Drop-Top Roller: 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

As was the case with the rest of General Motors’ intermediates, the Chevy Chevelle got a redesign in 1968 (its first since 1966-67 was just a styling update). The division would go on to sell more than 464,000 Chevelles and El Caminos in ’68, yet only 1.5% of them were Malibu convertibles with a V8 (fewer than 7,000 copies). This one is a roller in rough condition and missing its powertrain, which was once led by a 307 cubic inch V8 (per the fender script). Located outdoors in Manahawkin, New Jersey, this project is available here on eBay. The reserve has yet to be met at the $3,500 bid mark.

If cars like this could talk, what kind of stories would they tell? This one has had a lot of experience over the past 54 years, but it’s doubtful that it’s been on the road in recent memory. We’re guessing that the Chevy was picked clean of its mechanical bits once the rest of the drop-top started to go, and Mother Nature took over from there. Considering it’s a Malibu and the production numbers were insignificant, that may be the only reason to attempt a restoration.

According to the seller, the frame looks good, and the floors are not terrible (I love that! What it probably means is that they’re not rusted all the way through). The rocker panels are said to be good, but the trunk floor and quarter panels will require work. The hood is missing, there are dents here and there, and the convertible top hasn’t had any usable canvas in ages.

The latter point probably led to the deterioration of the interior. The front bench seat looks to have either rotted away, been chewed on by woodland creatures, or both. We’re told this Malibu once had an automatic transmission and the brake pedal supports that, but the floor shifter looks like one for either a 3 or 4-speed. If you decided against restoring the car, is there much remaining that’s viable to harvest for another Chevelle project?


  1. Oldschool Muscle

    UTTER TRASH. Just put it out of its misery…

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  2. Claudio

    It really doesn’t need much !
    A light full rotisserie resto will do

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  3. erik johnston

    Well first off-its in very rough shape. The shifter ,if i,m correct you could buy a stick shift look alike,so if you had a automatic you could do that. Back to the car,I,m partial to a red 68 convertible as I had a 68 chevelle ss 396 convertible from 1985 till 1997 It was red 396 with auto.So many memories. I have a hard time not wanting to save this. Big problem through,I,m almost finished with my 71 in violet duster, and now I just bought a 72 corvette featured on barnfinds. Its coming from Miami, Florida to me in Washington state so a look to see it before i bought it was tough. Its a 4spd,ontario orange tsn inside. We settled at 7400 and i pay shipping so all i cad do is hope.

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    Not enough here to spend my money on. The top frame might be worth a couple bucks to someone who doesn’t have one to finish out a rebuild. Sure a lot of junk showing up here lately.

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  5. chuck

    Showed a picture of this car to my dog. His response: “ruff…ruff…ruff.”

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  6. Robert West

    This looks like one of those cars that the owner is “gonna fix up some day” but never does. Now they want to unload it now that it has gotten into the worst condition possible.

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  7. Steve RM

    “not driven regularly” Really?

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  8. chuck

    When I see a car like this, I imagine how proud the original owner was when they drove it off the lot. Once upon a time, it was a nice car.

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  9. MoparMike

    Look, it’s growing new carpet all on it’s own!

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  10. Mike

    A trip to the scrap yard is in order here!

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  11. George Birth

    Suggestion to seller. Take the money and run. Forget the reserve. This one is not even worth being labeled as a parts Car.

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  12. BONE

    4,500 so far ? I would hope these are shill bids . Its a ragtop ( literally) , but its just a 307 car , with a few good parts

  13. MoparMike

    All the haters saying “scrap” it’s got a poor first impression but upon closer inspection it’s a solid car. It needs quarters and some minor floor repair which is typical for any restoration. Interior soft parts are always needed and available from the aftermarket as is everything needed to make it go. If it were scrap there wouldn’t be six bidders (4 of which have bid multiple times) so far pecking away at it. It’s not the 80s anymore, you can’t even score a cheap beater for less than a grand.

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  14. Michael Rickerhauser

    Its worth trying to restore if bought for a decent price..$2500 tops

  15. Pnuts

    Couple thousand hours of work and 40 grand could make this a nice vehicle.

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