Massive Stash Of Morris Minors!

Reader Chris T made quite the interesting discovery when he visited an old vineyard. Stashed in two barns and a chicken coop on the property were 20 Morris Minors! He managed to buy the whole collection, including all the spare parts that were with them. He had big plans, but as things sometimes go, plans changed and now he needs to clear them all out of his warehouse! He’d like to move the whole collection out at once, but he’s willing to break it up if he has too. If you’ve been looking to start a British car business or simply want a project that won’t take up too much space, this could be a great opportunity to pick up a Morris or 20!

From Chris – Hello all, What I’m offering here represents more of a business opportunity than one single barn find. I have a collection of Morris Minors, all models, 2-door, 4-door, convertibles, Woodie wagons, pick-up and vans! Nearly 20 vehicles in all! Plus…. another barn full of parts. Now all items have been carefully removed from the barns on the vineyard property where most had slumbered for 40 years between two barns and a chicken coop! Sorted into bin boxes and organized, everything is now located close to San Francisco at my warehouse facility.

I’ve been into MM’s forever, having had a Woodie for 35 years….use that all the time at parties…..I’ve been looking for a 4 door to make a teardrop trailer out of to pull behind and while at a car show, showing my Woodie…in Napa Valley, some guy told me that his high school teacher had a bunch of these on his vineyard but didn’t know where or how to find him. So, I went all CSI and Googled/made a bunch of phone calls. Once I found his last name in a historical Napa Society book, I called the curator and they actually had his number. Eventually, I built up a relationship and then friendship that allowed me to drive out to his winery and check out the cars. He is a widower now and both he and his wife had collected Minors for 40 years. In his late 70s, he finally decided that he would appreciate some help cleaning up the property since his only heir, daughter, didn’t have any interest, I struck a deal to remove the whole lot, some 13 cars. Literally a barn of cars, a barn of parts and a chicken coop of cars!

For the better part of a year, every month or so I would drive up with a truck, or truck and trailer combo, and spend the day extricating a load. Then over time I spent another year or so sorting and organizing, including an entire week when he came down and stayed with me to assist in identification of the more obscure parts. The rest of the cars? Well, let’s just say that the problem with Little British Cars (LBCs) that if you leave them alone long enough they start to procreate…

My intention was to start building NEW Minors using all of the products from JLH Minor Restorations in England. They have done a huge amount of R&D determining how to upgrade these using Ford Ecoboost Z-Tech engines. I was intending to set myself up as their North American distributor and build cars, maybe one or two a year, but now I’m thinking that I might just want to retire overseas. Since my plans are changing somewhat or could change, now might be the best time to liquidate as I can’t just up and leave when I have so much stuff to dispose of…

This offering is not for the timid! Only two of the vehicles run, one convertible and one Woodie. The rest are restoration candidates. In addition to the two running vehicles I have 4 more Woodies, and 4 vans, 1 4-door, 1 convertible, 1 pick-up, and the rest are coupes. There are almost enough parts as well to put most back together, but my original plan was to build ‘New’ Morris Minors and use upgraded new drive-trains, electrical, etc. and rotisserie each vehicle as I went along so most of the mechanical bits would have been left over.

Please understand that while I am tempted to part out things on a piece by piece basis, I really don’t want to have to do that. I would prefer for someone to take the whole lot or at least large chunks of it. I had the entire non-running portion of the collection previously sold but it appears that the firm involved doesn’t live up to their commitments as they no longer return calls or texts so I’m guessing that they have flaked and now I’m back on the hunt to clean out my warehouse… people just don’t honor their word anymore so I’m searching for serious cash buyers only. I have lots of pictures available that I can forward to you if you send me your email and of course would welcome tours.

I have titles to 90% of the vehicles, the small CA pinks that are no longer available, and most are CA black plates. The parts stash is significant and will require a large truck or several trips with smaller vehicles. I do have access here to a forklift for the cars which helps a ton in moving things around or loading here. I’ll even include some shelving units for the parts if that helps! The more I can get rid of the better! 

He literally wants to clear everything out, so he’s even thinking about selling his “Man-cave” too. There are some photos of his cave down in the gallery, so if you see something there you’d like as well, be sure to ask about it in the comments!

Chris really isn’t sure what to ask for the whole collection. Transporting all the cars and parts will be both time consuming and expensive, but if you are nearby, you could transport much of it yourself. Moving so many cars will definitely be a challenge, but Chris will do his best to work with you on the logistics and price.

Honestly, if we were closer and had the cash, we would buy his collection. It would be a huge amount of work to get all of these cars put back together, but you could easily make all your money back, plus some. Personally, I’d want to keep and fix up the truck, a woodie wagon or two and possibly one of the vans. I would liquidate the rest to recoup some of the money, heck you might even come out ahead if you are able to move all of the other cars and parts quickly.

I have to thank Chris for listing his collection (and man-cave) with us! I hope we can find him a buyer to take the whole collection or at least big chunks of it.


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  1. Joe Muzy

    Haven’t seen that many Morris Minors in one place before.

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    • ChrisCoach

      Like I said…you leave little British cars alone for too long they start to procreate…..

  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    Oh boy

  3. CapNemo

    Definitely a major minor find!

  4. fordfan

    Calling mike brewer and ed china!

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    • Jon Hellinga

      Except Ed China quit this past week :(

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    • Cubs win

      If you haven’t heard Ed left the show

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      • Dave Wright

        He was so taken advantage of by the sleazy other guy……..he was the only talent to be found in that group.

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  5. angliagt

    This is why people like me shouldn’t have property like this.
    I’d love to see his collection on my way to the British car meet in Dixon,
    on May 21st.

    • ChrisCoach

      Sure, just shoot me a note and we can set something up. Though I hope that maybe someone steps forward before then…..!

      • John V

        Chris: I sent you a separate note.

        I actually knew the schoolteacher and his wife during the heyday of the Morris Owners Association of California and the Morris Minor Registry during the late 1970s and the 1980s. They were great, great people.

        There’s one car of theirs, a Traveller, which I think I remember that doesn’t seem to be in the photos. Perhaps you might let me know (details in the letter). Wondering if the daughter kept that one car, or if I’m mis-remembering, or if he might still have it?

        In any case, thanks in advance and hoping to hear back from you.

  6. stillrunners lawrence Member

    some have a minor fetish………

    • ChrisCoach

      Or a MAJOR addiction…….

  7. Dave Wright

    Sounds like elder abuse to me………/.

    • ChrisCoach

      Oh I had definitely abused myself with THAT dream that is for sure…..still smarting….or should I say….dumbing……

  8. angliagt

    That WAS you I met at the British Car Magazine run,
    in Half Moon Bay.I think that I had the Yellow Cortina MKIII there.
    Also,I saw a Ford camper van just like that,here in Eureka,
    a couple of years ago.

    • ChrisCoach

      I think that I remember you now, I wasn’t thinking of the run being a Car Mag run but more of an affiliated activity with one of my many clubs or something. I do remember some event though that was sponsored by some magazine though.

  9. Woodie Man

    Wow! Not a Morris guy but I like the Ford camper van and the red benz wagon with a sunroof.

    Thats a lot of stuff!

    • ChrisCoach

      Unfortunately I sold the camper van a while back…it was a real treat. Original 1969 Ford Econoline PopTop conversion with only 10k miles on it! Even had the original tires, took the Preservation Award from the Mayor of Carmel at the Concours on the Avenue during car week one year.
      The MBZ W123 is also very special…1984 200T, yes 200…four cylinder, gas, RightHand drive AND a 5 speed manual transmission! I haven’t decided whether or not to sell that one yet due to how amazingly cool it is. I absolutely LOVE that car and have been acquiring lots and lots of new bits for it that I had planned on installing, if anyone is interested though send me a message…you never know if the price is right…..?

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I heard it through the grapevine, great story, great tune.

  11. Jeffro

    Great story. Glad cars were saved. I hope they find a happy home.

  12. Clinton

    I’m in love with the green cargo van! What is the model of it? Does anyone know details? Just might start looking

    • Paul Allen

      U mean the little cargo van parked outside, it’s a Morris Minor, a variation on the usual Morris Minor passenger cars shown in the other photos.

  13. xdub

    This is incredible,i see a whole career and,a paycheck for some one in this,a fun paycheck at that!!

    • ChrisCoach

      Let’s make it YOUR career shall we!!?? Make me an offer!

  14. Alan

    Ah, Moggies, RBG310 and MEF369 were the regs plates on ours, my father could strip them down, and build them up in a week, i am 62 now, when i was 16, we put 2 suitcases on the top, and drove to Villach, in Austria, and back, without a single problem, my father finished re ringing, and reshelling the crank, and all thats entailed, de coked the head, lapped the valves in, dropped the engine in on saturday, and we set off on sunday, lovely memories, i was in
    munich the day you guys landed on the moon, sat in the lounge with a load of germans, all cheering when the small step for mankind speech was uttered, fantastic memories of our moggie 1100 trip

  15. Aaron Shores

    Hey Chris! Aaron from Oakland here, you sold me some wheels and bits a few years ago and I spent a delightful afternoon with you in the man cave. What an amazing collection you have stumbled into! I don’t have the room or the gumption to buy the whole enchilada (as much as I would like to!), but I do have some interest in some parts or a new restoration project if you would be willing to piece a few bits of the whole out. At the very least I’d love to kick some tires and waste your time! Let me know if you’d have any interest…

    • ChrisCoach

      You got it Aaron,
      Just ring me up and stop by sometime. I’m moving fast with a lot of different directions at the moment so bring some beer and we’ll catch up!!

  16. Ward William

    Love the minors. When I was a kid growing up in Australia in the 60s, my aunt Gertrude (her real name) had one of these, a dark green convertible, and to a little sprog, it was the coolest car in the world.

  17. Lord Nuff

    Today I had a chance to see the collection and spend a couple hours talking with Chris about all the inventory. I will say the pictures don’t do this stash justice! Wow, this is pretty much THE chance to build one of each of the Morris models; sedan, wagon, pickup, convertible, etc. from what’s there.
    Chris has organized the parts inside the warehouse to easily see what is available and begin a restoration. This is not a mess of parts as seen in the barn pics, but a great opportunity for the right person to start an online parts distribution? or building complete cars. It would be a shame if the collection becomes scrap and I hope the right person connects with this opportunity.

    • ChrisCoach

      Lord Nuff? Great screen name! It was great meeting you yesterday to talk all things Morris! Thank you for the plug too!
      I do agree that one could build at least one of each model and I had planned on doing just that. I have received dozens of inquiries from people wanting a single vehicle and I just may have to start splitting things up because I do have an EBay contractor that is hungry to start selling all of my things so that I can move away and he is making some tempting arguments.
      Plus I keep surfing properties in Mexico and Spain and am wondering when I will be able to start packing my bags!!
      Come on people….send me some offers!!

  18. Gregory Chin

    We stopped by Chris T’s property today and I must say that he has an Amazing collection! You have to see it for yourself to appreciate. If you’re in the area, stop on by. Chris is a real laid back guy with a wealth of knowledge. He is willing to work out a great deal for the right price! If I had the $ and space, I would take the whole collection myself. However my wife and 4 kids prevent me from making this opportunity a reality! I know this is perfect for the right person out there! For someone with some time and a love for Moggies, this would be a great business opportunity. I have known Chris for a few years now and he is will bend over backwards to make this work! So all you British car lovers, step up and take the challenge to get these wonderful Moggies back on the road!

    • ChrisCoach

      It was great seeing you again Greg! Thanks for coming by with your friends and helping to spread the word about all of this stuff. Hopefully someone will come through with an offer I can’t refuse!
      Otherwise I’ll have to sell off the cars individually and move the parts over to an Ebay contractor but that just takes so much time and I might actually put the building up for sale now too, I would even be willing to sell the man cave as a unit too!
      Know anyone that needs a place to play with their cars??

  19. Dean Merrill

    What a Morris Minor Owners Dream… To see a stash of this these pleasingly original cars and parts galore.

    I met Chris and not only was I impressed with this amazing collection, but his kindness to allow me to enjoy this honey hole of Morris Minor’s.

    Although I may not be the person at the end of the rainbow for Chris, I was glad to meet you Chris and I will spread the word of you sale.

    P.S. I am still eyeing that convertible in the man cave..
    Dean (Greg’s Friend)

    • ChrisCoach

      Thanks Dean!!

      How did the conversation go with the wife? Let me know if you want to talk about putting together some sort of trade package too! Keep me posted!


  20. Dean

    Hey Chris:
    Sorry for the delay response… She leave it up to me. Ha !
    I not sure at this time and I know time is running out. I”l check back with you.

    • ChrisCoach

      Hey there Dean,

      Glad to hear that the wife is letting you wear the pants in the family when it comes to vehicles!! Good job.
      I have decided to sell things off individually so definitely give me a ring and let’s put together a deal for the convertible or something. In fact, I think that I’m going to have an Ebay contractor start building a Morris Minor department in his store next month and he’ll be listing all of the parts individually for disposal.
      I have pushed back my departure from the US now for a bit to deal with all of this stuff as I just think that it is wrong to send it all to the crusher while these things don’t grow on trees anymore. I’ve had over 100 inquiries thanks to Barn Finds but no one has stepped up to make an offer on whatever they were interested in…go figure…why respond to an ad and never make an offer? Crazy, no? I just need this stuff gone as soon as possible because every day I stay in this country is costing me big time when I can live in paradise with no traffic for a fraction!!!


  21. Mikie

    I a van or 2 … or.all.


  22. ChrisCoach

    By the way everyone, I have made the decision to vacate my property and sell everything off. I have given up on the idea that someone is going to buy everything so if you are interested in a particular car or something shoot me a private message and I’ll get back to you. Or better yet, call me on the phone but remember I’m in CA please, I typically don’t answer the phone in the evenings anyway but still…..

    • Charlie

      Looking for 2 front fenders. what is the status of the sell off or where did the stuff end up? I’m in Reno and can drive over.

      • Chris

        Morning…I still have several vehicles left and tons of parts…my timeline has now shortened quite a bit and after maybe 300+ emails that resulted in maybe 5 visits and responses if people want anything they best hurry and call me as I’m not online much and am bouncing back and forth to Mexico. Soon they will have to be disposed of.

      • ChrisCoach

        Yes, I still have several vehicles left and tons of parts. I may have two front fenders but I’m fairly certain that I only have one of one side while all the rest are the other, can’t remember without looking which one I’m down to the last one.
        My timeline has shortened quite a bit now so people better hurry. Have had more than 300 inquiries from various sites to which I’ve responded but have only had maybe 5 meetings and some sales even but since most people tend to inquire and then once I give them my phone number they never call back even after I respond again. Don’t quite understand why someone would waste their time to contact me only to disappear once they find out that there is a real person with real cars and parts for sale.
        It is a shame that most people think that due to the way the original posting was written it is easy to assume that one must take the entire lot and THAT IS NOT THE CASE! Please contact me for and individual vehicle or if you need a bunch of parts or something since all of this has a very limited life span now. Remember I’m in CA at five one zero, 232 eighteight, 33, thank you.

  23. Jim

    I believe these cars belonged to my high school auto shop teacher. Very unique teacher back in 1977 by the name of Kernberger. Not a bad teacher, but what i remember most was his complete infatuation with Morris Minors! I always wondered what to him and his collection. He used to drive different ones to school all the time. Very unique cars and trucks, even back then.

  24. ChrisCoach

    Exactly! I got about 12-13 from him so that I could do another business idea that I had but now that my life’s direction is changing towards Mexico, I have to move on and I hope to move these on as well since they deserve to be saved. I think that I had maybe 24 at their peak and now down to 12 or so.
    The last thing I want to have to do is send them to the crusher. My building is sold and I have less than 45 days to vacate so I really hope some people finally step up and show up to take some of these away!!!

    • Jim

      Give me a contact of some sort. I know someone who loves little cars. If you have pics of what’s left that would be better. Jim

  25. ChrisCoach

    Send me an email and I’ll forward my number…

  26. Jim

    Hello, I sent you an email. Jim

    • ChrisCoach

      Ok I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  27. thomas

    im looking for a morris pickup project if anyone knows of any..

    • ChrisCoach

      I still have my very nice truck project for sale and you can see it if you go to the site you will find my estate liquidation sale for all my cars and stuff. I’m Movin’ to Mexico so everything must go. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to learn more about it!!

  28. ChrisCoach

    Well what a week it has been! The auction is over and people have been streaming through for the past few days to collect things. A ton of stuff didn’t sell I believe that the sale was too big and people got tired of scrolling!! So if there is anything that you would like to inquire about or make and offer on please contact me directly.
    The site still has the lots up under the Past Auctions tab and you can see things and then shoot me a message and I’ll give you my number.

  29. ChrisCoach

    And YES the truck is still for sale….in fact one bidder bought 11 vehicles and it appears to be a fraudster so let’s get these sold!!

  30. Dean

    That sucks Chris ! I try on some stuff and lost out HA

    • ChrisCoach

      Hey Dean…give me a call today if you can. THX

  31. ChrisCoach

    Gimme a call chances are that what you think you lost out on might still be for sale it sure looks like the sale fell victim to a scammer so some major things are still available. It is better to call me though since I’m running around with collection of items…

  32. thomas hoy

    looking for a rear end pumpkin a model 941

    • ChrisCoach

      I’d be happy to look around for you, drop me a PM and we can figure something out.

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