EXCLUSIVE: 1965 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Reader Reginald B has had this ’65 Impala Convertible sitting under his car port for quite a few years now. It’s in need of a complete restoration and he just isn’t going to get to it, so it’s time to let it go, hopefully to a home where it can be restored. It 283 doesn’t run and the brakes are gone, but he has the interior for it. It’s currently in Birmingham, Alabama, so expect there to be some rust issues. If you are interested in giving it a good home, be sure to message him using the contact form below!

He didn’t give us a lot of information to work with. It’s a 283 V8 car with a 3 speed column shift that currently doesn’t run. He states that it does turn over, so hopefully it can be made to run without a ton of work.

It looks like he may have already done some body work to it and from what can be seen in the photos, it looks pretty solid. I’m not sure why the front end has been replaced, perhaps it was wrecked or had rust issues? He admits there is a little rust on the right quarter panel near the wheel well, but says that the frame is in good condition and not rusted out.

The interior is currently out, but he states that he has it. He doesn’t say what kind of condition it is in or if anything is missing, but hopefully he can answer any questions you may have about it via email or over the phone.

Reginald is hoping to get $7,500, but he is willing to hear offers. Impala Convertibles are actually fairly sought after, so I have no doubt that there are a few of you who would like to have it. The question is, how much would you be willing to pay for this project? If the frame really is solid, it could be a fun to fix this drop top back up, but what do you think?

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  1. MH

    Trust me it’s a $2000 at most. I know of a few running and driving cars like this for under $7500. Yes they are convertibles also.

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  2. Doug

    $250–$500 max

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    • Woodie Man

      Dont mean to hurt the seller’s feelings……….but yes. Sheesh….next thing you know junkyards will be selling bits hanging off of a shell for 7K

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    • Shondar jr

      Why not a Check.

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  3. kman

    Well Doug and MH, I would like to know where they are because I have been looking for one for a while, all I come across are rusted out heaps for around this price.

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    • Bingo


      I found this one in less than 1 minute of searching.


      Sorry FELLA

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    • Jerry HW Brentnell

      well what do you think you have here? if the car was any good why would you let it get in this condition? and it shure ain’t rare as general mistake built millions of them! by the time you dump money into this thing you could buy a running driving car! pure and simple! or is this another flood car!

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  4. Don

    It may be my lap top ! But I see no thumbs up our down !

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    • Josh Staff

      Hi Don,
      We are in the process of updating the server/site and had to pull a few features down while we update things.

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  5. charlie

    Considering the condition, it’s worthless. Cost to restore would far exceed value upon completion.

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    • streamliner

      Thank you Charlie. You said it. Well chosen words.The math you speak of applies to many vehicles we are seeing on BF. Not that we don’t care, but the math is what it is. The only reason to take on such a money-losing project would be as a labor of love. Because the car in question is extremely rare, a prototype, or one-of-a-kind. This car is not.

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  6. Jay M

    Sadly, it looks like it was left out in the elements for a long time. The bathtub ring in the trunk means it was filled with water for a long time.
    Count on trunk and floors needing replacement.
    The price needs to reflect the condition as it is now, not what it could be.
    If this was a rare and original big block car maybe you could justify the price.

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  7. Anthony Rodrigues

    OMG someone who does this to a car should be forced to drive a Yugo for the rest of his life

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  8. DrinkinGasoline

    Reginald B…at this stage of the Impala’s condition, You would be much better off in taking the time in dis-assembly and listing individual parts on E-Bay or in Hemmings. You may realize the lofty asking price with all the parts sold if you do it right. As a unit, I doubt 7500 is realistic.

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  9. scooter8

    between the hurst olds and this,rain coming . i’m depressed! going to sleep.

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  10. Joe Howell

    Take the valve covers off and slide another 65 ragtop under them. I had a 65 hardtop with 396/325 and a 4 speed. It hurts to see a car I know so well this sad. Recently while out metal detecting I found a light plum colored 65 ragtop in the woods slowly returning to the earth, it’s top reduced to just the bows with a little fabric left on them.

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    • Chebby

      Light plum meaning 1965-only Evening Orchid? Oh my. That would have been a rare car.

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      • Joe Howell

        Yep, Evening Orchid, I couldn’t think of the name.

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  11. David Montanbeau

    I bought my 1965 Impala SS convertible with a 409-400-4speed in 1968 with 20k miles for 400.00 I was 16 when I bought it. Took a lot of talking to my dad to get the car. My dad was a professional race car driver so there was no B-S ing him with talk. LOL!!!. Did not know how rare this car was at the time. One of the rarest 409 produced in a production car. Even rarer than a 1963 427 Z11 car.

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    • Rodney Corriveau

      A good friend of mine received a car just like yours as a college graduation present, yours would make 3 that I have heard of/seen in my lifetime… a very rare Impala drop top indeed.

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  12. Buicknut

    This is realistically a parts car. I sold my running,driving ’65 convert (top worked, 283, 3 on the tree, very good shape) three years ago for $5500. It needed a new home as we were downsizing for retirement. Sometimes folks think they have a gold mine in an old car. I do miss my Chevy.

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  13. Jeff

    While stationed in Georgia in the mid 80’s, I gave a soldier a ride to his mobile home off post. When I rolled into his driveway, there sat a 1965 Impala Super Sport Convertible, up on blocks. Red/white interior, 327, power glide, console, vacuum gage, power windows, power top..all the trim. Block was lying in the trunk, minimal rust at the time. I said, what’s up with that car? Roommate had skipped out & left car for payment, mine if I wanted it? No title…that soldier had gotten into a little trouble later on, placed on restriction & when I went back for the car…it was gone: blocks were still sitting there. :( THAT is a memory I’ll never let go of…love those 3 round tail lights

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  14. Jim

    Would you sell wheels and tires

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  15. Eric 10Cars

    Am I missing something, folks? A 65 Chevelle convertible in rough but non-rusted (as far as can be seen in the pix) condition is worth less than $2K??? When fixed up, they go for $30K and up. I’m not a Chevelle guy, but the asking price, while a bit high, doesn’t seem outlandish. I’m guessing the owner gets at least $5K for it as is.

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  16. David Montanbeau

    Car like mine went for 90k

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  17. Bill

    He should pay someone to tow it away. Sad people let cars get into this condition.

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  18. ben

    way over price can buy one done for that just spend a little serfing the net there out there u would have 25 t0 thirty in it by the time your done a good paint jop is like 3 to 5 gs today intiour top anouther 4 or 5 gs 7 for the car and even into the engine yet but u know theres one for every seat

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  19. Tyler

    A 65 Impala convertible is on my bucket list, & this one is only 2 hours away. Even the color is right. Drop in a LS3 & 6l80 from a Camaro & it would be perfect.

    But unfortunately this one needs more than I want to do to one at this point.

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  20. On and On Gregg Member

    I think BF stands for ‘Barf Find’ with this one. 65 Impala convertible is my all time favorite. Been looking for awhile and for $10,000 you can drive one home. Yeah, not perfect but drivable. These cars are easy to work on and parts are available at NAPA………

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  21. Rustytech Member

    Another seller that thinks “if it’s old it’s gold”! This is a $1500 parts car at best. I don’t think it could bring the asking price if it were a 427 SS in this condition.

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    • David Montanbeau

      409-340-400HP till mid Feb then the 396-325-425HP. No 427 till 66.

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  22. Rolf Poncho 455

    No no no o no not that price

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