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Double Your Fun: 1970 Volkswagen Double Cab

For me, these Doka’s (Doppelkabine or double cab in German), are as capable as their neighbor’s Swiss Army Knife. Spoon, toothpick, can opener all in a tidy foldable package. Why VW isn’t selling a modern version of this in North America is beyond me. Not everyone here tows a 10,000 lb boat around. As far as a ’70s VW goes, this one could be brought back to a very reasonable standard with some effort. The seller is asking $13,500 and it can be found here on craigslist in Casselberry, Florida.

Another fairly rust free example, with possible original paint from the Eureka State, but now living in the Sunshine State now. Two visible areas of concern. Starting with the big sore south of the windshield and the front cab floor rot done up with some amateur looking patches. The bed area appears to just have some surface rust and the fold-down gates look solid. The battery tray will need to be repaired or replaced also. It’d be nice to see some underside shots of the jacking points, frame rails, sills, etc. All areas where the tin worm thrives on these trucks. This is about as forward cab as I ever want to sit. You are the crush zone, so be careful out there. The interior is rough and is going to need a full refurb. They do include the rubber flooring and some other removed parts.

The owner claims it “might be original engine”, so… probably assume it isn’t. They also say it “sounds good”, but it’s not drivable due to inoperable brakes. This would be a 1600cc flat-four churning out about 57 hp when fresh. It also has one of those 4-speed manual transaxles that you have to row by hand. Remember those?

I see this as a cool, mobile advertising/shop truck rig for an up and coming business. Think microbrewery that specializes in Hefeweizen hauling some kegs to your local Oktoberfest. I’d add some replica Fuchs Wheels, spice up the motor, and address the rest as needed. A call out to Wagenswest for some extra goodies might be a good idea too. What would y’all do to this Doka? $13,500 ask on craigslist Orlando,Fl


  1. Kurt Member

    The uncapped holes in the rear engine tin does not bode well for that engine. Much neglect here, visible in every shot. Pass.

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    • Dave

      Basic rules from American Pickers:
      (1) When was the last time you saw one?
      (2) When do you think you’ll see another one?
      (3) How badly do you want it?

      Someone will grab it and think that they got a great deal. A great deal of what is yet to be determined…

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    • John Klink

      I own a 1970 Dual Cab. I recently put it back into operation. $25K for most everything you can think of…
      2110 Stroker motor with a freeway flyer tranny. New everything. Likely, I could get $35K today.
      I have a friend who has one. A complete frame off restoration. $180K. If you have the dough. Go for it. It’s fun. Would I do it again. NO

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  2. Steve

    There’s a lot wrong with this truck and from the pictures looks a lot rougher then the owner thinks. While it is a fairly rare model it will take a lot to make it right.

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  3. doug edwards

    At $13,500 they’re looking for that one person that wants it bad enough. But being a double cab does raise the desirability.

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  4. David G

    Seller believes it has it’s original engine. Something seldom seen on them once they are over six months old. I guess it could have the original case with thirty five or more rebuilds under it’s belt. These do seem to go for good money, though the vans seem to fetch more.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Yea David these had a nasty problem with the cases cracking in the rear of the engine near the flywheel. Good luck to the new owner. If you hit someone you will be the first one at the scene of the accident.

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    • Dave

      Sounds like an engineering issue, exceeding the amount of stress? Caused by attempting to apply too much torque? Did VW ever correct the issue or simply discontinue the model?

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  6. Roy L

    VW offers a birth certificate for all their vehicles. It will let you know if the engine is the correct one and what options came with it.

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  7. local_sheriff

    Being a near 50 year air-cooled VW it should almost be EXPECTED it’s not its original engine. My brother and I owned a ’70 VW Dormobile camper van , bought it with a blown single carb engine like this and replaced it with a 2.0l out of a newer pickup. This was some 25+ years back and it seemed the engine we ditched had been out too.

    As fun and cool these Bays are I personally don’t consider them worth it as a vehicle. It’s a good thing they are appreciated though as they are very charming indeed,like any air-cooled VWs. Considering how Bay pickups and Dokas were (ab)used I wish good luck finding much better examples… However this one seems fixable if one is willing to throw some $­ and parts at it

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  8. Little_Cars

    At the present time, the driver’s position looks even more uncomfortable for one of these “knees as safety device” Sambas, given the MIA foam and vinyl covering the seat.

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