Estate Find: 1929 Packard 633


What a dramatic looking car! Not pristine, but certainly serviceable, and the seller claims it to be largely original. The Packard 633 was Packard’s mid-priced entry in 1929, aiming squarely at the successful LaSalle sub-brand from Cadillac. It features a 319 cubic inch inline eight-cylinder engine and was offered in no less than seven different body configurations! This one has been hiding out in Augusta, Kansas and is up for sale here on eBay at no reserve. Bidding as I write this is only up to $5,600; that seems like very little money for a running and driving classic like this one. The interior even looks pretty nice, although I have no idea whether it’s original or not. The seller does note that the paint looks better in pictures than in person; comments like that and their 100% feedback rating give me at least a little confidence that this car may actually be a deal. Would you drive it as-is or restore the car? I’d be driving it as soon as I could!

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  1. David C

    I’m with you I would be driving it! I love all the pre war cars but so few are affordable.

    • David Frank David Member

      I humbly disagree with the not affordable. How bout this 1941 LaSalle. What would you think would be affordable? It’s a survivor and runs and drives very nicely. What do you think its worth?

      • Matt Tritt

        LaSalles don’t bring the kind of money or interest as a Packard even though they were brought out by Cadillac to compete with the Packard 120 standard eight. After my grandfather’s death in 41, my grandmother sold the family ’25 Packard touring and bought a LaSalle coupe. Must have been a mid-life crisis thing!

      • John Taylor

        That is a nice looking LaSalle what price do they have on that, this is the kind of car that would be a nice drive for me to have but with the way our dollar has gone it would need to be pretty reasonably price for my budget.

    • DRV

      This is how they looked back in the 50s and 60s when people kept them up. This one is excellent and no need to restore …that’s what makes this car charming and interesting.

  2. Trent Poole

    It can only be original once. Drive it and enjoy it. The world has enough trailer queens and museum pieces. :)

  3. don

    great car! bidding up to $8800, still a good buy!

  4. Mark E

    Definitely drive as-is though, as I said before, I prefer mid to late ’30s Packards both for being easier to drive & maintain and they run more easily on modern highways.

  5. Matt Tritt

    A really good looking Packard, albeit a somewhat low-end model with the small 8. The later models were better for high speed highway driving for sure, but a 29 would still cruise easily at 60, provided you used some kind of lead substitute to protect the valves. My first car was a 34 Packard aluminum bodied V-12 roadster that would cruise at 80 as smooth as glass and get all of 7 MPG doing it. :-)

  6. Ed P

    I don’t see anything to restore. Just wash and wax then enjoy! This is a great find.

  7. Texas Tea

    I’m pretty certain this car was repainted and reupholstered sometime in it’s life. However, it is a nice looking old ride.

  8. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Now at $15,100 with three days left.

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