Ensconced For A Decade: Jaguar S-Type


This 1966 Jaguar S-Type has been in storage in two places for between 10 and 12 years. The owner’s intent was to restore it, but he died before getting to the car. Now the family is selling the car. The pictures leave a lot to be desired, but I don’t see any visible rot or accident damage; my hope is that it has been a California car all its life. My dad owned a ’66 S-Type in this same color, so it pushes a lot of my buttons–but it’s on the wrong side of the country. Thanks to Robert R. for sending us this find, which is located in Beverly Hills, California and is being sold here on craigslist along with some extra parts. The asking price is $9,000, but the seller makes it clear they don’t know what it’s really worth and are willing to listen to offers. If the body really is solid, I’d suggest half of that figure might be a good price. S-Types aren’t worth what the less sophisticated Mark II’s are, but to me they are a better overall package with IRS and a larger trunk and cabin. I wish this were closer, because I’d sure take a look if it were!

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  1. 365Lusso

    Wish it were a 4sp/od. Beautiful interiors on these cars–huge, huge expense to restore it. Jaguar was a real master at building interiors like that at an almost-everymans’s price. The rest of the car too for that matter……

    For example, when I was repairing a window regulator, I found that the window channels were shimmed by using scrap pieces of hardwood to make the shims. They used as much of their scraps as they could.

  2. charlie Member

    As with all Jags of that era (I had an XK 150S), it was a $12,000 engine in a $6,000 car. I had it from ’66 to ’70. Put about 10,000 miles on in it in 4 years. Had a ’56 Chevy if I had to get where I was going. It spent 3 of every 4 weeks waiting for a part, and in those days, no internet, it was Inskip on Long Island (VERY expensive) or junkyards. I expect it is easier to find parts today, 45 years later, than it was then. But when it ran, it was like nothing I had ever driven before, or since, in terms of power, and balance, and sheer exhilaration. So this is no daily driver, but if you have the time and money, it will be a great weekend driver. I recommend AAA though.

  3. Wayne

    Doesn’t say much for the quality of Jaguar leather.

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