Droptop Driver: 1963 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

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Chevrolet straightened some side body lines on the Impala coupe for 1963, giving the car a somewhat different look and more of a boxy appearance that sort of drew attention to the car’s length, which measured over 17 feet!  It was a popular choice among buyers, with the Impala accounting for more than half of Chevy’s entire output in ’63.  The car was also their most expensive passenger model, which came well equipped to begin with, plus a couple of new options became available that year including a tilt steering column and AM/FM radio.  If you’ve been looking for a nice driver and like the droptop models, this 1963 Chevrolet Impala Convertible may be worth checking out.  It’s up in Nampa, Idaho, and can be spotted here on eBay, with bidding already at $49,900, but still shy of the reserve.

We really don’t get a whole lot of background information on this one, but the seller does mention that the Impala received a respray about 20 years ago in its original color of Palomar Maroon.  The finish is starting to show its age, with a few chips and scratches mentioned, along with a small dent in the passenger side front fender.  But overall the outward appearance is still looking mighty fine to these old eyes, and I’d hesitate to do anything other than just put the top down and enjoy driving it!  The body-colored wheels, whitewalls, and wire caps are a nice touch as well.

Chevy offered plenty of different engines for the Impala in ’63, from an inline 6-cylinder up to the legendary 409, and 427 if you count the Z11, but this one doesn’t have any of the factory choices.  Under the hood now is a 350 cubic-inch V8, which is said to have roughly 10,000 miles since it was rebuilt, with the Turbo 350 automatic overhauled at the same time.  No word on where this combo originated, but the car is stated to run and drive well.

Things inside are said to be mostly original, including the seats, and other than a few cracks in the dash it’s looking nicely preserved in there, especially for a convertible.  The carpeting and convertible top have been recently replaced, plus there’s lots of new weatherstripping throughout.  We get to see half a dozen pictures from the underside, and it’s looking pretty solid down below too, with only a bit of minor rust on a couple of braces, plus a little corrosion in the trunk and floor pans, but nothing in view that seems like a serious issue.  I’m definitely into this Impala, and curious how far away the seller may have set the reserve. What are your thoughts?

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  1. rbig18

    One correction – Chevy did not offer a 427 BBC in 63. They offered a 409 Cubic inch engine as the top dog.

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    • Mike StephensAuthor

      Almost 100% true, although a very, very small number of Z11 cars were produced, and I really should have mentioned that and I revised and added it above. In the real world, they probably shouldn’t even count in the numbers, as I’m thinking it’s among the rarest of all Impalas. Many thanks for the clarification and for reading!

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  2. Will Fox

    Bidding up to $49,500. and reserve not met yet, with a non-original 350 V8?
    Sorry. It’s already over-bid IMHO, considering. GLWTA!

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    • Bing

      These are very strange times with respect to values…. $49,500 for a non original car, automatic to boot. Just a few years ago these driver quality cars were half the bid on this 63 convertible.

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  3. Jerry Larsen

    How was the shift position indicator corrected? This car probably originated with a Powerglide 2-speed automatic. Changing to a 3-speed TH-350 would likely require a modification to the shift linkage or indicators. How was this done?

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    • gaspumpchas

      Jerry, there is a kit available for the TH350 tranny swap for the shift indicator. Very cool, looks original.. A nice touch!

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  4. ACZ

    Beautiful car. All it needs is an “09”.

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  5. Mike

    I had a hard top SS 327 4 speed factory tach in 1977 I pulled the motor and trans and junked it, it only had a couple of rust spots on the bottom of the front fenders, they weren’t worth anything back then if I only knew

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  6. KKW

    Apparently no escape from inflation, it’s even hit the classic car market. Insane.

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  7. GTO MAN

    yup 409 would be the answer.

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  8. gaspumpchas

    Lots of suspect bidders, could be fishing for the reserve.

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  9. Al

    No deal. Nice driver quality Impala, but priced in the wild blue yonder. I hope the seller gets his price and rides off into the sun-set, or stymies his wife and gets to keep his toy after trying his best to sell?

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  10. Dennis Bailey

    I bought my ‘63 Impala SS 327 convertible with three in the tree in the late ‘70s for $2500. The top had a big piece of tape that fixed the rip where a goat had fallen through. Same maroon color as this one but all cracked. I switched to a four on the floor, put in new carpet and kept T- shirts on the seat backs for sun protection. For a couple of years I drove in flat black primer and then Earl Sheib painted it in white. My Dad sold it while I was in the Peace Corps ‘83-84 for 2500. The new owner took it for a test drive. He came back a WEEK later and decided to pay him! It was a boat in the curves, but the fuely heads( so I was told ) and the four barrel carb threw your head back. Good times. The 2500 went to a Datsun 1600 roadster-much more fun in the curves.

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  11. 64 Bonneville

    $28 to 32K would be all I would go on a non-original 63 Impala. Even though the 63 is my favorite full size body style. If body braces are rusting, and front floor pan is rusting, along with a few spots in the trunk, get ready to spend some large money if you can’t do the work yourself. Just Sheetmetal along with the shipping costs could set you back about a grand.

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  12. John M Stecz

    I really miss my 1963 triple black Impala convertible powered by a dual quad 409 /425 H P! The good old days

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  13. Patrick Michael Shanahan

    Back in the day a lot of us kids had ’62-69 Impala’s with either 3 or 4 speed trans. A few ’09’s but mostly 327’s. Those cars must have been mostly ragged out since we never see any for sale.

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  14. Mike

    What a beauty. Lord knows how much I loved my 64SS, but I had to sell it to live in 74. Who ever gets this, I hope they will enjoy driving it and not just park it in a garage. I know I would

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    • ACZ

      I know how you feel. I often think of my 63 Impala the same way.

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      • John M Stecz

        If we only knew then what we know now! Good day

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