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Estate Find: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

There is a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time. That is the case for the seller of this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette. He located this classic hidden away in a barn. It had occupied that spot since the original owner parked it 15-years ago. However, this is a case that proves that lightning can strike twice in the same place. At the same time that this car was found, the seller also unearthed a second Corvette that you will find in this Barn Finds article. Both are now on the market, and you will find this one listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Summit, Mississippi, and while the bidding has reached $8,200, the reserve hasn’t been met.

It seems that both of the Corvettes that the seller has unearthed share a lot in common. Like the other one, this will need at least a cosmetic restoration. The Riverside Gold paint is showing its age, and a repaint will be on the cards. However, apart from a few chips and marks, the fiberglass seems to be in good condition. The owner doesn’t mention the state of the frame or birdcage, but if the other car is any indication, the news should be positive. The seller has been involved in the panel and paint industry on a long-term basis, and he describes this as one of the best finds that he has ever made. That continues the positive theme with this car. The external trim is in good condition if the buyer intends to return the vehicle to good driver quality. A perfectionist might choose to replace a few items, but this wouldn’t be essential. The Corvette comes equipped with tinted glass, and this appears to be in good condition.

Sneaking a peek under the hood of the Corvette reveals the L46 version of the venerable 350ci V8. A 4-speed manual transmission backs this, and together these endow the vehicle with pretty impressive performance figures. The 350hp that the motor pumps out should be sufficient to punch the car through the ¼ mile in 14.1 seconds. Give this old girl enough room, and you could find yourself nudging 142mph. Many enthusiasts prefer the small-block Corvettes of this era over the big-block cars. This is because the L46 offers more than enough performance to satisfy most people, but the lower weight over the front axles makes them a more competent classic when the roads turn twisty. This is a numbers-matching Corvette that is said to run and drive. It isn’t clear whether it is roadworthy, but that does make it a promising prospect for potential buyers.

The original owner didn’t go to town when ordering this Corvette, and his primary focus seemed to be more on performance than comfort. That means that the only optional extra that this classic feature is an AM/FM radio. The seats wear Black vinyl, and there is no air conditioning or power windows. The interior will require some work if it is to present at its best because new covers and foam for the seats will need to go on the shopping list. A new carpet set will be required, while the console sports enough damage to warrant replacement. The needles on some of the gauges are hanging in odd places, meaning that these could also be suspect. Still, all of these parts are easy to find, so getting it right shouldn’t be hard.

When the original owner of this 1969 Corvette passed away, he left quite a legacy. To find one classic squirreled away would have been an exhilarating experience for the seller. Finding two would have been almost beyond belief. With both cars now on the market, that leaves potential buyers spoiled for choice. The big-block car would offer effortless performance, but this one would potentially provide a more complete driving experience. With those thoughts in the back of your mind, would you be tempted to bid on this classic?


  1. jim

    It looks like there is rust on the turn signal and the bottom of the shifter?
    Also, the mirror reflective surface is delaminating or whatever they call it.
    These could be signs of moisture damage inside the car.

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    • Johnny

      Also on the chrome(rusty) cover near the firewall. Parts don,t come cheap for these vett,s My sister,s boyfriend is working on her,s,. She had it in storage and and has replace alot on it.20 Years ago I tried to buy it off of her. Now I see the prices–she should have took my offer.

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  2. flmikey

    …love the trouble light option under the hood…to answer the question about which car to bid on, this one looks like it would be my choice…maybe it’s because this one just looks better, or that the big block ‘vette had that funky shifter…

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  3. gbvette62

    Like the seller’s 71 Corvette, this too looks like a very original and unmolested car. The 350/350 is a great engine, and Riverside Gold is a striking color, when freshly painted and shiny. It’s not too often that you come across an old Corvette with the A.I.R. pump and related pollution parts still in place. Unlike the seller’s 71 big block, this car is pretty basic, with the only options appearing to be the 350/350, power brakes and the AM/FM radio.

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  4. 3Deuces

    Possible flood car?

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  5. Nick

    Didn’t the 350 cu in 350 hp have a Holley 780 from the factory in 1969?

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