Factory Air and a 302: 1973 Mercury Comet GT

This Mercury Comet is the desirable GT spec, and the seller lists a few additional features that should make Ford/Mercury enthusiasts give this barn find a closer look. The Comet comes with factory air conditioning, the 302 motor, power steering, and an automatic transmission. There is some rust present and basic mechanical needs, and is listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $2,500 and no action yet. 

The Comet GT was a looked compared to its non-GT sibling, with a hood scoop and side stripe kit to set it apart. Those bits are still present here, which is great to see. The hoods are typically swiped to mount on non-GT (or Grabber) cars, and the side stripes tend to fade heavily with age and/or prolonged outdoor exposure. The colors appear to be original, too, with the matching paint under the hood.

The interior is also presentable, with untorn bucket seats and carpets that appear to just need a date with a vacuum cleaner. The seller notes that the Comet needs its drum brakes serviced and new “…under-hood wires.” Included with the sale will be a new distributor, wires, plugs, voltage regulator, fuel sending unit and pump and a carb rebuild kit. Lack of time and health issues are said to be the reason for the sale.

If you’re looking for a project of the Maverick variety, we have one of those in the Barn Finds Exclusive Georgia collection. I’m not sure if this was originally a Grabber, but it does have a 302 with the rear spoiler and hood with scoop. The interior is complete and usable as-is, and the body – while having some surface rust – is not rotted out. Use the contact form on the full article page to contact me if interested.

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  1. dave smeaton

    About 1975 I worked at a pizza chain and they had 3 or 4 of these mavericks with 302,2 barrels as delivery cars. I was a driver,thats all I did and what a ball bombing around Ottawa On. in these things. GAS WAS CHEAP

  2. 71FXSuperGlide

    Man, is it tight between those shock towers! I had forgotten how stuff was wedged in on these cars.

    Too bad it’s not a 4 speed, but still worth saving.

    • Bobby

      3 speed manual was all you could get besides the auto. I had a red and black one with a 4 barrel carb and intake I pulled off a fairlane change cam to a rv cam and changed gears to a 373 ratio. Man that thing was a blast to drive. I pull it thru the woods at 110 by missing a curve. Young and dumb. Would love to have this one.

  3. Tom Justice

    The Mercury version of the Maverick Grabber?

  4. JoeNYWF64

    I wonder why they made the ’74 & newer front bumper on this car even more massive, if this slimmer ’73 version already had to meet a 5 mph standard.
    Also would like to know why the hood has a prop rod, while my former ’70 boxy economy falcon had proper hood springs & no prop rod.

    • Louie

      My 70 Maverick has a prop rod. That’s how they came.

    • -B-

      The back of the small bumper Maverick/Comet does not have any significant structure to support a 5mph rear bumper. The front did. So my guess is that to pass the 5mph bumper standard in the rear a larger bumper area was required. The frame rails were also made larger. The front was then changed to match.

      I’m just an engineer who has a ’73 Maverick and previous to that one a ’75 so I’m pretty familiar with the differences and am making a reasonable guess to why if I were assigned making a Maverick pass the 5mph standard why it would end up that way.

  5. z28th1s

    We have a ’75 Comet GT in the same color combo as this one. It is a factory 302 car. The trans has been changed from an automatic to a top loader 4 speed.

    It is a fun car that gets plenty of attention when we have it out.

    The Maverick listed at the bottom of this feature is a ’73 model. It definitely isn’t a Grabber. That spoiler isn’t factory as the Grabber had a ductail spoiler, not a pedestal style. Grabber’s also didn’t have the bodyside molding like that car has.

    He is a picture of our ’75.

  6. Comet

    Beautiful Comet z28th1s. I always wished Ford had built a Boss 302 Maverick.

    • z28th1s


      A Boss 302 Maverick Grabber or Comet GT would have been a blast!

    • Jett

      A cheaper version to compete with the boss 302 Mustang. That would have gone over well with corporate…

      • z28th1s

        That is why they didn’t make them. They didn’t want to take sales away from the Mustang.

      • Tucker Callan

        The only comparison would be the Larry Shinoda Graphics!

  7. Tucker Callan

    SCARY!! I had a Boss 302 Cougar that I could shift @ 8,000 ALL DAY!! Sold it to buy my house. It went over B/J a year ago. Wish I still had it:( too much fun!!

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