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Estate Sale Season: 1968 Camaro SS

1968 Camaro Project

I’m not sure if it is just the time of year or coincidence, but I keep coming across classic car’s that were recently picked up at estate sales. It seems like if you are looking for an abandoned classic to work on, you might want to hit up the local estate sales. If you’d rather not spend your weekends driving around hunting or you have a taste for Camaros, this one might be worth a look! The seller is clearly flipping it and might be dreaming a bit with their asking, but perhaps you can pick it up for a better deal than their $15k asking price. You can take a look at it here on eBay in Maryville, Tennessee to see if it would be worth dealing on!


1968 Camaro Fold Down Rear Seat

Given the asking price, I really wish the seller would clean it up a bit more and do a little research into it. They state the engine isn’t the correct one, but don’t provide the engine’s numbers for analysis. He does offer some basic information, such as the fact that the front seats are incorrect as well, some trim pieces are missing, and the radio is long gone. Those are all fairly small issues compared to the engine, but if you aren’t too worried about having a numbers matching Camaro and just want a fun project to work on, this might not even be that big of an issue for you. As a nice bonus, this car is equipped with the fold down rear seats, which seems to be a rare option.

1968 Camaro SS

I’m torn on this Camaro. While it looks like a decent starting point, it’s got a lot of issues that need to be addressed. At the right price, I could live with most problems. At this asking price, I don’t think I could live with an incorrect engine, not knowing if it is a legitimate SS, or what kind of rust issues it has. Two of these three concerns could easily be addressed by the seller and hopefully they will if you contact them! So what price would you need this one to be to take a gamble on it? Or would you rather just spend your weekends hitting up estate sales until you find a more reasonably price project?


  1. Mike H. Mike H.

    Huh! I had no idea that The General ever offered a Tic-Toc-Tach; I’ve only ever seen them on Mopar and AMC vehicles.

    Barn Finds: Learn a little something new, every day!

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  2. Tom Member

    127,000 miles for sure. IF it had the 68 vin match motor with it, the price would make sense on a small block. otherwise, I don’t think so. this car is going to need everything. At least is was originally a decent color.

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  3. Len

    My numbers matching 68 RS would love to have this car donate a generous amount of its parts to its restoration. This is so tempting. Oddlt enough, I have the same style wheels on mine. I think I should go check the garage and see if it is actually still there cuz this car is a close match.

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    • Tom Member

      Len I would consider it. this car is worth-less without the original motor BUT if you took what you wanted, cleaned up the car, got the body right, in a nice coat of primer, detailed the underbody, you can get a nice dollar for a rolling chassis just waiting for a Big Block 4-Speed and clean “design your own interior” set up. And you can do it up as an SS IF it really is one.

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      • Tom Member

        I am pretty sure that the grab handle over the glove box was an option as well. double check the visors for vanity mirrors. exceptionally rare if you find them.

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  4. MH

    He wants 15K. He probably paid 3K. I don’t blame him for flipping it. I would too. Find a car that everyone loves for cheap. Ask 5X what you paid for it. It’s all about the money. Someone will still be happy paying 15K for it. So in the end everyone is happy.

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  5. JW

    Well it is a Camaro SS but with non original motor and still heaps of work but is not a rust bucket and if gauges are correct has 3/4 of a tank of old gas. I would say his price is just a tad high, maybe 12K tops.

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  6. Bill

    A Camaro SS in name only. I look at a car as being something I really like and would possibly keep forever. Without the original powerplant, this wouldn’t be one of them.

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    • Rando

      An SS without docs or obvious errors – we call them “Says So”s around here. I don’t know that much about them so I can’t say tho…

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  7. Barzini

    You are leading a charmed life if you can find bargain-priced classic cars at estate sales.

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  8. Addiction

    Worthless? Wow! I would say this car is far from wothless! I have seen people pay $15k getting rusted up crap just to this point. At the end of the day it’s a 68 Camaro that can be made into whatever dream car a guy can afford! It’s not a plastic paper thin Honda Accord, THATS FOR SURE! I think that comment is “Worthless!” JMO!

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