Family Classic: 1984 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

We have Barn Finds reader Clarke B. to thank for turning us on to this neat find! This 1984 Mercury Colony Park Wagon has only traveled 85,849 miles and has obviously been much loved for those 33 years. It’s listed for sale here on craigslist and is located in Tilleda, Wisconsin. The best part is the price; only $3,750! If this car were close to me I’d be headed over there right now.

I do see a difference here in the DyNoc wood grain, so I’m guessing at some point in time there was a fender bender of some type. There’s a little bit of ill-fitting trim on this side as well, although it’s no worse than a lot of cars of this vintage. I’m surprised that I can’t see any rust, although being in Wisconsin that would be my first question to the seller.

The seller shorted us a bit on pictures here, with no under hood shots or load carrying area either, so we don’t even know if it has the third seat or not that was available in most wagons around this point in time. I’m surprised there isn’t a trailer hitch on either; it always seems like this big family wagons were used to tow campers or boats around. There were only 17,421 1984 Colony Parks made; I doubt that there are many left in this nice condition.

Since both vinyl and leather seats were available according to the factory brochure, I’m not really sure which one these seats are covered with. Either way, it looks great, as does the dash condition, steering wheel, and even the fake wood.

I’m still not sure which surface this is, but I can easily imagine piling the family in for a trip to some vacation destination. The seller tells us it’s ready to go, with new tires, cold air conditioning and “systems that work great.” And even though we can’t see under the hood, it’s the venerable Ford 302 (5.0) V8. I really don’t think you could go wrong with this one. I just showed it to my wife without telling her the price, and when I told her what it was she asked when the next flight to Wisconsin was! So one of you folks buy it and then tell us all about it!


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  1. KeithK

    Are you sure it wasn’t Clarke G ( Griswold ) that turned you on to that one?

    • Kris

      Came for the Clark Griswold reference. Not disappointed.

  2. Larry K

    That’s a nice car. Handsome and handy.

  3. Larry K

    You might be able to get the dinoc on the fender to accept a little water based, (and watered down) black wood stain.

  4. Kenny A.

    You would be surprised that some parts of Wisconsin don’t use salt on their roads. 10 years ago I bought an ’89 LTD Crown Victoria in Menomenee Falls, Wisc. with just over 100K miles on it and not a spec of rust on it. The owner told me no rock salt was used on their roads, so no rust on the cars.

  5. kman

    I can see it now, 22 inch rims and thumping at the stoplights, full of kids up to no good.

  6. Bruce Fischer

    I am a station wagon guy so you got to like it.Bruce. F

  7. John B

    Family Truckster…the ideal Datemobile!

  8. Tim

    These would be vinyl seats. The leather seating had a horizontal sew pattern.

  9. glenn merithew

    my dad had a 1977 ltd 2 country squire wagon that he bought used in the early 80s and he loved that car brown with the woodgrain and wire wheels it had every option, I can remember going down to nags head N.C. and trying to keep up with him in his other car a 1978 Fairmont wagon oh and by the way with the 351 cleaveland it had under the hood it would pass everything except a gas station

  10. Mr. TKD

    Crazy bout a Mercury…

  11. SSPBill

    My first car! A few other notable firsts too. A hand-me-down and my parents last wagon after a string of 4 others. Identical except for turbine style wheels. 190k-ish miles in the rust belt and I honest don’t recall any major rust problems. Materials didn’t feel high class but they all held up really well. It was a car that just worked all the time. Great memories.

  12. David Miraglia

    good daily driver.

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