Emerald in the Barn: 1976 Porsche 912

This 1976 Porsche 912 is a very pretty car, wearing a rare paint code known as Emerald Green. The 912 is clearly parked tightly into a barn with multiple cars, including what appear to be additional 911s. The seller provides few details on the condition or completeness of the 912, but it does appear to have a very nice interior. Find it here on eBay with an asking price of $18,500 or best offer.

As you can see, the 912 is surrounded by other air-cooled coupes in the background. Is this just one part of a collection being sold off, or has the seller, Gallery Junction, stumbled onto a stash of cars that will all be going up for sale? You’ll have to keep an eye on eBay to find out, but as you can see right now, this 912 has a very decent saddle interior. No sport seats, though.

From the front, the 912 looks largely straight, with headlight rings painted to match but the turn signals removed or lost. The federally-mandated safety bumpers that plagued many cars are rather nicely integrated on the late 70s 911 and 912, but I’d still want to find out why the marker lights and signals are missing, and the rear end is in primer.

This has the looks of a car that was primed for restoration before other things got in the way, as the tail lights and center garnish are gone and the rear engine cover and quarters have apparently been prepped for paint. The seller’s asking price of $18,500 OBO seems fair, but only if lack of rust can be verified as a late-70s 912 is far from being the most desirable model.


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Cool color, and yes the seller has a stash of 20 other cool rigs for sale in there other items in this Ebay ad. All out of my league without selling the farm.

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  2. Andrew Franks

    I think Porsches of any age are overpriced, and Idon’t know why. I have A 912 that is wonderful and gets driven frequently and doesn’t need anything. I would not consider selling it unless i was desperate. This car is no $18,000.00 vehicle, i don’t care what Markets say. Restoration will be expensive even to driver status, so one will be North of $30,000.00 even if the engine is present and strong.

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    • PDXBryan

      Yeah, I think $18,500 is pretty high for a 912E in rough shape that’s missing parts. As much as I’ve always wanted one, Es are not nearly as collectible as the earlier 912s and this one needs a lot of attention.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    The reference to the rear end work also includes a pre big bumper car engine lid. The 912Es didn’t have the Porsche script on the rear. Bought one of these new in ’76 direct from the factory while we were in Europe with the Air Force. At that time fuel was $3.75 so the 4 cylinder type 4 engine was perfect. Over 500 miles to a tank and could cruise at 100 mph all day long. Click on picture to see car.

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  4. Dougie Member

    Here we go again. Andrew, the market dictates price. Not private, possibly ignorant individuals.

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  5. art

    A bit crass there…folks on here are not necessarily ignorant. The market is not smart, either. It runs on dreams, wants, desires, stupidity, lack of research and often more money than brains.
    Vehicle pricing reality is more often accurately discussed in this blog, rather than the bloated, absurd asking prices for vehicles that cannot be fully evaluated from three or four photos and vague descriptions by a re-seller. There is always some rube that will part with his money based on lack of knowledge and if that is market driven, well, I’ll pass.

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  6. Dougie Member

    Nothing crass intended. Simply a fool with more money than brains, of which there are many, can impact a market. A market is not necessarily driven by intelligence.

  7. alphasud Member

    Maybe 18K if this was a 911 but a 912 with a bus engine no thanks. Pipe dream there!

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    • Alan Brase

      HAHA. Hardly a bus engine. Only the crank, rods and crankcase are shared with the 70hp bus engine. EVERY other part was different. This motor made 95? hp. and was exactly what Porsche sold it to be: a 911 look alike that could cruise at 100mph all day. With fuel and maintenance economy.
      I agree, it is no 911. But could be to many people. And some of them bid up the price, I guess.

  8. Buzz James

    To much work and to much missing. Would be perfect for lemons race for like under 2k. Every one seems to be sitting on gold Jerry…

  9. steve

    Alan is correct (Hey buddy!) It was all Porsche heads/pistons etc. I built one of these “bus” engined 912’s to 2.5 liters. It was a bit faster than 100mph. It would hit the rev limiter in 5th gear. The 912E is the only 900 series car I’d consider and, at today’s prices? I’m out

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  10. TimM

    Can they at least take a picture outside the barn!!! I do mean the car not the photographer!!!

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