The Extra 10% is MAGIC! 1967 BMW 2000CS

Can you believe it? This 1967 BMW 2000CS is one hundred and ten percent original! I was going to joke that the extra ten percent was the factory rust installed at the Karmann coachworks where the body was made, but this is also claimed to be a rust-free car. Lots of incredible claims being made about this old BMW. How much they’re worth is up to you; no asking price is given in its listing on craigslist, where it’s said to reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, but serious cash offers will be considered (archived ad).

The last registration sticker visible on the license plate in the photo above dates to 1984, and it would appear that the car was photographed in situ in its resting place of at least several of those years, without much cleaning or prep for the listing. Is the earthy detritus just supposed to give it an authentic “barn find” sheen, or does it look less frightening if it’s a little dirty? I’m hoping it’s the former; dirty though it may be, this CS looks much straighter and more complete than many I’ve seen. The seller notes that all trim and badges are intact and the original glass is present throughout.

The interior is described as being similarly complete, and the car sports a sehr Bayerische white-over-blue color scheme. There’s a fair amount of wood trim in here, though, which will make for a lovely driving environment when restored, but will be costly to get to that point. Aside from being dusty, though, overall the interior looks remarkably intact; I wonder how many miles this car racked up in the seventeen years before it was parked.

In keeping with the theme, the original engine and transmission remain in the car. In the case of the CS, that combo would be a dual carb 2-liter inline four, good for a healthy, if a bit peaky, 120 horsepower, and a four-speed manual. The car is not claimed to run, and I would anticipate needing to do major work here. If the car is truly rust-free, that’s the good news, because that’s where you could really get upside-down on this coupe. As for what a reasonable offer might be, I’m not sure. The market on these four-cylinder CS coupes is all over the place; the later, six-cylinder E9 coupes, which are heavily based on this car, have gotten much more expensive in recent years, but the styling of this earlier version is not universally beloved, power is obviously down, and some important upgrades to handling and braking are absent. Beater 2000s are still four-figure cars, but if this is really, truly, 110% rust-free, it might rise above beater status, regardless of its mechanical needs. What do you think that extra 10% is worth in this case?

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  1. Bmac Bmac Member

    I like the euro headlights better. Mine came from South America with virtually no rust & had I not sent it to a so-called BMW expert who shall remain nameless (Chicago area) my costs would have been half, live and learn! These are great drivers car, performance, handling, & comfort all in one.

  2. RayT Member

    This 2000CS is the first one I’ve seen with the U.S. headlight units. I didn’t know they were ever exported here….

    Sweet little cars, as Bmac says. Wouldn’t mind owning one. With the Euro-lights, which really seal the deal visually.

  3. BiggYinn

    The US 8spec headlight ruin the look of this car but atleast they’re origonal!

  4. Jeffro

    I’m 10% more interested in the VW bus behind it.

  5. Dolphin Member

    If unrusty and if the engine isn’t locked this could be a good car for a true BMW fan who wants something different. All the trim being present, and the (claimed) solid body makes this a decent resto project.

    Or if truly solid underneath, and if the engine can be made to run well, then just do a major service and R&R on things like brakes, U joints, probably exhaust, clean up the exterior and interior and you might have a unique driver for not a large investment….if the unstated price isn’t out of sight.

    My guess is that with so few of these made, and fewer surviving in roadworthy condition, there will always be BMW fans willing to pay up for a good running early CS, so recouping your investment might not be difficult when it comes time to sell.

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      Dolphin, my kids hope your right.

  6. Chuck

    They’re certainly interesting, but the later E9 was a much improved car. Kinda like a ’75 Alfetta GT compared to an ’85 GTV6.

    • Horse Raddish

      If you take into account that you are comparing 4 cylinder cars with 6 cylinder cars.
      BUT the 2000 cs has always been a standout car on it’s own right, except few people KNEW THAT. I’ve loved these for 35+ years and own a handful, and a couple E9s also. but then again, the E9 is enjoying a lot more popularity….

  7. Dantheman

    Here is another reference point (in Connecticut from Craigslist).

  8. angliagt

    There was a 2000CS here in Eureka,CA,
    in really clean shape.I contacted the owner,& gave him
    all of the magazine road tests,etc., that I had.
    Haven’t seen the car in years,so I’m assuming
    that the owner,John Gross,has moved.

  9. Sam

    I think this is a very sharp looking car. Headlights are ok, the government needs to meddle a bit, although the euro spec are cooler.
    A thourogh cleaning and mechanical restoration would yield a fun driver. I see alot of gen 1 Corvair ques in the cs with some added European tailoring.

    A quick plug for our local BMW shop…Reggie’s Motorworks (no pretentious “werks”)

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      Sam, pretentious is too nice. I can think of a few better ones, not a happy customer!

      • Sam

        Bmac…sorry, I was caught up in the moment as I drive by there almost daily.

  10. Randy from the Great North of the Lower half of Michigan

    I Really would like to know what is up with the VW van ?? They may let me know any time soon !! Thank You !!

  11. Paul B

    To my eye, this and the Panhard 24 are the two most beautiful European reinterpretations of the Corvair theme. I am very fond of these coupes.


    My neighbor bought a new 88 convertible like this. He was always under the hood and it would never start in cold weather. He told me he should have bought a Yugo, it couldn’t be any worse.

    • Dave Wright

      You are mistaken, these were never made as a convertible and went through a major upgrade/change in 1968 with a 6 cyl engine, they were discontinued in the mid 70’s.

  13. Dave Wright

    I have always loved the E9 and owned a magnificent 3.0 CS in Germany. Sold it to buy my Maserati Mistral…….not a bad deal…but boy was that 3.0 nice. I have struggled to warm up to these early 4 cylinder cars. The seats feel soft and not supportive to me……like a junk Citroen and the proportions look better to my eye in the later cars. I love a 2002 so, it isn’t very logical.

  14. Otto Nobedder

    Interestingly, the phone in the posting belongs to a female ‘escort’ working out of DC and Oakland….curiouser and curiouser

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