Drop Top Mopar: 1964 Dodge Dart

Early Dart’s are always a treat with their simple yet pleasing style, and often with a V8 to boot. In tidy driver condition, this Dart has a wonderful curb appeal, and overall seems like a great classic Mopar convertible that could be made very nice. In driving condition, this Dart is offered for $4,500. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Davenport, Iowa. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt Williams for this spiffy submission!

With a quick glance, this Dart even has a nice under hood curb appeal with its clean engine and bay. The 273 cubic inch V8 runs and starts every time, although it is reported to smoke a bit. This is a push button automatic car, and it would seem all of the remaining mechanical systems function as they should making the car ready to drive. Although the current mileage reflects, 7,370 miles, I would be willing to bet this one has flipped the odometer at least once in its lifetime.

Inside there lays a very nice interior that has had some help from the current owner. The seats have been recovered, and are top notch in finish and factory likeness. Also the carpet has been replaced adding more to the overall interior appearance. A modern CD player has also been added, but it looks as if it could be removed if desired. Although cruising to your best of the Beach Boys CD would be a nice treat in this convertible classic.

All appears well with this Dart until you really start to scrutinize the car closely. The most obvious problem with this Mopar is that the quarters are rough. It appears both sides are equally rough, but the remainder of the car appears straight and rust free. The paint seems very reasonable, with only a few minor blemishes sprinkled over the exterior. Perhaps the quarters could be repaired, and the paint blended to maintain this possibly “original” paint job. The power top is functional, but there is a 6” slash in the roof that looks to have been repaired somewhat. Dry, with split seams, and some cracking, the vinyl top is likely original and brittle at this point, having its days numbered until replacement. With proper treatment, and a garage, this Dart could be enjoyed and maintained as is for a few years before ponying up the time and money to tackle the quarters. Does this $4,500 convertible Mopar seem like a deal to you?

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  1. David Miraglia

    I’d buy this car only because of the year… as well as a 64 Mustang, Beetle,
    Continental… get the message….

  2. Ginger

    I would totally rock this car! I wish it had the red interior!

  3. Paul B

    The Dart to have, and one of the last push-button automatics, though a 4-speed would be still better. The 273 V8 is a good one — plenty of power, while not too big or thirsty. Do the bodywork and interior, attend to the hydraulics and any engine or transmission issues, and go. I think it is actually a little overpriced given the rust and other needs, but on the other hand it is a ragtop and still very nice. A PPI would be imperative given the rust issues. Fortunately I’m too far away to even think about it.

  4. Keefer Zeller

    If 3 quarters are rusted out, why not show the rust so we know what’s up? I don’t see it.

  5. craig m bryda

    I had this cars twin in high school, same color scheme, it was acttualliy my older sisters car but she trusted me..The 273 was cool but it never beat a schoolmates 260 Falcon Sprint I’d love to have this Dart GT. Fundzalo stops that dream.

  6. John D.

    That top does look tight. You can see the sides of the frame over the door Also with a repaired split/slit, a new top would be my first big money repair. The smoking on start could be the valve seals. They harden with age. I like the Ghia styling but I’d really like to have a 63 Valiant 200 slant 6 with the push button automatic. Somewhere along the line I need a three on the tree Valiant or Dart to teach my kids to drive a manual.

  7. stillrunners lawrence Member

    What Paul said – and Craig – my little 273 Cuda after I super tuned it – had my buddies 289 Stang by a fender down the long Westmorland Rd by the high school…he didn’t know it was me until the next day….as I backed out knowing the curves coming up…he spun at the curve…and I circled back to see he was okay…and the cops were already there…on another note – a cop just went in the creek about two months ago at that same spot….check Dallas news for a picture…

  8. Gary

    Beautiful car. I’d buy this in a heart beat, if I only had more room in the garage.

  9. J W DAY

    Driven by a little old lady from Pasadena?

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