Drag Wagon: 1976 Chrysler Aspen

This brown 1976 Chrysler Aspen wagon is certainly one average looking car, but it can scoot. At least, it did. The car has no miles listed, a clear title, and is being sold as is. Located in Blossvale, New York, the car is listed at a buy it now price of $8,000 with the ability to make an offer. You can view more here on eBay.

The seller states they have done some work to the car this year, including rebuilding the 318 cubic inch V8 engine and transmission. The engine does have headers and transmission is a 904 with 2:76 gears and a 8 ¼ rear end. There are some details listed about some transmission parts that the seller has, but not equipped on the car.

There are a few photos of the interior. It is very normal and stock other than the steering wheel and tachometer. These photos show the car has been cared for and other than some rust around some of the wheel wells, it is in very good shape. Some of the shots under the car show the speed parts that have been installed.

The seller says they have not run the car on a track all year. They don’t say whether or not the car starts and runs, but it is a good assumption that it does. If you are looking for a good weekend bracket racing car, this is a great grocery getter or sleeper car to do that with.

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  1. Tony Primo

    I don’t think those 2.76 gears are going to help you much on the track.

  2. grant

    2.76 and a 318? It’ll sound nice but you arent winning any races. NOTE: “Bracket racing” ISN’T RACING.

    • Art M.

      I have to “somewhat” agree, bracket racing is all about the driver and consistency, based on your dial in. Not so much about the car. However, it is a way for those without a deep wallet to participate.

      • Steve R

        The guys that hate bracket racing the most aren’t the ones keeping the track open. Bracket racers, even guys with cars like this will often attend 30-50 races a year. I know several guys that share his attitude who have never run their car at a track.

        Steve R

      • grant

        Steve, Art; I never said it wasn’t “FUN,” it totally is. But a race is a race. Brackets are just seeing who can be the most consistent.

      • Steve R

        How often do you race your car? Over the years I’ve probably paid for 500+ tech cards. There are about 30-40 people that run 40+ races a year, another 150+ that run all of the weekend races which is typically 12-15 races a year. These are all bracket or index classes. The only “heads up racing” consists of T&T’s or grudge night, which is basically a glorified time run since the loser keeps making passes. The guys that like this rarely go more that two or three times a year, often once every few years. Like I said, many vocal critics of bracket racing, have never run their car. Tracks survive on the bracket and index racers, the keep the lights on and the gates open. Even if you don’t like that form of racing you should respect them for putting their time and money where their mouth is.

        Steve R

      • grant

        Ask anyone what a “race” is and they’ll tell you it’s a competition to see who gets to the finish line first/fastest. “Brackets” are a competition to see who is most consistent and the best guesser. It isn’t “racing” in the true sense. No hate, that’s just a fact. With that said, I have participated a few times and had a blast. It was a fun form of competitive motorsport. But it wasn’t a race. And for the record, I wasn’t a very good guesser.

  3. Dave Mika

    I wonder why it has a 904? Too small for a 727? And yea, those gears…?

    • Ed P

      The 904 and 2.76 gears would have usual equipment with a 318. This combo is nothing special.

  4. rick

    I had this car in early on. Mine was a green with wood grain slant six and factory 3 speed on the floor. shifter and linkage was Hurst. Bought the car for $15 hundred .drove for 2 years then sold it for $1 thousand. Great little car.

  5. Maestro1 Member

    First of all, it’s a Dodge.

    • Todd Priest

      Well that would be the best feature!!! :)

  6. Steve R

    It’s overpriced for what it is. It was likely used for bracket racing since it’s not going to win many heads up races. If someone wants a turn key race car, with some patience you can find competitive turn key low-10 second bracket cars for a few thousand dollars more. If you want a grudge night or T&T bomber, figure $6,000-8,000 will get you into something.

    Steve R

  7. Will Fox

    Smells like something ultimately went wrong with the rebuild, and the seller’s just looking to unload the paperweight. The 2.76 gears aren’t anything track-worthy, and there is only so much you can do with a 318. You might ‘sound’ hot at a red light, but be prepared to be laughed off the pavement at the next red light. The price is too much, and he’s trying to get his P&L for the rebuild out of it. No thanks.

  8. Miguel

    Brentton, why did you call it a Chrysler Aspen?

    I do want one of these cars, without the wood, to make a copy of the Fantasy Island car.

  9. Superdessucke

    Love the cheap plastic trash can on the center hump. Perfect for showering your rear seat passengers with used snot rags after you put the pedal to the metal on a hot built 360!

  10. George

    The Aspens were a lot more fun with the 360. With that engine and gears, it’s a highway cruiser.

  11. glen

    I don’t know, but would this gearing help with consistency in bracket racing?

  12. 68custom

    A318 properly modified will run pretty good but any straight line performance will be hindered by those cogs! Regarding the 318 slap a set of 340 heads on it with a mild cam and keep the headers intake and carb then a little distributor work and some 373 or 355 gears and it will maybe keep up with a 6 cylinder camaro…

  13. ACZ

    That gear is a killer of performance no matter what you do with the rest of the power train.

    • Ed P

      2.76 gears were factory standard. 3.23 were optional and would have helped the get up and go for street use.

  14. Deadmanrising

    Maestro 1 is correct, the Aspen was a Dodge, its Plymouth Twin was the Volare. The “Chrysler” make did not have one of these. I had a brand new ’77 Volare wagon (no fake wood) with the indestructible slant six. It was a family car and fell apart around my family. When I was young (decades ago) I won an on street drag race with my ’71 Plymouth Duster with a three speed on the floor. Last time I saw the other driver his girl friend was laughing our loud. Gotta love those slants sixes.

    • dweezilaz

      Chrysler eventually had the LeBaron Town & Country based on this body and Dodge the Diplomat.

      Upscale versions of both cars with luxury trim and upgraded features.

  15. John Wilburn

    I’d make it a little hotter and prowl around town with friends. That’s a fun ride. I tried to buy a factory four speed wagon like that, but the price was crazy. Maybe another will come along.

  16. Tricky

    I thought is said ‘Drug Wagon’!!

  17. Wayne

    The ebay add says it has a 3.55 posi included but not installed.
    And yes, I agree a 727 trans would be a better option if continued drag racing is on the menu. If not you will need an exhaust system! (The hanger looks lonely!)

  18. Bodyman68

    Once again trash n bash never dissapoints lol , i would just quick change the rear gears and have fun on a friday night or at the strip . Over priced maybe but as it sits itll be a fun cruser with gas milage.

  19. Gay Car Nut

    I remember the Dodge Aspen. My aunt had one back in the 90s. It was an awesome car! Quite reliable.

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