Dog Approved: 1967 International Travelall

Although I don’t claim to be a hunter, there’s something uniquely American about a truck loaded up with flannel clothes, weapons, beef jerky and man’s best friend. I’ve never hung out in a tree scouting for deer, but I’d happily play the chauffeur and hand out supplies if it meant getting behind the wheel of this 1967 International Harvester Travelall here on eBay, where the seller’s dogs seem to be giving it the once-over. 

The seller claims he came across this Travelall after it had been sitting for 30 years. Despite this long slumber, it doesn’t appear to be frighteningly neglected. The interior is intact and the body, while suffering from some rot-through, isn’t Swiss cheese. The seller mentions that he intended to restore it but a stroke has affected the likelihood of being able to finish the project. The photos with the dogs are great, almost as if they’re already begging for a ride in the hunting truck.

From what I’ve read, the tailgate was optional if you decided the barn-style doors weren’t to your liking. This Travelall doesn’t have the optional third-row bench, so you’ll be limited as to how many of your friends you haul around, but this also means there’s plenty of room behind the back seat for camping gear or a fleet of deer-hungry hunting dogs. The old-school New Jersey blue plates give some indication as to how long this Travelall has been idle, though they don’t have quite the allure as California black plates.

The interior really isn’t bad at all for a truck that has been parked for three decades, but the seller doesn’t give us much to go on for confirming condition. He says you’re more than welcome to stop by to inspect the truck, but I guess his medical condition makes it difficult for him to spend a lot of time “selling” – he says he can’t take any more photos beyond what’s been provided. My biggest concern is just how extensive the rust is. If there are multiple spots like the hole in the fender, restoration becomes less attractive. Is this one worth saving or has it already gone to the dogs?

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  1. whippeteer

    Rhodesian Ridgeback approved! The body looks pretty solid except for a few spots. If I was still in the NE, I would probably drag this home. I would want to look underneath.

    • whippeteer

      My dogs would love it too.

  2. JW

    My ex wife’s brother had one of these when I met her in 1970, he bought it to haul his kids and cargo when he made a trip to ma & pa’s farm in SD. It was dependable but IMO the ugliest SUV / STATION WAGON on the road two tone green bland wheels and tires but he was a cheapskate.

  3. Chevelle Tim

    is that a Ford engine i see in there ???

  4. Don

    I think so the valve cover does look like it says powered by Ford

    • Dave Wright

      Stock International engine Probably a 345 with a 2 barrel carb but could be a 304. Power steering and power brakes, positraction, chrome bumper. Nicely optioned truck. After 30 years will probably need the auto trans resealed soon. Would be a great driver and tow vehicle. He has it marked as a manual trans but I don’t think so…..the shift lever coming out of the right side of the hump is to shift it into 4 wheel drive.

      • S Ryan

        That’s a Ford engine.
        And one hell of a dog house.

      • whippeteer

        I think it is a manual. It looks like it’s 3 on the tree. There is no gear indicator for an automatic.

      • Dave Wright

        You could be right about the 3 speed, an unusual item for an IHC, particularly one as well appointed as this one.

  5. Francisco

    You don’t hunt deer with dogs. At least not in New Jersey.

    • Don

      Thumbs UP

    • whippeteer

      And not with Ridgebacks either.

    • whippeteer

      Maybe hunting for lions.

  6. Dave Wright

    This is the vehicle for Howard to drive around the country that he can sleep in the back off…………….

    • Howard A Member

      How’d you find out about that? :)

  7. Howard A Member

    Well, it’s no Scout, that’s for sure. I don’t think I could sleep in a Scout either, for that matter. Keeping in mind, it’s only for a nap, I’m not planning on living in anything on wheels. This is one of those finds that probably won’t generate much interest, enough to sink thousands of dollars into anyway. These have to be nice to start with. These trucks were pigs ( 10 mpg) to drive long distances, I’m sure a 4×4 would increase the dangers. Again, same thing, hang a plow on it and park it ’round back.

    • Dave Wright

      My Scout traveler (long wheelbase scout) was very comfortable to sleep in……..two of us slept in it many fall nights during deer season and I am 6’2″.

  8. Charles

    Bought a 71 Travelall in 1975 to haul stuff for camping. Engine caught on fire while I was in a store, burned the wiring; luckily there was still a IH Truck dealer where we lived and rewired it for $300.00 which my insurance company reimbursed the full amount. Was really a gas hog, 10 in town, 16 highway. Traded it ASAP! Owned it for 6 months-way too long😜👎

    • Dave Wright

      I have seen some engine fires in IHC’s caused by the damned Holly carburetors. Not the best feature of an otherwise great engine.

      • SamM

        Pretty sure mine was a Rochester.

      • Dave Wright

        All the V8’s are Hollys……both 2 and 4 barrel’s

  9. Wiley Robinson

    That one looks pretty rough to me

  10. jay hyman

    who is the whipiteer? and the RR? jay hyman, rolling kennels, ridgebacks since 1959

  11. Sam M

    I had a ’69. Strong truck with the 345 and 4(?) speed. 4wd with super low gearing made the mpg a laughable affair. Really solid except for the spare wheel well. The spare fell thru one day on the highway and launched the rear of the truck about 4 feet in the air ( under the tire!) no damage to the truck other than the bent bumper. Drove it for two years more, and sold it for more than I paid. Basic transportation to be sure,, but Still miss it.

  12. KevinW

    I dunno, I used to think these were ugly, but the older I get the more I like ’em. I’ve owned a scout ll, and a scout traveller and wouldn’t mind having this as well.

  13. paul

    my 67 as a 255 strait 6 , single barrel carb

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