EXCLUSIVE: 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark lV Survivor

Asking: $16,500

If you are a fan of big luxury cruisers, this Lincoln could be the perfect find for you! Having covered just 29k miles since new it’s in amazing condition inside and out. Reader David G is its 3rd owner and since it hasn’t moved in the past 5 years, he’s decided to let it go to someone who can get it back on the road. So, if you’d love to hit the open road in this pristine Continental, be sure to contact David via the form below! And you can find it in Dacula, Georgia.

For a two-door, you won’t find too many other cars as long as one of these Mark IVs. At 19 feet long, over 6 feet wide and weighing in at 5,200 pounds, it’s as big as a modern 7 passenger Lincoln Navigator! And it’s packed with ’70s luxury, including overstuffed seating. While it might lack all the technology of a modern luxury SUV, you’d be hard-pressed something as comfortable and spacious as this Mark IV! Seriously, just look at all the room.

Moving all 5,200 pounds of this yacht around requires an equally massive engine. So, Lincoln equipped this car with a 460 cui V8 that was making a modest 212 horsepower but was good for 342 foot-pounds of torque at 2,600 rpm. That low down grunt allowed for a 0 to 60 run of 10 seconds. It might now sound great when a modern economy car makes the same run in 9 seconds, but when it was new that was respectable performance for a big luxury car. And your modern compact definitely won’t be as comfortable or have the presence that this Continental does! Since it hasn’t run in a while, plan on giving it a full tune-up for optimal performance.

Other than a few scratches, this car looks to be in really great condition inside and out. Clearly it has spent most of its life parked indoors and was well cared for by its previous owners. David has receipts, brochures and some service records going back to when it was new. And since it was sold from one friend to the next, tracking down its previous owners shouldn’t be too difficult. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting into competitive land yachting or simply want the nicest Mark IV you can find, this one is definitely worth a closer look!

  • Asking Price: $16,500
  • Location: Dacula, Georgia
  • Mileage: 29,948
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 2Z89A870590
Asking: $16,500

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    These have certainly gone up in price….5 years ago you could buy one of these for about 6K. Now a 460 4-barrel putting out 212 HP….what was choking that motor so badly, a converter? A 460 4V should have put out twice that HP, am I right?

    • Bob C.

      This was the first year for SAE net ratings. For most vehicles, there wasn’t any real loss of horsepower between 1971 and 72, except on paper. The following year smog air pumps were added, as did the choking.

      • That AMC Guy

        Yes, net HP ratings for ’72, and although the worst emission controls of the mid-1970s had yet to hit there was still low compression, retarded ignition timing, and lean mixture to deal with. It also didn’t help that Ford engines seemed to be affected worse by the crude emission control systems of the time than their competitors.

        Still this has plenty of low-end grunt and I’d like to think that whenever that 460 CID V8 fires up, somewhere a Prius dies. :)

  2. ccrvtt

    1972 was the best-looking of the Mark III-IV-V-VI since it didn’t have the boxy bumpers of the later cars and was sleeker than the IIIs. This may be pricey but I doubt the buyer will be disappointed in the car.

    Given the dated technology it begs the questions – What difference does it make once you’re on the highway with a huge grin on your face? And the millenials in their Priuses wondering, What was that?

    Great car. Good luck with the sale.

  3. Arthell64 Member

    Every time I see one of these cars I think of Cannon

    • Moparman Member

      Came here to say the SAME thing!! My first thought was, “Frank Cannon’s car!, LOL!!

  4. FordGuy1972

    My uncle picked me up at the airport is a two year old ’72 when I came back to the States after 10 years overseas . His was white with a blue interior and for a young guy who grew up with small foreign cars, a car that big and luxurious was quite the experience.

    I needed a driver’s license but didn’t have a car yet so Uncle Jed said I could use his Lincoln for my driving test. I remember it was a very hot summer day in 1974, probably in the mid-90s and very humid, and when the DMV tester got in the Lincoln with me, the first thing he asked me was if the car had A/C. Of course it did, I said, “It’s a Lincoln!” He told me to turn it on high and just drive. All through the road test he just sat back in the plush leather seat beside me with his eyes closed, enjoying the cool air from the A/C. He didn’t ask me to parallel park or do a K-turn, we just drove around for about 15 minutes in silence. When we got back to the DMV, he said that he wished he could do all of his testing that day in the Lincoln, the A/C was a real treat on that very hot day. Got my driver’s license, no problem, with a little help from the best Ford had to offer back then.

    I drove the car quite a bit until I got my own wheels and loved every mile in it. It was quite the chick magnet back then, too. I’m sure that car helped get me over the hump when I asked a girl out on a date more than once. A nice car to go parking in, too!

    • Bob_in_TN Member

      Great story FordGuy. Meanwhile, the a/c was also helping your sweating if he had indeed asked you to parallel park that big thing?

      I like these big Marks for what they represented and what they did— comfortable cruising with a presence.

      • Miguel Member

        If you know the trick, you can parallel park anything.

  5. MarveH

    If, and I mean if, I were ever going to electrify a car it would be one like this. It has plenty of room for the electric motor and batteries, the car is heavy anyway, so no loss there, and you wouldn’t be ruining a manual transmission car.
    These cruisers were all about silent torque, wafting you along with minimum intrusion from the mechanical bits, just like an electric car.
    Plus you could enjoy it without watching your Exxon stock go up every time you put gas in it.

  6. Brian Boespflug

    I was raised on Ford products and loved these Marks. They were a ponderous thing with the handling of a parade float but they made a statement, you had arrived. $16,500 is a bundle because you will spend another few thousand sorting out problems from lack of use. You will have a very nice original with low mileage but I doubt you will have a $20,000 plus car.

  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I owned a 75 mark 1V back when they were new. Mine was dark blue with white vinyl top and white leather interior with moon roof. I loved the big car with its long hood. The seats were very comfortable and the 460 pushed it along quite well.
    I wouldn’t pay a grand for now days, but in the mid 70’s I played a different game.
    God bless America

  8. Bob McK Member

    How did the engine compartment become such a mess with such low miles? Were rats living in there? This could be a nice car, but with the color and condition the seller will be lucky to get much more than $8K. Best of luck.

  9. w9bag Member

    I really liked my ’76. 4 wheel disc brakes, and all of the typical Lincoln goodies. Very comfortable and quiet. It really made a statement when arriving somewhere. Unfortunately, the 460 was a real pooch, and the fuel mileage was deplorable.

  10. Miguel Member

    I disliked the hydraulic power brake system on these cars. I have avoided them because of that.

  11. Louis Chen

    This was Ford/Lincoln/Mercury reboot of the late ’60 & 70’s Caddy big “Mafia” staff cars. They’re huge very comfy but a gas guzzler!..It would be a great now because gas is still low.

  12. Stevieg Member

    This is like porn for me lol. Actually, this website in general is like porn for me. But cars like this Lincoln, along with their General Motors & Chrysler counterparts are really what do it for me. I’m not a little feller so I need big cars lol. Besides, my Dad & his friends all drove cars like this, so this is what I grew up with.
    I do agree it is overpriced, but I also believe the value will get there in the near future.

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