Emissions Delete: 1983 Ferrari 308 GTBi

This clean 1983 Ferrari 308 GTBi is a desirable European-spec car, meaning it doesn’t suffer from the performance-sapping emissions equipment that plagues U.S. models. Said to have been used sparingly while stored for the last 16 years, it does have over 100,000 miles and enough flaws that you won’t be afraid to drive it. Find it here on eBay where bidding is over $30,000 with the reserve unmet. 

The 308GTBI added Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection to the factory F106 AB V8 engines, delivering 211 b.h.p. on European models like this one. Interestingly, this generation also wore metric wheels and tires, an experiment that yielded few takers but did make shopping for tires more complicated (and expensive) for owners of European sedans and sports cars. This 308 wears standard wheels and tires, but the original metric set is for sale separately if you’re that much of a stickler for originality.

The seller has undertaken a fair amount of work, citing 52 hours of labor performed by ATD Ferrari Specialists in Portland, Oregon. This covered service items from the big to the small, including new injectors, cold start valve, clutch pressure plate, water pump and more. However, the seller does acknowledge there is more work to be done, including the need for replacement valve guide seals on the left engine bank. Currently, you may notice blue smoke wafting behind the car until the guide seals are done.

The interior looks very clean for the age and mileage, and the seller does acknowledge that not all of the exterior paint is original. The confirmation of this being a zero accident car are a bit problematic, as the seller backs up this claim only by noting how straight the body panels appear. There is also evidence of prior paint work, most notably in the form of some non-original paint on the roof of the car. The untorn leather seats are a nice bonus, and overall, the interior appears quite clean. Despite seemingly being everywhere at one time, honest 308s are getting more attention and current price tags have begun reflecting this interest.

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  1. Car Guy

    Italian Barns much be much nicer than American Barns………

  2. Dolphin Member

    211 HP might not do it for the buyer if he’s after performance above image. It might be embarrassing to have a hot little Hyundai whatever out accelerate you.

    I would definitely drive it first, just to be sure it’s worth the $$$. Ferrari 308 power and performance went downhill after the early 255 HP 308 GT/4, which in Euro form would do a genuine 150 MPH.

    • Bbuz

      …or a Fiat 500e leave you at the light.

  3. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    A buddy bought a 308 at the Kruse Spring Auburn auction, I think a GTi? Similar to Tom Sellick’s Magnum PI car, but in a crappy brown, he got it for $14k when it blew a radiator hose on the way to the auction block and the owner said sell it anyway, he replaced hoses and belts etc for $1k. It was pretty fast, I remember the gated shifter and going sideways out of the parking lot. A month or so later he told me some guy pulled him over and said he always wanted one, what would he take, he replied I don’t really want to sell, but when pressed said $26k, about what they were going for, and the guy took it.

  4. Rx7turboII

    2 words…..DROOL and DROOL!


    What an awesome machine!

  5. Veloce33

    Not a 1983, ’83-’85 were all quattrovalvoles(4 valve per cylinder). This is a 2 valve injected, ’81 or ’82.

  6. Veloce33

    Also the mileage is most likely even higher than what is shown, since the car has a Federal spec 85 mph speedometer which would have been installed when the car was imported.

  7. Jacques

    If the mismatched wiper arms are any indication of how the car was maintained….

  8. John H from CT

    Hagerty lists the 308 as one of the worst performing collector cars for value in 2017. Too many made, hype from higher value ferraris over-shot the values on these and now they sre declining in value. At 100K miles this one is over money now. Repsirs are very expensive which is why the valve seats aren’t done already.

    • Slick51

      I don’t agree, you can never go wrong buying a Ferrari. Sure they are expensive to maintain, but what classic car isn’t.

  9. Bob S

    Saw one of these with the sheet metal off. Not too impressed with the construction quality. A lot of box section steel cut and welded up.

  10. Rock On

    I drove my boss’s 308 back from the detailing shop in the mid 80’s. Don’t think you have to worry too much about any Hyundai catching you.

  11. PebblebeachJudge

    I love that sales video. It’s classic. Would be better with a Magnum PI look alike to spur the dream, but a 5 pound sausage in a two pound casing deflates the allure. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the Jimmy Dean connection.

  12. Don

    Only 211horse power ,some one should put a small block um just joking 👦

  13. rando

    $30K for a car that smokes like 73 Dodge Dart? Ummmm no.

  14. Bruce Best

    A hight performance hatch back like a WRX and out run one of these from a stop light but not much else can. I can take one with my Lotus Esprit that is a turbo 4 cylinder but these are a great deal of fun to drive and far more comfortable than you might expect.

    I have had a few friend that have had this and one had racked up over 150K in terms of mileage with only normal service. I suspect that the bad valve seals and guides are not the hardened steel that is needed for use with unleaded gas that we have here. They are great 1980 and 1990’s technology and if you remember that this is over 30 years old then have fun. Besides what hatch back looks as good as this does. My friends with their 308’s have had the same reactions by others where people let you in to gated communities and clubs because you just look the part.

  15. Dan h

    For Ferraris that sat for 16 years, follow the simple step below:
    Step 1: put shoulder straps on an ATM machine and wear it as a back pack.

  16. Joe M

    A friend of mine has one of these in red. I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately. I do not think these are that overwhelming to work on. A foreign rebuildable shop near me gets a lot of these. I wouldn’t mind having one. As far as a 150 mile hr car, there are cheaper alternatives. Chrysler Crossfire is also 150 mile hr car alot cheaper.

  17. charlie Member

    Ah the Crossfire, along with the ’93 Allante, the bargain 150 mph toy cars at the moment. Both are fun, fast, and comfortable for a long drive. You can get a good one of either for $6000, and a fine one for $12,000. This Ferrari is great but watch out in the supermarket parking lot – an enormous turning radius for such a small car.

  18. Bo Wagner

    If you’re focusing solely on the performance, you’re missing the point. Sure a garden variety Camry can outrun it but which would you rather drive? (yes, I’m deliberately ignoring the upkeep of the Italian beast vs. the reliable Camry but really, which would you really rather drive???)

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