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Executive Express: 1982 Maserati Quattroporte


While the Malaise era was indeed a dark time in automotive history, that didn’t necessarily stop manufacturers from trying to churn out expensive, powerful cars, even if they were shadows of their former selves. This 1982 Maserati Quattroporte V8 here on eBay is certainly not the most valuable Maser ever made, but it does appear to be a survivor from a time when even expensive cars quickly became throwaway possessions. 


As we have documented here many times before, the luxurious appointments on 1980s Maseratis can become one of the first sources of expense and disappointment if the car has been left exposed to the sun for any period of time. This Quattroporte sedan, a rear-wheel drive, V8-powered land yacht designed by Giugiaro, appears to have been spared from that fate with intact leather surfaces and decent wood trim.


The back seat appears to have been used sparingly, which could reinforce the notion that this example was used by a solitary businessman or a retired couple that didn’t see the grandkids that often. The seller claims that, despite this platform’s voracious appetite for upkeep, the engine is largely dry with minimal oil seepage and the Chrysler-sourced Torqueflite transmission shifts smoothly through the gears.


The seller expects that this car will sell in the mid-teens, and if it doesn’t, they will simply keep it. Now, I don’t know of any dealer that wants to retain inventory, so I suspect this is just a ploy to reinforce their desire not to sell it below a certain price. The 1980s were not kind to any manufacturer and this is far from the most desirable Maserati ever made. But it does look better than most and it’s hard to deny the previous owners did strive to keep the car in good shape. What’s it worth, dealer hype aside?


  1. XYZOL

    If everything works then 10-15k seems an okay price. I mean c’mon, it’s a rare V8 luxury sedan from a respectable manufacturer for sub-Focus money!

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  2. grant

    Honestly, I’m not sure what they’re “worth” but as good as the condition is, I don’t see “mid teens” here. With that said it is in very nice shape.

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  3. wynkin

    Ferrari also made an ugly saloon car similar to this.

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    • Scotty G

      A Ferrari sedan?!

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      • Don Andreina

        No. Pininfarina made a 4 door concept in the early 80s and some oil money commissioned a few bespoke wagons a bit later. The Lancia Thema 8.32 was a sedan with a Ferrari V8.

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  4. Dave Wright

    These are real Maseratis with 4 cam V8’s. One once owned by Elton John is going over the block in another auction soon. For small money, they are interesting cars. I owned one 25 years ago, while I liked my 300SEL 6.3’s better, it was a fun car. Made great noises and the engine is a work of art.

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  5. kman

    I’m trying to remember what generic piece of ford crap from the 70s this reminds me of. Oh, and the Chrysler tranny: It that’s the 4 spd it was never a question if it would go but when. Had two of ’em blow up on me.

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    • grant

      Idk about Ford, but it looks like a Toyota Corona to me. With the exception being that the Toyota is a decent car….

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    • Blyndgesser

      It’s the heavy duty Torqueflite 727, the same one used in Mopar cop cars.

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  6. Steve

    People don’t seem to understand that we are in a major financial downturn here. Marginal cars aren’t worth what they were even 6 weeks ago.
    This ugly turd will never sell well or be worth what the seller is asking even in mint condition.
    Think about how many nice cars have been listed on BF just this year. Sellers better adjust fast or they will be sitting on inventory for a long time

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    • Nessy

      Steve…. You said a “major financial downturn?” Well, I don’t know about that. Those words alone are what makes people panic and start a “major financial downturn” This has happened for ages and everything always goes up and down. It does seem that true collector cars hold their own better than most investments. As for this Quattroporte, I dig it.

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  7. John

    I always think a seller should get whatever they are asking, but if a dealer is involved, I would take off a few grand. No more than 8gs, that’s for experienced and funded collectors.

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  8. cyclemikey

    Mid-teens? Seriously? Here’s a better financial strategy: take 150 $100 bills and flush them down the toilet.. In the long run, you’ll come out ahead.

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  9. Mimo

    well said…buy this and watch your banking account drain faster than the gas needle of a ’59 Caddy

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  10. Tirefriar

    I’m not a fan of cross-breeding but this is a perfect candidate for an SBC. It may be a mechanical work of art but in reality you be best served getting rid of the complex mechanical and switch to a proven American made lump. It was done before by Bizzarrini and Rivolta, etc. no mention of a working A/C, already in the $5k territory we are treading some dangerous waters here, gentlemen….

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  11. Blyndgesser

    A Chrysler 440 would make more sense, given the Chrysler transmission.

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  12. Don Andreina

    I like the look of these. Not sure I’d own one though.

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  13. mark

    It looks like a European version of a Chevy Citation.

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  14. Wayne S.K.

    It takes nine uglies to make an oogly and these cars were nine ooglies!

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  15. Dan10

    Under 40,000 miles and in really good shape, I would take a gamble on this under $10,000.

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  16. Dolphin Member

    It depends on a person’s need for a rare exotic car at a used-car price. Most people aren’t anywhere near that category, but a few might be, especially in the sunny West where the car is located. It doesn’t seem to have any rust at all, so the question is whether it runs and drives well, and whether there’s a shop nearby that can maintain and fix it.

    If yes to all that, it might find a buyer. That person would not be me, but at least this Q-porte is rare and distinctive and has the classic big Maserati V8, which should be fairly reliable, unlike the Biturbo V6. And if the new owner keeps it in good condition long term it might even start to appreciate a little the way many rare and distinctive cars have. That probably won’t be very much, but I doubt the value will crater if the car remains in good order. I’ve seen worse cars sell for more than what this one will probably sell for.

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  17. Ron Bajorek


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  18. SSPBill

    I have some experience here. I drove a nearly identical Quattroporte about a dozen years ago. A friend bought one, a Rocky Balboa fan (check out the Rock’s ride in Rocky III). I recall that just about everything on the inside rattled. Steering and throttle response were about as sharp as a suggestion. Maybe it was just this particular car but I could not see improving on what it was at the time. No rewarding feeling at all from the driver seat at all. They were comfy seats though.

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  19. BMW/Tundra guy

    Sorry, that thing is pure Ugly! Over priced to buy, to maintain, and to get your eyes checked!!!
    I just saw a Fiat something or other four door sedan at one of the Auctions here in AZ that was just the same looking but probably less expensive to buy, to maintain, but the eye check up is still gonna cost ya’!

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  20. Matt C

    I agree with the majority – this is not a mid-teens car and I think even 8k would be a stretch.

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  21. John

    Early 80’s Audi 5000 look alike…same dash too. The Audi’s pick up was surprisingly more impressive, although too surprisingly. Thoughts on looks?

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