EXCLUSIVE: Beautiful 1961 Ford Falcon

UPDATE 10/12/2019 – We just heard from Murray and his Falcon has sold! Its new owner is a huge Falcon fan and already owns several more of them.

UPDATE 9/25/2019 – Murray has decided to drop the price on his Falcon down to $6,000! If you’d love to be the next owner of this Ford, be sure to contact him before this one gets away.

FROM 9/2/2019 – This beautiful Ford Falcon has spent most of its life parked in its original owner’s garage. It spent the better part of 50 years being parked but eventually found its way to Reader Murray L. He is the car’s third owner and while he’s truly enjoyed owning it, he’s decided it’s time to let someone new enjoy it. You can find it in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a $10,000 USD or best offer.

After coming out of storage, the car received a fresh coat of paint in its original color and the interior was refreshed. As you can see, it’s held up extremely well. The paint looks great, the interior is in nice shape, and the chrome is beautiful. I love the red and white color scheme, it really makes this Ford stand out. Murray notes that the body is super straight with all original metal and is Bondo free.

Under the hood is the 144 cui inline-six. While it’s not a powerhouse, these are wonderfully smooth engines and can be quite enjoyable around town. It’s paired to a Ford-O-Matic and a 3.5 locking differential. You won’t be smoking the tires, but this combo will be fun in the twisties and as a daily driver. A V8 would definitely offer more grunt, but given the condition and mileage, this one probably should be kept original.

I’ve spoken extensively with Murray about his Ford and you can tell that he is passionate about the car (and has proudly shown it at more than a few car shows). It’s easy to tell that he has taken amazing care of it. These really are great cars and while this one should really be preserved, it wouldn’t be difficult to make it a fast machine. Given it’s relation to the Mustang, there are lots of upgrade options to make it handle better and go faster. Whatever the next owner decides to do with it, I just hope they take as much pride in it as Murray has. Ypu can read what he has to say about it below. So, if you’d love to own this Falcon, be sure to message him via the form below!

From Murray – I’m the third owner of this 1961 Ford Falcon Deluxe 2 door. All original glass (incl. windshield). There is no body filler. A fridge magnet will stick everywhere. The body 100% straight and rust free. The vehicle looks new top and bottom. The trunk looks unused. It has been stored for 50-years by the original owner. It has been painted and reupholstered once. All chrome/brightwork is intact. Optioned with the AM radio (factory), matching door mirrors, rear armrest ashtrays, and locking differential. All fluids changed, always stored indoors and used very little. I will also include an original two-page Saturday Evening Post advertisement from October 8/1960, as well as two dealership brochures (to display front and back of brochure) both professionally framed. Vehicle starts immediately and requires no repairs. Many other photos are available. Please no trades/agents/dealers. My interests are changing and would like this to go to a good home where someone will appreciate its originality. Call, text or email for fastest response at 403-801-1942. Any additional questions will be answered from serious buyers with reasonable offers.

  • Asking Price: $6,000
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Mileage: 22,101
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 1R11S148794


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  1. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    Assuming those are Canadian dollars, at $17,750 it’s priced like a #2 specimen. If the mileage is correct, I guess it may be fairly, if very strongly priced. I really want one, but I can’t see how these are worth more than 10k.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      It says USD in the ad.

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      • Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

        Oh well, that just makes it unequivocally overpriced

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    • PatrickM

      A car similar to this would be almost ideal for me and my needs. But, since my wallet is a bit thin….. This is one great looking car and I can see that the owner put a lot of work into it (i.e. spark plug wires, seats). It really is great looking but, I am going to have to pass. Best of everything to seller and new owner.

      • Murray

        I’ve moved a great deal on the price,Patrick. Could you give me a phone number and I can cal you?

  2. LARRY

    A 3.5 rear end??? I honestly never heard of one

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    • Shawn

      I use to own a 1961 Ford falcon, it was my first car. Great car!!! The guy I bought it from said it was a special car since it came from the factory with with (I believe) a 289 v-8. He said falcons didn’t come out with v-8 till 63. There were only a couple built, but prototypes only. Wish I still had one

      • Wr HALL

        260 not a 289 63 was the first year as far I recall you could a factory V 8 in a Falcon

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      • scottymac

        Mr. Hall,
        If it was a ’61 prototype, it could have been a 221.

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      • Shawn

        I wish I could remember. I was only 16 at the time. 289 was only a guess. I only remember him saying it was a 200 something. I have talked to one other person who believes this to be the case of a few prototypes that left the factory when they weren’t supposed to, maybe up to 4 of them. 260 sounds very familiar, I think that one would be more correct.

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      • MorganW Morgan Winter Member

        The 221 (first of small-block V-8 series of 221, 260, 289, and 351W) debuted in the 62 model year Fairlane. I think it’s more likely that a previous owner swapped in the V-8.

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  3. JerryDeeWrench Member

    Should be call a 3.50 ratio that’s almost standard with a 140 engine and auto trans. Rare to have a locker in back.

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    • local_sheriff

      If it was destined for usage in snowy areas it wasn’t unusual to be equipped with a locker – an even smarter move for use on icy roads would be to opt for a manual tranny…!

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  4. 77Vette

    Last year I picked up a 1962 at Mecum in Houston. Mine has the 144 with a four speed. It’s fun to drive and in great shape.

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  5. Bob C.

    Very nice car, but super underpowered with 85 (gross) horsepower and a 2 speed Fordomatic. A stick would have probably been a better choice from the factory.

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  6. James Martin

    How come everything today has low miles? Did nobody ever drive there car? Or is that 122000? My guess the later. Then restored.

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    • Tort Member

      Because you do not hear of the thousands upon thousands that were driven daily with lots of miles.

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  7. scottymac

    Did Ford market these in Canada as Frontenacs? The grill doesn’t look like any stateside Falcons. Or is it just the shadows?

    • Frank

      During this body styles life, it had many grill styles. That’s what the 61 looked like.

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      the Frontenac was produced by Ford Canada for 1960 only . there was a plan for the 1961 model but was scraped when the Comet came out instead. the Frontenac looks like a Falcon with all the same body panels but it’s the grill + trim that make it look different . This ’61 Falcon looks clean but not sure it’s in the $20k range . A ’61 Futura Falcon would be another story maybe ?? . best regards

      • KKW

        No Futura till 62. I love all Falcons, but a 63 Sprint is at the top of my list.

  8. Uncle al

    WTF ? $24,000 ? and I can’t get $11,000 for my ’95 BMW 8-series ?????

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    • Bob McK Member

      Uncle Al, Most collectors that want a 61 Falcon would never consider a 95 BMW. I don’t understand the comparison. I do agree that the price is to high, but it appears that this car has become a flipper since the original owner parted with it. I hope the US buyer understands what it is like to get a US title on a Canadian car. It is expensive and a PITA.

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      • CanuckCarGuy

        Can’t be too difficult or costly to obtain a US title, given used cars leave Canada for the US daily on car haulers. The 30% difference in the dollar makes it a very profitable venture….and NAFTA opened up the opportunity years ago.

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      • Uncle al

        haha…there is “no comparison”….the ’95 8-Series was a 2 billion dollar undertaking by BMW, and the car was marketed at over $86,000…I believe the sales tax would’ve paid for that Falcon, when new. You are right….no comparison….it’s like the Wright Brothers first plane vs. an F-15 !

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    • Dave Mazz

      Uncle Al said “WTF ? $24,000 ? and I can’t get $11,000 for my ’95 BMW 8-series ?????”

      Al, I hear ya….If I had US $24,000 hanging around and I was looking for a car, a 58-year old Falcon would be pretty far down on my list!! ,

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  9. A.J.

    Wow, when my wife and I needed a second car I took $100 and went out looking in used car lots near the AF base. Most dealers just laughed at me but one guy said” I’ve got a car for you, it’s ugly but it runs”. He took me around back and there was a ’61 Falcon, green four door with a white top. Not a straight piece of metal on it. He handed me the key, it started on the first try. Gave him my $100, out the door. We drove that thing for three years and only changed the oil. Best ugly car I’ve ever had.

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  10. TimM

    Nice clean car that has obviously been well cared for!! I think you could daily drive this car for years to come with the straight 6 and it would be extremely reliable with proper maintenance!! The car is only as good as the previous owners ability to take care of it!! I commend him on his effort!!!

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    • Murray Luxford

      Appreciate that Tim. I’m the owner. The car is amazing. All original sheet metal. The car was stored for many years by the original owner. In the trunk and underneath look new . I can come down on the price but can’t go back up.

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  11. Louis Q Chen

    Yes there are people who buy brand new car and just stick in their garage and drive around may be 5 miles or so just to keep the engine from locking up. Like if I had some loose change I’d buy matbe 6 of the 2019 ‘vette and if possible the 2020 for future retirement funds. I can do it because I live in Texas on 20 acres, the obstacle is the funding for this collection!
    This Falcon is absolutely beautiful, I like the combo red and white!

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    • Murray

      I would like it to go to a good home Louis. Call me if you want to discuss it I will definitely move on the price.
      The Falcon looks much better in person.Murray.

    • Uncle al

      hey Louis….start your collection with my ’95 BMW 840CI at $11,000…it’s a great start ! just reach out….

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  12. Mntbikerxs

    A Very ambitious price. Just saw a 63 Falcon convertible sell for 10,500 at Dallas Mecum 2019. Super clean with original paint and interior.

  13. Del

    Nice example.

    Hagerty says these are vaued at 22K US for one in good condition.

    I find that a stretch.For 22 grand I am like that other guy. Thats close to Muscle Car coin.

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  14. Mark

    that price is insane. The Highline cars from the sixties are not priced that much higher. The small little cars like the Valiants AMC’s Falcons are usually way under $12,000

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  15. Rustytech Member

    A lot of cars from the pre computer era were driven around for years with the odometer disconnected to keep the mileage low. Not saying that happened here, just saying. This is a gorgeous Falcon, but l’d put the value at just under $10k to $12k max.

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  16. Mike W H

    Welcome at any Mustang show. Four more years later this might have been one.

  17. Rube Goldberg Member

    It is fun to see a car like this again, I had this exact car, only a 4 door. With the duest respect to the seller, it’s just not a 5 figure car. The condition is outstanding, but how many have actually driven these cars? Adequate for 1961, it falls short in many areas for today. The 6 cyl/2 speed auto is probably the most gutless combination, 4 adults and gear, even worse, on mine, flooring it only got louder with no increase in speed, wandering steering and small brakes, all add up to a handful going down the road. My intent is not to bash the car, it is fantastic, but I think people may be disappointed laying out $20g’s, and expecting $20,000 dollars worth of vehicle. In ’61, it was one of the cheapest, lackluster cars made. However, a V8 would change the original intention of this car, and the way it’s equipped is what’s special about it. Who would of ever thought, it’s underpinnings would go on to be the most popular car made, the Mustang.

    • KKW

      Then I guess all classic cars are worthless, because not one meets today’s standards. These were, what they were intended to be, basic, economical, and reliable transportation. They were actually pretty damn good little cars.

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      • Rube Goldberg Member

        Look, I’ve had several of these, and I never said they were bad cars, just not for 2020. In central Colorado, we have basically 2 main highways, both 2 lane ( or dreaded 3 lane), and you can’t go fast enough for some of these people, that have to run that everyday. These are fine at 50-55 mph, but anything more than that, it feels like the world is coming apart. They just weren’t designed to go 75 mph, which is what you have to do to keep that Ram dually pickup off your tail. So, yes, in a matter of speaking, classic cars like this are a chore in todays traffic.

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  18. Happy Gilmore

    I know the owner is wanting the most he can get out of this car. But in this condition, I see many Falcons in the $7-$10k range, in this condition or even better. Good luck to the seller on this one. It’s a pretty car. But I’m afraid he’s wanting just too much money for many buyers to show true interest.

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  19. alan r leonard

    Its just the car I’m looking for Murray…but the $14k price along with getting it home to Michigan still is EXTREMELY cost prohibitive….hmmmmm

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    • Murray

      How about $9000 and it’ll cost about 3000 bucks to get it home Alan give you a total of $12,000 and they do all the work at the border that’s a hell of a deal for a beautiful vehicle.

  20. losgatos_dale

    After work in Sunnyvale CA on Friday April 4, 1974 four of us hopped into Frankie’s Falcon and drove down to Ontario CA for the California Jam on Saturday. What a riot! Sunday morning when we came to in the parking lot we headed home, drove through Beverly Hills fairly early in the a.m. I remember some guy in a bathrobe picking up his paper, seeing us, and hiding his face behind the paper. Back over the grapevine towards home it was smooth sailing. Then, on Pacheco pass the car “popped” and seemed a little rough the rest of the way home. When we got in we found one of the spark plugs dangling from its wire, out of the block! Screwed it back in and away Frankie went!

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  21. bog

    I grew up across the street from our local Ford dealership, and went to school with the owners son. It was always fun, as a child..then teenager, to see the covered car carriers come in just before the new models were released. Since I knew the owners son, I managed to get a number of the 1/24 scale model cars normally reserved for buyers. Falcons were an “oddity” to me, as my Dad always bought full-size cars. This one for sale is pretty nice, and I’ll be a “believer” among you guys, and say that if it basically sat for 50 years, the mileage is likely as stated. BTW, my buddy, the owners son had a Falcon. His Dad “gave” him a six cylinder Futura with auto, when friend really wanted a Mustang. He once put it in drive on an uphill slope and got out and walked along side it cursing it’s slowness…. We both got drafted on the same day. So it goes…

  22. chrlsful

    cool 2C the ‘road draft tube’ in 3rd pic (1st ‘pollution control’ device) or a 144ci. 2 speed auto or 3 speed mani. None came equiped as stated above. By the end (1960 – ’96) there were six (2 families) of these i6 motors – the last made it into the efi world, the 240/300 ‘gasser that’s a diesel”. Keep the price low & some1 could get’em a DD. Any stang ‘go fast prts’ i’ll fit (suspension, motor, etc). I have two 4.1, a 3.3, a 2.8 but no 300 or 144. Luv to turbo a 144 if getting one…

  23. Scott Marquis

    As a longtime pricing professional, I can only say that lessons abound in the history of this listing.

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  24. Wr HALL

    A customer of my Dad had a 61 she bought new and had factory bucket seats? It was all green and perfect and low mileage.I have no clue what happened after she died but it would worth a pile now . Forty years ago it was a nice car but not worth a fortune. Unlike a couple of old Fords we wanted that got sold before we knew they were for sale.

  25. JBP

    Dont go longer down in Price. so better advertice it ellswhere….

  26. Scott Marquis

    Please alert me when price goes negative.

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  27. alan r leonard

    when you get to the $4000 range USD maybe my shipping will work……….

  28. Murray

    The lowest I would ever go is 9500 USD and depending on where you are it might be up to 3500 to ship it but that includes all the paperwork and stuff you need to do at the border so basically for 13,000 USD you’ve got a beautiful vehicle let me know if this interest you.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      I wouldn’t go much lower, Murray. With all respect to Barn Finds, I’m not sure this is the right place for this car.Truth be known, many of us, me included, are “armchair collectors” and view this site for the memories more than anything. Cars come through here from Hemmings, what I consider the top of the line in classic cars, and I bet you’d find Falcon followers there. I’m not sure they would see it here. It may cost a bit more, but the people that view Hemmings are serious buyers, want the best, and have the cash, or they wouldn’t be looking there in the 1st place.. This car is certainly “Hemmings worthy”.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        You don’t know what you’re talking about Rube. We have collectors from all over the world who follow the site. Besides, we send more traffic to a single listing than Hemmings does, so if a car is priced right, it will sell. I have listed three of my own cars on here in the last month and all were sold within 24 hours!

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  29. Murray

    Thank you so much Rube I just found it very convenient to do everything for my phone with the barn fines and they have the Facebook and Instagram exposure. The vehicle is 100% solid and there has been some very sarcastic comments on here and that’s none of anyone’s business and I think that’s detracted from the sale of the vehicle. I simply don’t use the vehicle enough and pink more storage then it makes financial sense to do I will check out Hemmings if you know of anyone in the meantime please let me know thank you

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @Murray – I wouldn’t take the advice of some of the “armchair collectors” here. We get over 5 million page views per month so if a car doesn’t sell right away, it probably comes down to price. It all comes down to what someone is actually willing to pay.

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      • alan r leonard

        Exactly right Jesse,,,,the car is still simply overpriced..$14000 CDN..plus shipping adds $$$$$ to cost.. and a nice Falcon, although not a popular car, will only go for so much $$$$..reality of the situation says I..Barn Finds rules!!

  30. Murray

    I appreciate it Jesse but I sure don’t like those negative comments people see that and they try and grind me down on the price it’s the old saying if you don’t have anything nice to say…

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Don’t take what a few commenters say as the whole. If someone is serious, they will contact you and make a realistic offer.

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    • TimM

      I usually don’t chime in during a discussion like this but I couldn’t resist!! Your car is well cared for and in my opinion worth every penny your asking for it!! I’ve had a commenter attack me because I made a comment about my taxes so I wouldn’t take anything said to seriously!! I think the right buyer is out there and I wouldn’t give up!! This venue seems to me to be one of the best I’ve been on and realistically we have all seen many cars here sell for more than your asking and in pretty bad shape!!

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      • Murray

        Appreciate it to him if you know of anyone that wants that you will be cutting for the action. It’s a beautiful vehicle the pictures truly don’t do it justice

  31. Bob McK Member

    I have found that those with the most negative comments often times have a negative net worth. Don’t listen to negative people.

  32. 77Vette

    The 10 grand price is probably right on the market value. Could even be a little light. I mentioned earlier in the feed that a few months ago I bought a 62 in great original condition. I gave $9000 for it at auction. I was drawn to it because of the unusual drive train. It has the 144 backed by the original four speed transmission. They get real expensive on e-bay for a nice one.

  33. alan r leonard

    And the fact that the seller has come down a TON…yet no takers…tells the story..

  34. aribert

    The seller finally dropped the price into a reasonable range. Unfortunately for the seller, the listing (just like in real estate) has gone stale. Nice looking car with the one year only Deluxe exterior trim. As a Tudor, it should be easier to sell. Tried to add an image of my ’61 Falcon (was the family car when I was growing up) that I started driving when I got my learner’s permit in ’74 – don’t see that option any more.

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