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“Dutch” Estate Sale Lincolns


Over the past year, cars have been trickling out of the estate of the late George “Dutch” Fuchs. Apparently he was a collector from the St. Louis area, but we couldn’t find any other information about him or his collection. Perhaps one of our readers knew him and can provide us all with more details. A few of his cars just popped up on eBay including a few V12 Lincolns…


First we have a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr four-door. It is rusty, the interior is trashed, but the V12 is still in place. This is going to be a very expensive restoration project and is not recommended for the inexperienced. View the auction here where bidding starts at $1,200.


Next up is this 1941 Lincoln Continental. It is also very rusty and has had the engine swapped out for a Cadillac unit. It does look more complete, but is still going to take truck full of money and steel to restore. Bidding starts at $1,800 here.


Finally, we have this 1947 Lincoln. This one appears to be in the best condition of the bunch. It is claimed to only have 43k miles on the clock and to still be wearing its original paint. The Flathead V12 is also in place. Bidding starts at $2,800 here. These cars are all in rough condition and we do not recommend bidding without doing an in-person inspection first. The corrosion looks bad in the photos, so you can be guaranteed there hidden from view. Still, from what you can see, which one do you think is worth saving?


  1. Mike

    Top and bottom for sure, middle one looks pretty rough but it’s hard to tell from pics

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  2. Doug clark

    The 1947 hands down

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  3. Robert J

    Ah yes…a “Collector”, Sigh.

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    • Horse Radish

      I am guessing by your remark it would have been better they would have ended in the crusher way back when,
      Then we wouldn’t have a story ?

      Because THAT IS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if Mr Fuchs wouldn’t have put them away.
      Of course St. Louis, not ideal, but it looks like they were indoors ?

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  4. Ernest H

    The 47 is the one I would be interested in. I mostly do 55-57 Chevrolet’s. the trend I’ve seen in rodding, the V-12 is the most valuable part of the car.

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  5. Mark E

    Whew, looks like they pulled the middle one out of a pond!

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  6. big d

    is any one a coupe. if so i would look at that one, if not they are so much heavy iron, i would part them out. if there is any good tin left.

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  7. paul

    This looks like a job for Superman the buyer of any of this better be capable of bending steel with his bare hands.

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  8. Dolphin Member

    Agreed that ‘Dutch’ didn’t add any value or useability to his cars, but at least these cars are here now, instead of having been crushed for scrap decades ago. But being very rough old sedans will make these losing propositions for anyone wanting to restore them.

    I have a soft spot for the look of the front end on the ’39 Zephyr, so I hope someone steps up to save it from being just a parts car. Maybe just a front-end restoration, to make it cost-effective?

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    • Horse Radish

      I guess Robert J gets 5 thumbs up and here only 2 ?
      What does that tell me about the crowd on this post ?
      Not really car guys ?

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  9. braktrcr

    I wonder how many know these beautiful cars are Edsel Fords legacy, not the vehicle named for him. Sure would love to hear the flatty V12 run

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  10. TS

    Very cool find – but a bunch of junk…

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    • Horse Radish

      Come again ?
      I think we have some static on the line…

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  11. big D

    all the detail chrome is gone. hood ornament etc. what does the interior look like we need pics. of the trunk floor etc

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  12. Robert Burke

    Wow,more eye candy.

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  13. Robert Burke

    Ain’t rust beautiful.

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  14. Dennis

    I purchased a perfect Barn find from dutch’s collection. 1938 Lincoln Zephyr 3 window coupe. They told me the motor was froze and the brakes didnt work. After getting her home I noticed the fan on the crank moved 1/4 of inch. I pulled the plugs dropped mystery oil down the cly’s. 2 days later I threw a battery in her. All the lights worked, and I bumped the starter button. The motor moved. She would fire! I pulled the distributor off and noticed the points were broken. I picked up a rebuilt dissy dropped her in , and she popped. Rebuilt the carb and now she runs like a sewing machine. Dutch was getting ready to do a point job, he had new points in the glove box. But I got the car running for the first time in over 30 years. Also since this is a business coupe it has hidden storage behind the front seat. The storage was full of extra parts, stock jack, and tool set. I’ve now driven this car with no issues.
    Copy of the link of pics.

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    • Erik O.

      Good Job,Dennis, you’re the living embodiment of perseverance Paying Off!

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    • James Bene

      Do you live in St. Louis MO???
      It sounds like a lot of people don’t understand were”Dutch” Fuchs got all his cars in his collection from. Email me and I can tell you all the info I know.
      All the info was told to me by my father who was a good friend on “Eddie” Fuchs “Dutch’s” brother.

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