EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Plymouth Satellite For $3,500 (Engine/Tranny Now Included)

UPDATE 3/17/17 – David just let us know that the engine and tranny are now included in the sale. Check out the photo of both below. This is still a big project, but it might be worth a look.

FROM 2/20/17 – This Exclusive is definitely a barn find, but it’s also a major project. Besides needing all the usual repairs, it’s missing its engine, transmission and much of the interior. On the upside, that means you will be able to build it however you want. Reader David H suggests building it into a Road Runner clone, which actually sounds like a great idea to me! It’s currently located in Liberal, Kansas and David is asking $3,500 for it. You can contact him using the form below if interested.

1968 is my favorite year for the Satellite. It happens to be the year they introduced this second generation body and it’s the first year the Road Runner option was available. The Satellite was essentially the mid level version of the Belvedere. While there were a range of engines available, the 318 was the most common and according to David the numbers state that is exactly the engine this one was original fitted with. Since it and the automatic transmission are long gone, find a 383 or a 440 and you could easily turn this Satellite into a Road Runner.

UPDATE: Here’s that shot of the engine and transmission. This photos a little better than the others, but it’s still hard to know what you are really getting into here. An in person inspection may be the only way to reveal if this project is worth the effort or not.

As you can see, this car is also missing most of the interior. There looks to be a bucket seat, spare steering column and that’s about it. If you want to go racing, I guess this saves you the trouble of stripping out the interior. David doesn’t offer much information about the condition of the floors or body, but he claims they are good. This is one I would recommend taking a look at in person. So would you restore it or turn it into a Road Runner?

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  1. Bill

    Amazing the prices folks are asking (and getting) for Mopars these days.

  2. Mitch

    $3500? Absolutely not, in that condition. I sold my ’70 Coronet with a 318 & it was car show worthy for $5500. & the photos are flat out terrible.

    • Cory

      $5,500 for a 2 door Coronet for $5,500 you either got worked or don’t know your price or live in an area where people don’t have a lot of money..

      Even with a 318 that’s a $10,000 – $15,000 car easily..if it was as nice as you say..

      Its probably a Super Bee or Coronet RT with a 440 and a $30,000 today.

      Remember the area you live plays the biggest role…I travelled all over buying cars GM/Ford/Mopar and in some area’s SS,Cobra Jet’s,Mopar’s go for far less than other area’s..I bought a 396 SS Chevelle in a heavily Ford and lower income area for $20,000 less than in a higher income area,just in Dec ..Car needed nothing,put a price on it sold it for $18,000 more than I paid for it,by doing nothing to it..Nothing..o.k $20 gas and I waxed it !

  3. MH

    JUNK! $300 parts car at most. Maybe good in a demo derby.

    • Cory

      ?? Sure…

      This looks about the same condition of my 69 Satellite I bought,I put trunk floor, patched the passenger side floor.. I painted it Hemi Orange (car was gold) added a all Black interior,was Black and white from factory.

      I put on a Road Runner / GTX hood I bought for $50 10 years ago because it needed ruts/dent repair I fixed it in my spare time..I also kept the stock hood as when I sold it if we couldn’t reach my price I would swap hoods,as the R.R/GTX hood are worth $$$..

      I had a interior I bought out of the classifieds, that only needed to be cleaned.I only needed better front seats but used all of it as it was almost new.

      I also used a 1978 440 I rebuilt to 1969 specs with real good heads and a nice cam dyno’d at 556 hp @606 ft lbs torque.Engine under $1500 for all parts including the $350 I paid for it 2 years ago.I put 7000 miles on it in the months I owned it,great car got rubber at ay speed !

      I had a 8 3/4 with 3.23 gears it ran 11.76 @119 mph with no traction ! 3.23’s and 235 70 series all around !

      I drove the car 8 months and then put it for $39,000 and sold it in 2 days for $36,500 locally !!

      Total investment just under $15,000 out of my pocket and that’s the $4800 for the car !

      I always look for parts,buy them,store them then they come in handy..I have more parts that I will ever use…but if I sell them,I will need them.

      If you think this car is a lot look what 68-70 basket case Charger’s go for !!! You will fall off your chair lol !

      My Satellite looked like a bone stock 69 Road Runner, Road Runner hood,black stripes on hood,emblems,horn.Hemi Orange/Black,front buckets/buddy seat.Magnum 500’s,mild built 9.0:1 compression 89 octane 556 hp 440 (same set up as my 68 Charger RT and 69 Charger now RT and my 78 Magnum) !! Ran 11’s easily 2 hours to make it a 10 second car..I tied the subframes,3.23 gears 727 auto..Did the work myself with different buddies that came over to help (free labor) as we all help each other ,come over after work work on our cars and b.s Wives drink wine and run after the kids lol..We rather work on old cars than that lol..

      So saying this car isn’t worth it is b.s..I would buy it ,if it were close to me !

      • G.P. Member

        With all the money you make off of these, Why is it to far away? Delivery can’t be that much.

    • Rocko

      Love the Keystones- i see a black or orange Road Runner!

  4. Jay M

    Not in good enough condition to restore or rod, and too expensive for a parts car.

  5. Howard A Member

    This is kind of strange. This car falls kind of in the middle somewhere, too nice for a parts car, too rough to fix. Probably will be fixed, you just don’t find any of these anymore, and I’m sure it’s a lot better than the pictures convey. Of course the interior is going to look bad, always does, but the door sills are at least there, and these do bring big money, still. I’d bet, for 20g’s, you could have a decent RR or GTX clone. Can’t beat that.

  6. Kevin Wernick

    How bout $35 cash. Lol. 68 was the year Mopar bodies went to sh-t. 67’s were much better, and sharper looking

  7. Jason

    Junk. What’s with people these days?

  8. JW454

    I’m afraid this one is a bit too rough for it to make sense at this price based on the pictures supplied. Maybe if David cleaned it out, took some better pictures, detailed it’s mechanical and cosmetic conditions, and outlined what may be included, it would be easier to justify the asking price.

  9. Jason

    It bothers me that BF stands to make money from this piece of junk listing with horrible photos. Y’know, commercialism is what made me leave BaT.

  10. junkman Member

    cinder block holding up the front end, torque boxes gone floors full of crap to hide the holes no trunk pics I’ll pass.

  11. David Hunt

    No rust, all body there, no holes in floor, rats won,t move out. Has clear ks. Title. They do not make Plymouth any more, is it rare?
    New phone number to contact
    1-620-309-9145 sorry

  12. Larry K

    I’d be embarrassed to list a car full crap like this. Maybe put on a mask and run a shop vac through it. I just bought a 66 for the same $ in way better shape with a running 318 console shift.

  13. Rocko

    Get out the hose goddammit !

    • GOPAR

      Rules: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks.


    I had a 65 Satellite, would love to have back. It had the 361 motor, buckets and a console.
    Many would make this car a Road Runner. I never understood that. It’s like making a Lemans a GTO. I would love a big block or a hemi in this Satellite. But keep it a Satellite. What shame is there in doing that? I would be proud to blow the doors of a guy at the stoplight with it. Then whisper to myself with a grin ” beep beep” But that’s just me. One of the unique things of the car hobby, is to build stuff the WE like it. Oh yeah, and “Run what ya brung”

  15. Dave Wright

    ” exclusives” by there nature have become repositories of over priced cars that would have never been featured on here on there own merit. This is a rough parts car worth less than the sum of the parts. There are plenty of places to see overpriced garbage……..too bad this is becoming another one.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      @Dave Wright – the site has grown and hosting has become very expensive, so unless you have a bunch of real “barn finds” that you are willing to let go cheap, we have to feature what people send in. We always encourage them to set realistic asking prices, but we can’t force them to list at or below market value.

      • Dave Wright

        Off course…..you are correct. I was just bemoaning the change from the old days (not so long ago) I am a pure capitalist and everyone needs to eat but where I used to study your posts with intent, many have become less interesting. Particularly with multiple posts of the same vehicle because someone lowered the price. I want everyone to succeed and get rich. It is just too bad the site needs to be degraded to make that happen.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Your points are well taken Dave and we will see if we can improve the Exclusives. If you have a better way to generate revenue though, we would love to hear it!

  16. Bruce Fischer

    Just seems like a lot of people trying to sell rust buckets here lately. No offence. This is an excellent site but people with these cars lately .WOW. Bruce. F.

  17. Classic restorations

    If readers would only take a moment and consider todays cost of shop labour and parts and paint and then and only then would they realize that JUNK is indeed spelled JUNK. Even after 20k this piece of scrap would only look a tad better.


    30 years ago, any cars of interest found, had to be decent, because there were still many to choose from. Today, the number of Sattelite/Road Runner project vehicles, has dwindled substantially. Because of that, a car with rust issues today, stood no chance of being considered a restoration project, or even a parts car years ago. Those cars went to the crusher, or under a tarp some place, to rot.
    Because of that, “rust buckets” as we call them, have been given more consideration, and will continue to be brought back from the dead. While many of us that live in climates where rust is more rare, than those that live in the rust belt, see rust as a major obstacle. The folks used to rust even on a much newer car, don’t tremble and shake when they see it. That and the availability of new reproduction body panels, makes cars like the subject of this thread, much more viable. I think as times go on, finding reasonably priced solid project cars, will become more and more rare.
    My personal favorite happens to be 66 Chevelles. I have watched beautiful versions of them sell for $600 in the early 70’s to sometimes up to$40,000 even $50,000 today. That is 15 times their original cost new.
    Do I want to tackle a job like this one? Not a chance, I’m just saying, we will likely see much more cars like this one on sites like Barn Finds… which happens to be my favorite.

  19. ROTAG999

    68 GTX No motor trans ? Better Body $3500



      Nice looking car. Not so sure about the story of the window posts, but still a nice Mopar

  20. Kevin Wernick

    It’s kinda funny how the old guys forget, and the young guys don’t have a clue. It’s been 40+ years since the muscle car era. Most of them were used and ubused and ended up the local salvage yard. A precious few were saved and preserved. And then there’s the ones that were used and ubused and finally parked in the weeds out behind the barn. Most barn finds were rusting in the weeds long before they made it to the barn. My point is, the best go first, and the pickins are getting slimmer all the time. But it’s only rusty metal. It can be fixed

  21. Old Nasty

    Bought this a month ago for $7100.00. 440 big block w/Holley 750 dbl pumper carb & headers. It runs & needs minimal work to make it streetworthy. Just the brakes & a good cleanup should do it.


      Wowww fantastic deal!!! Congrats. 65 is my favorite year.

  22. RNR

    The engine in the update photo is a 318 – doesn’t exactly sweeten the deal if the point of pouring money & labor into this body is to clone a RR or GTX.

  23. David Hunt

    Sold I mean give awayyyyyyy 1500.

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