Drag Car Potential: $1,350 Chevy Chevette

Yes, drag car potential – those are some of the words of encouragement offered by the seller of this cheap running and driving Chevy Chevette. Of course, one doesn’t need look too deeply within Google to find photographic evidence of Chevettes used in this manner, but does this honest-appearing survivor deserve to be cut-up into a quarter-mile monster? For the $1,350 asking price, it could be worth finding out. You’ll find this Chevette listed here on eBay and located in lovely Kennett, Missouri. 

Power is meaningless in the Chevette, but the seller does opine that the four-cylinder “sounds great” and the clean presentation is encouraging. A later air cleaner and plug wires that could pass for new indicate at least some preventative maintenance has occurred, but this car’s main purpose in life is to deliver decent fuel economy and an extended shelf-life with low costs of operation. The rare diesel option remains a desirable car today for hyper-milers and other MPG enthusiasts.

In addition to the price, the body’s condition is the other high point. Paint looks consistent and even, possibly indicating it’s original. The body is largely damage-free, although some surface rust is visible on the roof. Glass is uncracked and factory badges remain in place, along with the original hubcaps. The seller doesn’t offer any details on its history other than noting it has a clean title and just needs a fresh battery to stay running. Given the limited info and reluctance to drop in a battery, we’re assuming the seller is hoping for a quick flip.

The interior is probably the biggest let down, with torn upholstery, a cracked dash and the unfortunate automatic transmission. The seller also alludes to some prior rust issues in the floor, with a new floor pan on the driver’s side that is not currently welded in. While these do make entertaining funny and/or drag cars, this little Chevette seems more likely to become a parts or panels donor for a more preserved example (if such a thing exists). Should this Chevette be re-born a drag car or restored back to new?

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  1. Steve R

    It would not make a good drag car. The days of short wheel base narrow cars have passed. Besides, it’s cheaper to buy than build.

    Just the act of the seller bringing up the possibility of building it into a drag car suggests he doesn’t follow racing.

    Steve R

  2. Anthony R from RI

    Driving a stock Chevette would be a drag


      My HS Buds Dad built a Chevette with a 454…Bad to the Bone!

      Like 2

    Enough Chevettes already!!! My gosh…lol

  4. Ed P

    The four speed is the only way to go with a Chevette. The auto turns a dog into a dead dog.

  5. Armchairwatcher

    Chuv’it or Drag’it
    I wouldn’t want it….

  6. Walter Joy

    I had the chance to get one a few years back. But this one was the beyond basic Chevette Scooter. Last I heard it was given to a friend of the owners because they needed it. But I won’t forgive them for selling their Z28 Camaro that they had since new (mid-late 1980s)

  7. LAB3

    If you consider it as cheap transportation that a shade tree mechanic can easily keep on the road then it’s tough to beat at this price. If you want to go fast and I mean REALLY fast you can pick up a Honda V65 Magna for the same price.

    • craig sibert

      I know i have a v65 magna they are fast

  8. Duane

    I had a 76 sky blue chevette with a four speed. Bought the thing in the 90s for 50 bucks. Some old lady wanted to get rid of it. I drove the thing for 2 1/2 years and sold it to some girl that drove it another two years. Great car for me. I’d buy another one.

    Like 1
  9. Bruce Fischer

    I drove one for 3 years 54 miles to work each way total of {108 miles a day} Never had a problem with it and it was great in the snow. Bruce.

  10. David Miraglia

    good cheap bargain beater. No preservation value, but good to knock around town.

  11. Howard A Member

    Drag car? Sure, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?


      HAHAHAHA Howard

  12. Blyndgesser

    Jeff, the plug wires indicate that this one isn’t equipped with “the rare diesel option.”

    • RS

      The only thing worse than driving a Chevette would be driving one that’s a diesel STINKBOX.

  13. grant

    In whose universe is a raggedy, beat down Chevette worth more than $500?

  14. Greg Standing Bear

    Assuming it has 105k miles and not 205k…would be handy to have for short errands around town. But a 4-door would be even handier…with a smoother ride.

    I’m seeing hail damage on the hood. Buffing out the paint would surely reveal a lot more damage. Probably would replace the missing mouldings and otherwise leave the body as-is.

    I think I’d throw in a JC Whitney carpet kit in it, along with a dash cover…and hopefully scrounge up some Chevette S recliners to replace those front seats.

    Seems odd to me that a Missouri car with an auto wouldn’t also have A/C.

    Regarding the Chevette Diesel: Back when 55 MPH was the limit everywhere in the USA, these made some sense. I test drove a couple back in the day and they weren’t horrible–but a Rabbit diesel was much quicker, got better mileage, was more fun to drive, and more comfortable.

  15. ROGER

    I didn’t know there were Chevettes in the US. Here in Brazil they were quite succesful, from ’73 ’til the mid 90’s, first with 1.4 engine and then 1.6 and most of them were 2 door coupes. Even though I’m a Chevy guy I really deslike this car, I owned 2 of his big brothers, the great Chevrolet Opala.

  16. Pookie Jamie P

    $300. And I’ll turn it into a permanent targa top to be driven in Florida for the rest of its life. Could be a great beach car. To me this is a blank canvas. I’ll pay $200-$300.

  17. Mark S

    Good charity fund raiser car, on day one the kids get to tag it with paint cans for a dollar each. On day two adults get 5 hits with a sledge hammer for five dollars. All money to go to a worthy charity. JMHO.

  18. Paul

    Well at least it ia a little more reliable then a pinto…….Just a little, no need to preserve this car it’s time to recycle.

  19. Ted Donahue

    I really do miss the heck outta Chevettes. I owned 2 coupes and a sedan in the late 80s & early 90s, and those flimsy little things were great pizza delivery cars. The main problem I found was the front shocks punching right through the top of the wheel well if you hit a bump too hard, and they also tore through front brake pads like a VW Bug, but boy were they fun and tough in their own way. Yes the manual transmission was a must in these. A lawyer across the street from my family bought one of the very first sedans to replace a corvair, and after calling it a piece of tin, drove it for about 15 years. They were also very popular among the teachers at my school .

  20. Bodyman 68

    Well to all ive had more then a dozen of those cars . The diesels were better then any thing out today as far as milage goes over 55 mpg ,they were better in snow then any front wheel drive out there and easy to fix. The gas cars were easy to fix also and one better put a 3.8 turbo in one ,makes a great little light drag car !

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