute, quick flip, driver, or even an automatic Judge. Be sure to take this and all the new parts included into consideration before determining its value.


    PHS documented Judge with PHS window sticker

    Numbers matching throughout except radiator and starter

    Rare factory A/C Four Speed combo

    400 cubic in Ram Air III with top quality engine components and machine work

    MANY new parts included so restoration cost will be greatly reduced


    About a decade ago the car was a very nice original unrestored car but then got a partial, amateur repaint. The job was not adequate for this caliber of car so it will need to be redone. It spent most of its life in Colorado so it is a very solid car.


    It is mostly assembled with the exception of the engine, inner fenders, battery tray, and radiator. I intentionally did not assemble the fresh, numbers matching, born with, original engine so you can witness and inspect all the high dollar parts and machine work. Roughly five thousand has been spent on the engine alone. Interior is decent original with new carpet but does need seat repair and dash pad. Date code AM/FM radio was added but do have an AM if you want to go back to original. The radiator appears to have been replaced at some point.

    Some of the MANY PARTS INCLUDED:

    New Firestone Wide Ovals mounted on restored 15” Rally II wheels, Triple plated rechromed rear bumper, new tail light lenses, new park lights and bezels, new side marker lights, new hood tach, new drivers remote mirror, new Judge side stripes, new rocker moldings, new hood decals, new headlight bezels & kit, NOS harmonic balancer, new H-beam rods, new forged pistons, new rings, complete new valvetrain from cam to stainless valves, new bearings, new double roller timing set, new rockers/studs/guideplates, new Felpro gasket set, correct rebuilt water pump and alternator, rebuilt recurved original distributor, new clutch kit, balanced, square decked, torque plate honed, on and on.

    Price: $29.500

    This price includes about $2500 in new parts, and $5000 in a high end engine rebuild & clutch kit.

    Serious buyers only please.

    Contact me for more details on the car and the vast amount of parts.

    Price: $29,500 negotiable

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  22. George Mattar

    A Judge. So what. Total pile of trash. This very car has been on eBay for more than a month. Even if I had all NOS sheet metal, this car is not worth my time. Pass.

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  23. v

    high retail on a 70 judge is $170,000 dollars . low retail is $57,000

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    • Trey

      Not for a RAIII.

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      • v

        yes im afraid so. look up NADA CLASSICS and select RAIII engine ,4 speed, and 2 door hardtop judge with rallys in options .

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      • Trey

        Show me a RAIII hardtop that has sold for that much.

        The price guide is all wet.

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      • v

        you have to put pricing in perspective. i would say and you would probably also say. that a untouched unmolested original down the assembly line factory unchanged nut and bolt original would in fact be worth 170,000. the reason for this is original paint with maybe minor blemishes along with factory produced mechanicals not taken apart or modified in any way would most likely have a value of 170,000. this would also include an original interior. the pricing guide is what it is saying it is, A GUIDE with adjustments in value for ANY changes in originality. this is why BONE STOCK is so cherished in the auto collecting world.

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      • Trey

        You have the wrong perspective. The #1 condition car doesn’t meet that criteria.

        That’s a very strong price for a RAIV or more likely a RAIII ragtop.

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  24. v

    on 1 of his ebay pics i saw the reflection of a bonneville wagon. what pontiac wouldn’t want 1 of those.

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  25. victor Sanchez

    All Rise / not on this poor Judge

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  26. 433jeff

    Im with V on this one, although 70 isnt my favorite year, and I couldn’t go 18000$ someone will probably go half of that, Someone else may part it cuz they need a motor. This guy has quite a collection, I think most of us would be over 10 grand with a rebuilt motor and clean title, or maybe we can all go to the land of discount muscle cars, where there is no rust and no interest, Some shop will be interested to fix an flip

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  27. v

    what in yur opinion is NADA number 1 car definition.

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  28. v

    number 1 definition…High Retail: This vehicle would be in excellent condition overall. It could be a completely restored or an extremely well-maintained original vehicle showing very minimal wear. The exterior paint, trim and mechanics are not in need of reconditioning. The interior would be in excellent condition. Some vehicles may be considered “matching numbers” vehicles.

    Note: This column does not represent a “100 Point” or “# 1” vehicle*.

    * A “100 Point” or “# 1” vehicle is not driven. It would generally be in a museum or transported in an enclosed trailer to concours judging and car shows. This type of car would be stored in a climate regulated facility. nada’s definition…under NADAguides FAQ

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    • Trey

      Bingo. And there’s no RAIII car that meets that criteria that sells for that much. The guide is incorrect.

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  29. v

    either way the gto judge that is for sale is lacking the front end components. including interior and everything around the trans and engine. so in theory we are valuing the shell body plate engine and trans.. i would say its probably worth 8000.00 if no front end is available its probably worth somewhere in the area of 5900.00. just a guess . what is left is enough to call it a judge in its simplest form. what would you value what is left. try and judge without an agenda and with no feelings either way. remember be IMPARTIAL just like a real usa judge with a robe…

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  30. JOHN Member

    I also have never agreed with the Haggarty valuations, they are always on the way optimistic side. I would never tackle a restoration on this car unless I had another parts car or two, and the price was maybe $6k or so the way it sits. But I do see value in parts. The asking price is pure lunacy, but you never know, this could be the car that someone somewhere needs. They just haven’t appeared.

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  31. v

    gt motorcars 1970 PONTIAC GTO JUDGE RA III concours #1

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