Drop-Top Project: 1960 Cadillac Series 62

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For much of its 25 years in the Cadillac fold, the Series 62 was a step below the DeVille, which was the company’s biggest seller. In 1959, styling went to extremes and was only toned down minimally for 1960 when the seller’s convertible was built. This is a stalled project where much of the bodywork has already been done and the engine rebuilt. Located in Carlisle, Iowa, this open-air opportunity is available here on eBay. The current bid is $12,100 with the reserve still lurking.

Who could forget the now “iconic” huge tailfins with dual bullet taillights of the 1959 Cadillacs? They ushered in the Series 62 sixth generation, which would only last two years. After that, styling became a little more subdued. What was called the Series 62 was now the 6200 and would hang around until 1965 when the series became the Calais, still behind the DeVille in the Cadillac pecking order. These huge and heavy cars needed a whale of an engine to propel them, in this case, a 390 cubic inch V8 that produced 325 hp

As the story goes, this 1960 drop-top has been idle for the past seven years, hanging around a body shop where the body was taken off the frame. Through this process, the floors were repaired and the reassembly process began. After this and the motor being rebuilt, the owner decided it was time to move on to another project, leaving the car for someone else to finish. The seller estimates 98% of the trim parts are there somewhere. The other 2% includes a few mechanical pieces, too, like the hydraulic cylinders and pump for the rag top.

Cadillac buyers liked convertibles and about 14,000 of them were built in 1960. While the photos suggest otherwise, the seller feels this will be an easy car to restore. Its Iowa registration is up to speed along with a notarized bill of sale, but no mention is made of a title. We understand these are six-figure cars when restored, with Hagerty being optimistic in the $200,000 range. Is this Caddy project for you?

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  1. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    Drop top, or drop kick into Lake Unobtanium?

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  2. Yblocker

    My high school car was a 59 4dr hardtop, butt ugly, paid $500 for it, but it was in great condition, originally owned by a retired Naval officer. Most of my buddies had 2-3 year old muscle cars at the time, I did a lot of racing, and did a lot of losing. That 390 was pretty potent, trouble was, it was propelling a 5,000lb slug, I always wanted to pull the motor and put it in something lighter, but life happened, and it never happened. That was 50 years ago. $12,000 for this one, and that’s only the beginning.

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  3. Robert Levins

    Well if the engine was rebuilt and the owner has receipts plus all the parts, minus a few, it might just be doable. For an easy cruiser not a full blown museum piece. Just enough to have fun, go to shows,cars and coffee type things and still have some money for retirement. For me, I’d like to buy it but then I’d have to wait until I’m 85 to retire.

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  4. Tracy

    Still looking for the “partial” restoration part.

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  5. pwtiger

    Body work done? it looks rough, I hope the engine is in better shape…

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  6. dogwater

    Well I hate to be negative sometimes on these projects, but with todays prices to restore you had better have deep pockets sometimes it just not worth it.

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  7. JohnMember

    What a cobbled mess. No hood hinges, no bumpers, no wheel wells, the header above the windshield appears to be missing a great deal of parts as well. I notice we do not see if it has a backseat, which only fits a convertible. I would say the chance of finding any 1959 or 1960 GM convertible parts car in 2023 is less than 1%. Very sad considering this is a factory A/C, factory Cruise control (part of it) possibly sentenial for the lights based on the fender, but missing the eye on top of the dash pad. But there is always 3D printers to fabricate if you have the $$$$.

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  8. MLM

    I really do like the ’59-60 Cadillac drop tops but can’t help noticing that ’69 Goat in the background.

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  9. Bill Young

    The chrome bill alone could easily reach$ 15,000.00 the trim $7000.00 plus the top $4,000.00 then any missing trim parts, get your checkbook out and wait. As far as what it would be worth, Realistically I am not so optimistic in today’s economy.

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  10. Chris Cornetto

    Great cars, they were lots of fun years back when 4 doors lurked in junkyards. I drove and still have a silver over red with black top. Nothing more than a driver. The rechroming and lots of other things like sparsely reproduced sheet metal make these very difficult to redo. Deep pockets unless you can do 90% of the work yourself and if your not loaded you may pass on before you ever drive it. I used one of mine daily forever and aside from water pumps and regular stuff, the car performed effortlessly. These are magical machines, I truly love them. I have a few 59s but the 60 was to me clean and sleak, a very good refinement over the over the top 59. I’ll have either and would never complain.

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