EXCLUSIVE: 1966 Pontiac GTO For $1,500!

This GTO might be in rough shape, but with an asking price of just $1,500, it seems like a great buy for anyone looking for a muscle car to restore! It’s been parked outside in Alabama for the past 32 years, so there will definitely be rust to repair and the engine and transmission are missing. It definitely isn’t going to be an easy project, but if you do all the major work yourself, you would have a classic worth being proud of! If you’d love to take this project on, be sure to message Keith H via the form below.

From Keith – Sitting since 1985, no engine or trans. An original 4-speed car with factory power driver’s seat, most trim in the trunk. Bill of sale from deceased husband’s wife. Alabama didn’t issue titles before 1975.

Like already states, this is going to be a major project and isn’t for everyone. That being said, the body actually looks better than expected for a car that’s been parked in Alabama since ’85. I’m sure the floors will need to be replaced and I see a few holes on the exterior that will need to be addressed. The interior looks to be complete, well minus the 4 speed and the carpets. The seats, center console, and all the trim pieces are present, but will all need to be restored.

There’s no word on whether this was a 4 barrel or Tri-Power car originally. Given that the engine is long gone, you can put any engine you’d like. A Tri-Power would be awesome, but I would be tempted to put something more modern in it. Perhaps the LS2 from a 2005 GTO? It sure would make it fast and since it isn’t going to be original anyway, why not have some fun with it?

Special thanks to Keith for listing this GTO with us! Hopefully, someone snatches this project up and either restores it or puts the parts to good use on another GTO. So would you take this project on? If you happen to have a project sitting in your yard, driveway, garage or barn that needs a new home, please consider listing it with us!

Asking Price: $1,500
Mileage: 77,980
Location: Munford, Alabama

Sorry, but this one has SOLD!

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  1. Tony

    If it was closer to me I would buy this. A real 242 car that came with the 4speed is a good car. The engines are era specific but not car specific. It would have come with the 389 I believe and those are around for less than 2k running.
    every part for this car is available.
    NOTE: I am building a 67 gold on gold now.. bought it running. survivor car with all original parts.

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    • Wave

      What about that truck to the left in the picture?

  2. Luki

    Pump up the tires.
    Throw it on a trailer.Vacuum it out. Wash it and flip it for a minimum of $2900.
    If it were local to me that would be a slam dunk.

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  3. Tony

    In calif..this is 4k today.

  4. Tom

    Hmm, I wonder if it’s my old GTO? The color is close.

    • Barzini

      The original paint on this car for sale was burgundy (code N on the data plate) so probably not. But you must have great memories from owning that car and I hope you find it again someday. I always wanted one

  5. JW

    I agree if it was closer I would think seriously of buying it.

  6. Ed guiles

    Is this car still available? I am interested. My number is 256 506 3209 I would love a text or call about this car thanks

  7. Matt Member

    those wheels and tires give it almost a former street car look.

  8. Tony

    Too bad they are not the Rally 1 wheels.. the 69’s would be better but the rally 1 sells for about 100 ea in that condition.

  9. joeinthousandoaks

    For what it’s worth, the engine is car specific as the build sheet from PHS has an engine number on it that is stamped on the front of the block. IMHO, At this price and condition I don’t think it matters much.

    • Tony

      I was referring to the Market…. this car is probably not going to EVER be restored to anything close to factory. BUT, the market really does not care as long as it is the correct CUBE INCH ad era specific casting numbers.
      I am a purest however..My GTO is numbers matching and verified so I do appreciate your point.

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      • joeinthousandoaks

        I agree

  10. Howard A Member

    So, now does everybody agree, this is all that’s left to restore? It sat all these years, BECAUSE it was too far gone. You know, I look at this with older eyes ( and knuckles) and think, you got to be nuts. A young(er) ambitious go-getter, with lots of meat left on their knuckles, looks at this, and says, FINALLY!! A ’66 Goat. Dad, come look! Tons of work here, I just don’t know, looks too rough, but then, it IS a ’66 GTO, and actually resembles one. I’d say for someone, a great find.

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  11. Tony

    I agree Howard… This is a great find for someone that has a new back…. new knees.. and more time than I do.
    Still, as stated above.. I would buy it in a hot minute if it was closer to me.
    I guess there is no fool like and old fool eh?

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  12. Alan

    Makes me want to cry. How can this car be left to sit out in the weather ignored for 37 years? Nobody saw it out there and bugged the people to let it go in all that time? Had to be out back out if sight. Too too bad.

    • Paul & Jen A

      We agree!!!!!!

  13. Tony

    Gotta love this:

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    • TRC

      V8 Pro Street Prius says bring it

      • Tony

        So, You can make a silk purse out of a sows ear!…COOL.

        Nice car tho.. looks fun too.

  14. Rustytech Member

    I agree with you Howard. Way more work than I can take on at this point in my life, but this would be an excellent project for someone younger with the skills to do it. At this price, unless you get crazy I don’t think you would need to worry about going upside down in it.

  15. Don

    I can not understand ,there’s all these guys saying if it was only closer , it does not cost that much to have a car shiped from California to newyork ,if you don’t have the money to do that ,then you don’t have the cash to restore the car .I no thumbs down

  16. Tony


    normal shipping costs from the east coast to Los Angeles is about 2k per car. I just had two (a 1942 woody and a 1941 woody) shipped to me. They insist on them being inside if you want them covered as they will not load a car onto a flatbed with anything that will fly off.
    NOTE: I have shipped cars to Los Angeles from Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Maine, Kentucky and Florida in the last two years.

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    • Johnny

      Thanks. I have also heard. Get a reliable hauler and make sure the pick up and drop off time. I,ve heard some tales of surprising high prices sprung on people. Thanks again Tony. The cars should also be checked buy a reliable person–not just hear say and pictures. I found that out. Pictures and some people word is NOT reliebale.

    • MitchRoss Member

      I own a car shipping company. O won’t self promote, but the movie car guys know who I am. Those prices quoted above are about double what the trucks get so whoever your broker is, they are getting rich off you.

  17. Pappy2d

    Im with you Don. If only was:
    1. Closer
    2. A different color inside
    3. A different color outside
    4. A 4 speed/automatic
    5. Half the price
    6. A big block/small block
    7. Matching numbers……

  18. Don

    Thank you ,if you can not spend a few thousand ,counting insurance than your not going to spend at least 20,000 probly more resto ring a car ! I’m not trying to be a smart ass I’m just saying ,when people say a car is to far away I have had cars transported from California to Indiana for 1400 hundred ,I love this sight ,and am sorry if I’m being an ass ,it’s Friday don’t have to work Saturday so I started drinking to soon maybe 🍺

    • GP Member

      I had to wait until 3:30 because my life insurance people were here today, And I have to work Saturday. I’m going with a slight smart ass just for that reason. HA HA

  19. Tony

    delivered would be nice too….

  20. Tony


    Dunno about others here but I thought you were just engaging in the chat.. no reading on my smart ass meter here. :)

    If you can get a car hauled for 1400 that is a great deal. is that covered or flatbed?
    Like I said up there.. its 2k for me..and if I have two or more then I get them for much less… in the 1500 range.
    Would be interested in the haulers name if you are free to share it. If not, I get that too.

  21. Bill McCoskey

    In 1970 my best friend saw a ’66 GTO for sale, one owner, Maroon with black interior & black vinyl top. Car had Tri-Power, 4 speed, and EVERY OPTION that the guy could order. Original owner was an architect, and had just landed a huge contract in 1966, so he decided to spend some of the cash on the GTO.

    It was the only GTO I’ve ever seen with Tri-Power, rock-crusher Munci 4-speed, factory A/C, power windows & seats, reclining passenger seat with headrest, AM/FM with reverb, rear speaker & power antenna, rear defroster, trunk lid solenoid [button in glove box], rallye wheels & the original red line tires, sintered metallic brake linings, cruise control [the guy said it was delivered with the cruise control fuse removed because if the clutch pedal was pushed in while on cruise, the engine would rev up.] Also had the red plastic inner front fenders.

    The car was a mint original with only about 4,000 miles showing, garaged all the time, and only driven on special occasions. When my friend bought the car, it came with all the documentation & photos of the car when new. I couldn’t help but notice that the Pontiac new car window sticker was actually 2 pages long, pasted onto the passenger side door window. And yes, he had saved them both.

    Sadly, about 1978 my friend was driving home in the car, having had way too much to drink, and he totaled the car. I saw it the next day, and the body was so twisted it would only sit on 3 wheels. Pushing down on one corner, the car would shift until it was sitting on a different set of wheels. He had passed out and was uninjured, but the car was past repair.

    I bought a lot of the rare items off the car, after he settled with the insurance company, and added them to a ’67 GTO coupe I bought for $250.

    My friend bought that beautiful 4 year old 4,000 mile car for the total price of only $900. How times have changed

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    • Tom

      GTO stories – The summer of ’67 when I was 19, and after working offshore in the Gulf of Alaska for 3 months, I was on my way back to Texas and stopped off in Denver where I bought a ’66 GTO with 12,000 miles for $2400 cash from a Ford dealership. It was a trade in. This car was a low optioned coupe, not a hardtop. All the speed options, tri-power, 4 speed, 4.11, no ac or power brakes, no console. The car was light and fast and I never lost a race. I tried to top it out one night and the speedo needle passed 120, then passed the generator and oil pressure lights and was starting back up past zero. I figured I was at around 140 plus and still pulling hard with that progressive tri-power linkage holding those 3 Rochester 2-GCs wide open. That’s when I remembered I was on bald Firestone wide ovals and the road was getting less straight and more twitchy so I let off it. By ’69 I still had another year of college and was out of gas money and Dad talked me into selling the car to pay for tuition & dorm. I sold the car with 42,000 miles on it for $1400. Good memories but as they say, you can’t take it with you.
      Dad found me a 64 VW to drive and I went from 360 horsepower to 36hp. Photo (re)posted is on top of Mount Evans outside of Denver, the day I bought it.

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  22. Cris Carver

    I love nasty, skanky looking ’66 & ’67 GTOs / LeMans! Why, you ask? Saw a crazy fast, hoodless, nasty black tri-powered one when I was younger & have never forgotten it. Never been a big muscle car guy but, the Pontiac, I tell ya!!!

  23. bob

    had a 66, 3 dueces, great car.
    traded it in, dealer called me a week later, while driving it somewhere, it caught fire and burned to the ground.

  24. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    @Don-how about those of us who money aside, choose “not” to have a car transported across the country because been there and done that? My factory Nordic Blue ’68 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT 390 4-speed was heavily damaged front and rear by the “reputable” transporter whose driver fell asleep and ran off the highway taking my car and two others in an enclosed trailer down an embankment and into a tree. Once is enough!

  25. Howard A Member

    A word on this “delivery” thing. Being a truck driver all my life, for me, it would be no big deal, in fact the only way, I would rent a car trailer and do it myself. Many people don’t have that option, and yes, there are stories of cars being damaged. Truth is, most get delivered without incident. Car hauling is a rough segment of the business, and I never wanted to do it. The old saying rings true, “you want to play, you have to pay” and if you are getting into the old car hobby, and balking at the transportation costs, you’ve got a long ways to go,( money wise) and maybe the old car hobby isn’t for you. If you can’t haul it yourself ( I’d think of that as an adventure in itself), shop around. I shipped my daughter’s car from Milwaukee to L.A. She called several outfits, and got several prices. I think she paid $700 couple years back, open kind. 3.5 days later, her car came rolling into L.A.

  26. Corey

    Restoring my 66 convertible need some of those parts bro. In the Atlanta area

  27. TRC

    Kind of funny as I have a friend that works for Mecum as a driver that comes to your location and picks up your car for the shows. That is a professional setup when I get to see some of the stuff he is transporting.

    Aside from that, the collectors that I worked with who’s cars wind up on here all the time have seen some joke transporters. We had people show up and leave a car at the lot that was on the trailer. The claim was we will be back as soon as we deliver your car, then the car they left with us sat for a few weeks! Private transportation services can be real hack jobs…https://youtu.be/YwCmUvr0cdo

  28. Steven

    That’s more then I started with when I build my 1956 Chevy.

  29. Mitch Ross Member

    Regarding auto shipping, I own an auto shipping company and right now we are bringing cars from LA area to New York for $900-950. Sure, being a non runner would up the cost but if you deal with a company that works primarily with car dealers and exporters (like me) the cost is not crazy. When you deal retail, the broker wants to make $200-$500 over what the actual trucker makes so cost gets prohibitive. Most wholesale car shippers charge $50 a car, which I do as well, due to having customers who each might ship 4 or 5 cars a week. I won’t put my contact info here as it might be a violation, but deals are out there.

  30. Rick Lovely

    So many Goat stories, So little time. I traded a 68 mustang for a 65 Goat, rag top, 389, 4 speed, with the 4 11 rear end. Of all the hot rods I had growing up, {and I had my fair share,…..and yours too). Thats the one I miss the most. Talk about a hot car for a cool cat, That was the one.

  31. Keith Hall

    It took me 20 yrs. to convince this family to sell me this car. All l really wanted was the LT-1 Z/28 motor and muncie 4-spd out of it. Body was too far gone for me however l did have the same GTO in green/green back in 1972 paid $400.

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