10k Genuine Miles: 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

If you are on the lookout for a classic car that is ready to drive and enjoy, then perhaps this 1984 Monte Carlo SS is the car for you. With a claimed 10,000 miles on the clock, it is probably one of the lowest mileage examples kicking around today. It presents nicely and is said to mechanically strong. The SS is located in Columbus, Ohio, and is listed for sale here on eBay. A BIN price of $13,750 will secure ownership of the SS for you.

The external appearance of the Monte Carlo is quite good. The paint is believed to be original and seems to have held up well over the last 35 years. Having said that, white paint does have a tendency to be one of the hardest wearing car colors, so this doesn’t actually surprise me. One other benefit with white paint of this era is that given that this was a period where auto manufacturers were struggling with maintaining long term wear and fade consistency of paint between metal and plastic body components, white tends to hold up better than the vast majority of colors in this regard.

Interior condition of the SS is also quite good. There are no major issues to report, and I would actually class the condition of this SS to be better than average. One little detail issue that I don’t like is the quality of the finish where the aftermarket CD player has been installed. It’s a rough looking job and doesn’t look very professional. The car does come with the usual complement of comfort features, including power windows, power locks, cruise control, air conditioning, and a tilt wheel.

The SS received a 305ci V8 engine which delivered marginally more power than the standard unit. The engines 180hp is fed to the 10-bolt rear end via a 3-speed automatic transmission. The car is also fitted with power steering, power brakes, and Michelin tires. The under-hood presentation of the car is also good, and the owner says that it drives beautifully.

While the condition of this Monte Carlo SS is impressive, it isn’t perfect, and while it is priced above what you would expect the average price to be for an SS of this vintage, its overall condition would seem to justify this. The extremely low mileage is also a huge plus for the car. There are a few people out there who don’t like the squarer styling of cars from the 1980s, but they are beginning to find an increasing following amongst the general public. If this one drives as good as it looks, it should be quite a nice car to own.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    It looks like instead of hacking up the original radio/heater bezel, an earlier black bezel from a ”78-’79 MC was used. I wonder if they have it, along with the factory radio That would help. Compared to other autos for sale websites, the price is slightly lower.
    This 2nd year. (3rd generation) MC SS doesn’t seem as popular as the ’86-’87, as they have auto overdrive and 3:73 gearing, more color choices inside and out, and a unique aluminum wheel that wasn’t simular to what was available on an S-10 on these ’83-84. Still, Nice example. I wonder in five years if this price would be considered a bargain …

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    • Arthell64 Member

      The 83-84 is my favorite SS MC but I would prefer a bench seat. Seems like a decent deal

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    • Mark

      Few questions:
      One owner or multiple?
      If only 10.000 miles – exhaust system should be original.
      Price is very good for original car but to good to be thru.
      Also the door seals, trunk should be perfect. Nice car
      I have only in my collection original cars –

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      • JC

        The Ebay ad doesn’t advertise it as a 10k mile car… in the description they write Mileage-N/A…. so its turned at least once.

  2. Capriest

    This is a damn nice car, and I don’t think the price is out of line considering it’s condition. These were woefully underpowered though. Barely any increase over a 305 LS. I always wished they would have put the L98 in them when those became available in the IROC,

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  3. NotSure

    I think that we’re looking at 110,000 on the clock. That engine bay, while well cared for just doesn’t look like a 10k. Plus the label on the fan shroud has had far too many greasy tools and hands on it to only be a 10k car… One would think that my attitude would be more positive considering that it’s Friday….

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    • Keith

      This car has way more than 10k miles, too much wear and corrosion. Buyer beware.

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      • Angrymike

        I think I have the factory radio out of my Monte Carlo SS out in the garage, I think the tape deck quit so I ordered one from GM.
        I loved my 86, wasn’t very fast but was a nice handling car with a lil git-up.

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      • Mark

        How you know this ?any comments please

    • Scott

      I am in agreement with NotSure. While I would like to believe it is 10k I do have trouble with it for the same reasons. The fan shroud sticker is filthy, the bottom of the doors on those are notorious for rust and they have obviously been touched up. The underneath of the car looks like it was spray bombed or shot with undercoating, could be factory but looks a bit sloppy. Interior pretty clean but the console cover appears to have been leaned on more than 10k miles. Unless you have ownership history to day one and can verify it all, I would stay away.

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      • Brian Hazelwood

        I’ll show you how to blow it away with a turbo 4 , I’ll sell you that as well, you had to be there.

      • JimmyinTEXAS

        That “spray bomb”( I’m gonna steal that) is not factory. Check the drive shaft. I want it to be 10K I would love to find one with documented 10K for 13.75K But the back seat has way too many wrinkles, so I’m thinking the rear seat cover is original and the front has been replaced, the driver’s door armrest is too dirty, on and on… I want it to be true but can’t go that far.

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  4. Bakyrdhero

    I like the blue interior. My buddy drove his until the crossmember rotted out and the transmission/driveshaft dropped right out of the car. It sat in the field it died in for several months until the city towed it away never to be seen again. That was the mid nineties and this one looks to be in far better condition.

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  5. Keith

    Here’s my 1984 Corvette with 59k miles unrestored as you can see it’s way cleaner that the 10k mile Monte-Carlo.

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  6. Keith

    Here’s the interior of the 1984 Corvette with 59k miles.

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  7. Keith

    Lastly here’s the engine with 59k miles.

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    • Ike Onick

      Looks like Keith is trying to sell a Corvette

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      • AUTOVISA

        How much Keith?

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      • Ike Onick

        Keith will give you a break based on what he saved by not placing an ad with BF. Have I told you about my 84 Corvette? :)

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  8. Bakyrdhero

    I didn’t have a hard time accepting this as a 10k car. It’s also 35 years old.

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    • Keith

      Nice car but I would question the actual miles on this Monte Carlo, it looks like it has more than 10k miles on it.

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  9. Paul Z

    Bottom of the drivers door has paint touched up that doesn’t match. Weatherstripping is all chewed up, interior door pull is coming off on the left side. I don’t think this has 10k on it.

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  10. Miguel

    I found this car in Mexico. It is an original Mexican car, as evidenced by the stick shift and the Pontiac instruments. It has 74,000 KM which is about 46,000 miles.

    If I can get away, I will go grab it.

    These had a no smog 350 which they say had 265 horsepower.

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    • Angrymike

      That’s awesome, I would have loved a 4-5 speed in mine and with 265 hp, I’ll bet it flys !

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  11. Miguel

    Here is the interior.

    That is the steering wheel that came on it from the factory.

    I just wonder what it is worth in the US.

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  12. Boatman Member

    Car does NOT have power locks.

    • Miguel

      The Mexican car does have power locks, just no power windows.

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  13. Camaro guy

    My very first brand new car was this same car minus the air, and power locks put 36K on it before it caught fire and burned up the car garage and everything in it had that not happened I’d still have it today. Really miss that car

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  14. Camaro guy

    This was the motor a 327 my son built

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  15. Bob

    All the wear on that cruise control switch tells me this is a 110k mile car.

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    • Superdessucke

      That is odd. As is the engine compartment emissions sticker, which looks like it went through two tours in Iraq.

      But the seats are mint, and original, as is the dash pad and normally brittle GM interior plastic. The trunk and spare are mint too. And it does appear to have the original mufflers. Those things are consistent with 10k on the clock. Regardless, you’d want to see it in person to confirm.

      If the mileage is indeed legit, the undercoating and radio hack are highly unfortunate, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

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      • Miguel

        Superdessucke All of those things you mentioned can be replaced from another car.

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    • Steve S

      I could of got a Monte Carlo of this body style back when I was in high school for free from my aunt and uncle. I think it was around an 84 through 86 but I can’t remember. but I had to go to Tennessee to get it since they drove it down there to visit my uncle’s family and the 305 blew up down there and it was a metallic blue. If I had the time and money I was going to go get it and I was going to pull the engine and transmission out and put in a hopped up 427 with dual 4 barrel carbs and a supercharger and turn it into a 4 speed manual transmission car like the car Miguel showed and raise the rear end a little for a bigger tire and by the way nice car Miguel

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  16. Gary Numan

    Admittedly, this is a clean car with many positive attributes. Could be carefully modified with a stouter drivetrain for some excitement.

    However, in my opinion, I am NOT buying that this is a legit 10k mile car. So many items are not appearing correct for the stated miles. Yes, age can be a factor in some of this but look closely at the ebay pics and focus on:

    – Drivers seat is crushed on the outside lower cushion, may have been repaired at the edge seam

    – The turn signal is very worn and very dirty on the edge. The lower edge of the dash is worn like a leg kept rubbing it

    – The lower door carpets are a very dark blue and not matching the floor carpet

    – The armrest is dimpled from elbows

    – The insides of the doors show the rubber bumper rub marks and it is very worn for only 10k

    – Plug wires look replaced, so does the alternator (see decal on it)

    – Console gold piping is worn

    – Trunk cardboard is beat up and worn

    – Not liking all the black paint on the chassis and dirty looking tie rods, etc

    – The brake pedal looks like a new replacement cover

    Just not adding up. The stereo install was quite a hack job too unfortunately.

    So as to not be so critical, it is a clean, rust free appearing and straight car. It could be made into something sweet. I’d keep the body and interior stock (put stereo area back to original) and focus on a stronger drivetrain. Imagine a crate ZZ4 engine, fuel injection, 700R4 trans and a 3.73 Posi.

    Just my 2 cents opinion.

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    • GMoparman

      Gary, I must ask…in your car do you feel safest of all?

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      • Ike Onick

        rim shot!! cymbal crash!!!! i hope you will be here all week.

    • Ike Onick

      I never knew there was a Judging Manual for the Monte.

  17. Luke Sileo

    My Dad has an 86 just like that! When he bought it, it was ALL original, but some kid who owned it blew up the 305 and it was all apart in the Trunk. He currently has a 350 with the HO Heads from the original 305 ported and Performer Intake/Q-Jet, K1103 Cam. Now he wants to do an LT1 Swap because he wants decent Fuel Economy.

  18. Derek

    Gorgeous car is great condition. I’ve driven one of these they are nice cars.

  19. JimmyJ

    No way 10k on this car seat piping cracked, staining back seat,writing worn off blinker stalk plus whole bottom poorly repainted black,I could go on
    Real nice clean car but they can cut the BS!

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  20. Michael

    I thought the 83 84 came with a bench seat. Buckets didn’t come scalable until 85. For some rest son I remember that. I bought my a 1987 Aerocoup in 1990 new. The Aerocoups weren’t selling so I got it for a steal. Loved the car. Bought it with cash, and had a hyper chip installed. The car got up, and got down. Unfortunately had to sell it when I got divorced. Next to my 1974 TA Super Duty it was a great vehical.

    • Camaro guy

      Buckets and counsle were available in 84. I waited to order mine for that reason 83’s were bench only

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      • Robbie R.

        Camaro guy, you are correct. I also ordered a 1984 brand new (blue version) with buckets and console. I enjoyed mine, although I kept it only 2 years. It drove good, was faster than most (not all) cars of that era to be such a large car. Loved that it looked just like the NASCAR cars of the day.

  21. Michael

    OK my last post the word is suppose to be avalible. Ducking auto correct kept changing it to what you see. As it also kept changing reason to rest son. Just so you know I am not illiterate. That. Just like auto correct added the word That.

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  22. James

    So from everything I read in the comments it’s a five grand car that’s if the trunk isn’t rotted these were notorious for that. Other than that drop a 383 stroker in it four barrel Edelbrock call it a day and drive the hell out of it

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  23. glenn

    am i the only one who see’s the body filler and paint at the bottom of the doors

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  24. Stevo

    Not a chance it’s 10K miles. Everyone’s already pointed out the dozen or so obvious issues just in the pics without looking at the car in person, and I agree. Sucks that it seems everyone is trying to run a scam. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to buy the car- but for a reasonable amount… but I’d want the truth.

    • Scott

      The dealers have an instinctual need to try to screw the consumer. I am not saying they are all bad but given an opportunity to deceive someone to their monetary gain, they will do it almost every time. The sad part is some schmo will buy this and someone will point out what we all see. We (car guys) have a trained eye that many don’t. We look at the details, the pedals, the rubbers, the interior, the sticker on the radiator support, the cruise control lever, etc… but keep in mind that we are the minority. Many people just take the written word for the truth and the reality is that you really have no recourse once you make the deal and take delivery. Is what it is but hopefully we save someone the heartache of getting a 110k mile car that is claimed to be 10k.

  25. Fred Alexander

    Back in time (1975) I bought a one owner 1972 Monte Carlo Silver with white top 350 bench cloth seats rally wheels etc.
    These cars were notorious for premature front end sag as the springs got a bit older.
    I installed all new springs shocks. repainted it the original silver and added a silver executive vinyl top and had very fine black (painted) pin striping on the high edges front to back.
    She was a looker = = = sure as hell wish I’d kept that girl – – had too many 57 Pontiacs in the stable plus I was the service manager for a local dealership and had a supplied new demo so something had to give – – – the young fellow who bought the Monte totaled it off within the month – – – I could have cried!
    Anyway of all the Monte Carlos I preferred the first three years body style.
    Had I been able to buy new I’d have optioned out one with a big block buckets etc etc. Saw one (all original) at the 2018 Big Fork car show. (Not For Sale)

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