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Dynamite Sedan: 1948 Oldsmobile Dynamic Cruiser 78

This dynamite looking Oldsmobile is a running and driving project that looks very clean, but could use some minor work to really make it shine. It is unclear if this Olds is in original condition, or if it has seen some prior restoration work in its past. With sharp looks, and in ready to drive condition this Dynamic Cruiser is offered for $6,000. Find it here on craigslist out of Santa Ana, California. Thanks to Reader Rocco B. for the great submission!

Under the hood of this beautiful Oldsmobile lies a clean and tidy engine compartment. The paint in the bay looks nice, and there is no obvious rust or paint damage. Still clicking on all cylinders after 69 years, the 257 cubic inch inline 6 is clean and look to be updated to a 12 volt system. The engine itself has no surface rust, and is clean just like the rest of the car.

Equipped with tree air fresheners, fuzzy dice, and a plaid blanket, this Oldsmobile is ready to take you on a trip in style. Appearing untouched other than the few mentioned accessories, the interior is nice but could use a little attention. The door panels suffer from staining, and I would assume the seat is in rough condition. Unfortunately the steering wheel has a few splits, and wide gaps, but otherwise offers a nice look. With an exterior so clean, it seems the interior needs to be redone to really reflect how nice this car is. But you can’t fault the blanket, and fuzzy dice.

Absolutely breath taking, the exterior of this Oldsmobile almost makes you think that it is a very nice survivor, or that someone recently completely restored the exterior yielding this wonderful appearance.  The paint and chrome are fantastic from what can be seen of the photos. I can only imagine what this Olds is like in the sunlight with its mirror like paint finish. In running condition with a beautiful exterior and engine bay, this Oldsmobile looks like a sharp deal that could possibly use some interior work. As the seller put it, this is a running project, so enjoy it and update it along the way! Who is going to bring home this great looking, reasonably priced Olds?



  1. terry

    Red wheels and wide whites would make a dumpster look sexy. Nice car.

    • Edward Finnesey

      A dumpster? Maybe. But I’m just not feelin’ the love seeing red rims on this. But hey, gangster white walls? Right on the money for a 1940’s “bulgemobile”. And the next owner needs to get some of those old chrome spring curb feelers on that baby.

      • Mark S

        I could live with the red rims if it had some dog dish hub caps chromed of course and some chrome beauty rings then there would only be a small ring of exposed red.

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  2. joeinthousandoaks

    That’s a lot of car for $6K

  3. Jeffro

    You had me at tree air freshener! I should start producing air fresheners in shape of bottle that smell like bourbon. Bada Bing! Of course, the implications of being pulled over might not be such a good idea. “Honest officer, I’ve not had a drop. It’s my air freshener!”

    • Joe Muzy

      Sounds like a great idea to me !

  4. Rock On Member

    Sorry Jeffro somebody already beat you to that ideal.

    • Jeffro

      As always. A day late and a dollar short!

  5. Mark P

    Looks like a nice car. Confused though, that looks like an alternator but that’s a six volt battery. Paint is shiny, maybe due to being wet.

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    • JRATT1956

      I was thinking the same thing. My first car a 1951 Ford (in 1974) and I converted it from 6 volt pos. to 12 volt neg. Used a 12 volt generator, voltage reg and changed all the light bulbs. I left the 6 volt starter and the car started every time with just a 2 second bump of the starter button.

      I love the grill and classic lines. I grew up in South Gate, CA and if I lived closer it would be worth a look. I do not think you could go wrong with this one at this low of a price.

  6. Edward Finnesey

    It reminds me of a car in a movie, Godfather II I believe, and one of the greatest movie lines ever……………….”Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” LOL

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Yep !!

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    I love everything about this Olds….House of doors, wheels, wide whites, visor, and the road lights. Add some spotlights and spider caps. Automotive Art Deco at it’s best !

    • Edward Finnesey

      Road lights? You mean those small amber ones on it? Did those things ever actually work very well as fog lamps, which I think was the original intent? They do look good.

  8. Duaney Member

    Just to be accurate, the car is the “60” series, and with the 6 cylinder, the correct model designation is a “66”.

    • Ed P

      The six was available in the 60 and 70 series. They were designated 66 and 76

  9. Marty Parker

    This is a 238 ci engine. The straight eight was 257ci.

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