Factory Flat-Head: 1950 Ford F3 Pickup

Barn Finder Ron appears to have an eye for a bargain. He has brought this 1950 Ford F3 to our attention, and I thank him for that. Located in North Republic, Missouri, it is listed for sale here on Craigslist. It is offered with a clean title, and the asking price for this old Ford is $850.

The seller states that this pickup has rust, but doesn’t specify how extensive this is. There is certainly rust visible in a number of places on the body, but we get no indication of the condition of the frame. If that is solid then this old Ford potentially represents a viable project vehicle. The rust in the body all looks like it should be a straight-forward repair, and the cab itself looks to be solid. All of the glass appears to be present and in good condition.

The interior looks to be complete, but will require a complete restoration. There are a couple of items that are broken in the dash, but the thing that has really caught my eye is the radio. I’ve been trying to work out what it is from because it certainly didn’t start life fitted to this F3. Can any of our Barn Finders identify it? This F3 must have been built in early 1950, as the 3-speed shifter was relocated from the floor to the column mid-1950.

Under the hood is the 239ci flat-head V8. As previously mentioned, this engine is backed by a 3-speed transmission. While it doesn’t look particularly pretty under the hood, the seller states that the engine last ran 10 years ago. Knowing how robust these things are, if the engine turns freely then it is entirely possible that a bit of maintenance may kick it into life. The seller states that the hood has been left partly open to discourage rodents from making the engine bay a comfy home, thus minimizing the chances of them snacking on wiring, hoses and belts.

If the frame on this Ford F3 is solid, then it has the potential to make an interesting project. Certainly, the fact that it is fitted with a V8 rather than the base flat-head six makes it all the more attractive. A lot of people would look at this vehicle and envision it as a rod, and for that I don’t blame them. For me, I’d love to see it restored to original condition, and I believe that it would really stand out if this were to happen. Is there a Barn Finder who is willing to take it on?

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  1. Howard A

    Supply is rapidly diminishing.They’re getting worse and worse.

    • ctmphrs Member

      There aren’t enough museums to house all the vehicles you guys want to restore.

  2. Farhvergnugen

    I see daylight on grass under the (lack of a) bed…other than that, looks intriguing.

  3. Emsea

    I think a sawzall may have been uzed to install the radio!

  4. Derek Nathan Daniel

    Oh it’s so “cool ” just the way it is ,where it is .

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Got to start somewhere. Still a worthwhile project to take on. Won’t got too fast but you will get there in style. And, I’m sure that’s a 4 spd. transmission; a Warner T-9 crashbox. The transmission will last forever but you need to get used to double-clutching…

    • Howard A

      I only used the clutch to start and stop. I got lazy as the years went by,,, :)

  6. Thayer

    The radio is actually a Ford unit, from the early 50’s. Same thing that was installed in the Cunningham C-3.

  7. Lynn Graves

    interested but the craigs list listing has disappeared. if still available send me a message

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