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Early Walkthrough: 1960 VW Kombi 11

'60 Kobmi 11 left front

It is reported that over 30,000 Kombi Buses were produced in 1960. This 1960 Kombi 11 is listed here on craigslist in Orange County, California and is priced at $18,500. The asking seems rather high for a Kombi, but then again the bus bubble is still inflating and this one is supposedly a very rare example, so this one might be worth looking into before values go up more.

'60 Kobmi 11 intr back

According to the seller, this walkthrough bus is very rare, as they didn’t make walkthroughs this early (at least that’s what the seller claims). Well, it appears at least one was built. We aren’t Kombi experts, so we will turn to you guys for verification of this claim.

'60 Kobmi 11 engine

It appears this bus was originally painted dove blue. We think this one would look great returned to its original color combo. We don’t know if this is the original engine and the ad states there is no engine. So does that mean the seller has pulled this engine out or is it a mistake in the listing?

1960 VW Kombi 11 Dash

The dash looks to be uncut, but needs to be refinished. The seller states that the interior is all original and that this micro bus is ready to be a daily driver. They claim that the frame is solid and the micro bus only needs minor metal work. The outer rocker on the passenger’s side and a couple of spots on the cargo floor definitely need some attention. These issues shouldn’t keep it from being a driver, but we would want to address them before they grow into issues that would make it unsafe to drive.

'60 Kobmi 11 rear right

If this bus is not quite what you are looking for, the seller also has several other VWs available, including several 1966 Kombis in various conditions, a ’63 Samba 23 window, a ’56 Single Cab truck and several ’62-’63 Buses. We would be very interested in seeing the Samba and the Single Cab, but what about you? Or would you be happy with this early walkthrough?



  1. Keith

    Once again too much of an asking price, the sixties/hippies are long gone, so is this bus.

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  2. OhU8one2

    As much popularity as these have gotten,I’m just beside myself that NO company is making brand new bus bodies. Like the Camaro,Mustang,etc. With the number of buses sold,and the way they attract the rust bug you would think somebody would be building new ones. I’ve owned 4 of these,all different years and think once you drive and own one awhile you do miss not having one around. Sort of like a pick-up truck. But the money people are paying is crazy. Honestly I do wish I still had any one of my buses today. Farfromgroovin

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  3. Marty Member

    Please enlighten those of us who don’t know: What is a Kombi bus?

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    • Horse Radish

      “Kombi” is a term used in German for station wagon (generally).
      I think it’s wrongly used here due to ignorance or seller wants to make this sound unusual.
      Call it a station wagon wagon or a bus-van, something like that…..

      Seller : ” Only needs outer rocker on passenger n drivers side ,” what others are there ?

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  4. Cassidy

    I’m glad they are becoming rare! During the 60’s and 70’s no mountain road would be complete without one of these leading a pack of cars at their sub-sonic speed of 25 mph and of course never pulling over in a turnout for fear of losing all of their speed. I hope whoever buys it, turns into a trailer queen after they speed part of their life-savings on restoring it so it never returns to the road. I do wish every VW bus would rust in pieces like that one in Hawaii! LOL

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    • Robert Member


      As in, “RIP”, Rust In Peace in the warmth of Hawaii!

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    • Horse Radish

      That’s funny. But, surely you mean for the bus, not the buyer, to turn into a trailer queen after they speNd their life savings…..

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  5. HoA Howard A Member

    I love the comments of peoples memories with certain cars, and the VW bus is surely no exception. From freezing in the winter, to boiling in the summer ( although, that windshield/roof vent did help), to having their foot to the floor in a stiff head wind in 3rd gear, not to mention what effect an oncoming semi would do to this thing. Still, for many, it was perfect, and have a huge following today.
    @ OhU8one2, ( I drove a truck for a friend, and that was the truck #, OU812) that is a good point. Why no aftermarket bus bodies?
    @ Marty, I believe “Kombi”, get this, is short in German for “kombinationskraftwagen”, or combination passenger/utility vehicle. Those Germans have a word for everything.

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  6. Evan

    I have a ’58 walk through… and there’s earlier ones. ’58 & earlier are uncommon.
    Walk through started taking off in ’59. A ’60 or later walk through is not rare.

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  7. Evan

    Edit…Pre-59 walkthroughs are very uncommon.
    ’59-’62 are uncommon (but not “super rare”, like seller states).
    ’63-’67 walkthroughs are not rare.

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  8. Matt Tritt

    One of the things I intend to bring back with me on my next time travel excursion to 1962 is a $600.00 ’58 bus in new condition. They might not be up to today’s freeway madness, but impossible to beat for around town moving of everything but full sheets of plywood. The truck is still my fave and, even though not up to pulling a trailer, they had by far the best setup for hauling building materials. What the hell ever happened to FUN vehicles for under $50,000.00?

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  9. jim s

    that roof rack is not going to make it handle better or go faster.

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  10. Mark S

    Some love them, some love to hate them, but remember there’s an a$$ for every seat and this hobby is supposed to be fun first right.

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  11. Rich

    It’s had a new left hand sill (rocker), lower front panel and right rear corner, who knows how well, daylight’s showing through the load floor, there’s rust in the gutters, it only has front seats (should have rears in a Kombi) and presumably no engine? Too much money for a not vary rare bus. Nice that the radio blanking plate is still in the uncut dash, other than that it needs a full resto.

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  12. Al

    These are fantastic vehicles! I’ve had several and loved them. Yup they’re slow, lopsided, handle like shopping carts but who cares! They are great fun to drive, the great view from that steering wheel is like no other. When I bought mine in the 90’s to early 2000’s they were affordable, can barely touch one now for a sane price.

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  13. anon

    I owned a 1966 21 window deluxe in the early 90s. It was an adventure to drive, but it certainly got lots of waves from other motorists. Sold it for $1500. Regret.

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