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A family 4WD- 1979 Jeep Wagoneer

When I was 6 or 7 years old, I had a neighbor with one of these beasts parked in his driveway. It was blue/green with silver paneling. I remember playing around that car and occasionally, he would even start it up for me! This 1979 Wagoneer, found on eBay, seems to be a very clean example of a classic Wagoneer.

The interior seems to be in absolutely incredible condition. The dash looks completely solid. The seats look slightly worn but very nice. I think I spot either a period correct or dealer installed console/cup holder as well! The faux woodgrain adds a nice touch, but I think some black there would help break up the brown.

Although the paint may not look great, the body appears to be completely rust free. Paint is easily fixed compared to the cancerous corrosion many of these late Jeeps suffer from. I’m not 100 percent sure if the wheels are original or period aftermarket, but I like them. Part of me thinks that they are aluminum/magnesium “Ansen” style wheels.

This is by far my favorite angle of this car. I love the taillights and straight “woodie” style lines down the side. If I had the cash and space, I would have no qualms bringing this home and giving it the love it deserves and driving it whenever possible.


  1. JCWJr

    The cup holder is a aftermarket item like you can get at walmart. The Limited was the top of the line model and quite expensive. A guy I knew bought one, same colors as this one. Had me install vent shades and mud flaps. Very very nice. Would rate it about the same as my dads 83 Town Car.

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    • Fred Halliwell

      Spot in regarding the cup holder. These vehicles drove like a true sport luxury vehicle.

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  2. Craig

    A friend had one of these in the mid 80’s and it was one of the damn toughest trucks I ever saw. He replaced the rotted floor pans with diamond plate steel and that solved that issue. It was a standard transmission.
    One time on a trip home from Maine, a ujoint let loose and the rear driveshaft fell out. We removed the shaft from the trans and put it 4WD and drove on home.
    Just a couple of years ago a mutual friend told us he was hunting parts in a boneyard and came across a green Wagoneer with diamond plate floors in it.. LOL, had to be the same one.

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  3. Joe

    Desperatedly needs rear springs and shocks. Looks like a ski boat taking on lots of water.

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  4. CJay

    I was looking for a tow vehicle. I took a LOADED, beautiful Dark Metallic Blue with wood grain for a test drive. Loved it until it died on the test drive about a 1/2 mile from the dealership. I walked to the lot and salesman says” Oh it probably just run outta gas.” I told him “If it makes me walk during the test drive. There ain’t no *blanking* way I’m gonna buy it!

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  5. Bob

    Those are the factory Jeep 5-slot rims. Great truck, unbeatable in snow, but tough to find without bad rust.

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  6. Chris

    This is probably a good one to get if it is truly rust free. I would guess its a 7-9k truck. These are really good vehicles if you don’t mind a lot of little mechanical issues constantly to deal with. I bought one last year for my wife to drive in the summer and I am surprised how much I like it.

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  7. Rich fasano

    This is Jeep man I had an 82 grand wagoneer limited with a 258 s6 unbeatable in the snow had that zbart rust proofing from the 80s. Great truck I redid the clip both fenders bumpers hood and the tailgate. Added commachie rims with 31 x 10 all terrain T/ A radials with add a leafs front and rear with bills teens all around. Bought it in 90 for 1300. Had accident damage so I restored it too a black gloss with gold accents. Had it to 2004 and 260,000 miles when I sold it for a grand. Heads were stating to swell and blowing white smoke. Guy I sold it to used it for hunting for another 10 years before it died. I really miss that truck

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    i owned an 87 and 2 chiefs (2- doors). currently a rust free 79 golden eagle from california that i just got last month. it needs a little work but shes a beauty. they are getting hard to find and nice ones are 20k

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  9. Boss351

    Wow! Love this look more as the years go by. Its should be mostly rust free if it has been in Arizona all this time. I clearly needs some work and new paint but it looks to be all there.

    AMC 360 motor was a decent engine for these Jeep’s. Not the best AMC motor but the last one they produced.
    I think it may take $8K to hit the reserve.

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    • Wes

      I took my driver’s test in a 79 Wagoneer this exact same color, with the same wheels and interior! No idea how I parallel parked it! After my mother totalled it, we got a new 84 XJ with the 231 V6. Now that I think of it, my first military driver’s license was for an M151A2 MUTT! I never set out be a “Jeep Guy” but I own two now, an 07 XK Commander and an 01 TJ. I guess Jeeps were in my DNA!

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  10. Tom Driscoll

    These are great trucks. I’ve a few, and I prefer the 70’s over the 80’s variants…they had better power, and more of a truck vibe vs the luxo cruiser the later limited became. Rust was a problem with all of them here in the north; floors and tailgate mostly. Perfect boat hauler.

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  11. Dan h

    Strap an ATM to the tail gate. Then give your mechanic the debit card. Trust me on this…

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  12. Bruce Fischer

    I had quite a few of them Nice trucks but their gas gages were famous for failing or giving incorrect reading. I know LOL. Bruce F.

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  13. Jay

    Unfortunately by 1979 the Waggoner had lost its toughness. The 50-60’s produced the best of the jeeps in my opinion. Your power came from you no power assistance. Those old jeeps were cold and underpowered but that just added to the fun.

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  14. richard g

    bought a 76 in 78 with all the options 401, skid plate all the bells and whistles, hauled loads for my pub in the Rockies through mountains of snow, never once let me down sold it in 84 for 1000 less than i paid for, best vehicle buy i ever made only problem was its love affair with gas stations.

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  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Boy, I love Jeeps! This one sold for $7,200.00. 35 bids.

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