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Family Owned: 1957 Chevy Sedan


If a car remains in your family since it was new, chances are good you had big plans for it or are deeply attached to it. I would say in the case of this 1957 Chevy sedan here on craigslist, it falls into the former category. Lots of extra parts, a fairly recent crate motor and an old-school air suspension setup give this one all sorts of curb appeal and it’s only $5,000.


The seller claims he had big plans for this Chevy, but life just isn’t letting the restoration go as planned. In addition to the vintage air setup, it has some rare OEM options like a set of minty hubcaps and rarely-seen electric wipers. The car overall looks in good, restorable condition, and even if the aftermarket radio annoys you, it sounds like the seller has plenty of extras.


The bodywork is rough in places but I suspect it’s more a case of replaced body panels than neglect that has caused the discoloration. Both the hood and trunk lid appear to be from other cars, but no explanation is offered as to why. Similarly, no mention of rust is offered, but I don’t see any tell-tale signs in the photos. Hopefully, its midwestern location has kept it dry.


There’s a trunk full of parts for the next owner to rummage through, which includes instrument clusters, steering columns, a spare heater and defroster setup and more. This seems like a compelling buy at $5,000 considering some of the harder work has been done – but the sedans don’t often trade for much money, so I wouldn’t count this as an investment opportunity. But that’s not always the point, is it?


  1. MathieuB

    This one mystic me, horn cap says Two Ten but quarters have Bel Air script on them.

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    • Vince Habel

      Chrome on top of rear fender is not Bel Air.

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      • Evan Allen

        short chrome: 210, all the way to the back glass: bel air. That takes body holes, this is a 210 with some extra bel air bits on it (mine is too)

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    • Richard Ochoa

      Seems to me it’s a 210 that someone added B.A. inserts on the Rr. Qtrs.

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  2. Rock On Member

    A lot of parts on this car can interchange with a two door. I see this car ending up as a donor.

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  3. Ken

    At the age of 4, I rode along with my dad to the Chevy dealer to pick up a new ’57 Chevy 210 4-door, same turquoise and white color scheme as this one, 283 power pack, Powerglide, dual rear antennas. Being 4, I remembered getting to pick an orange soda from the vending machine in the dealership which Dad made me finish before climbing onto those plastic-covered seats. When we got home, my sisters ran out of the house to see the new car as I strolled into the house, feeling like I’d one-upped them since I’d already ridden it.

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  4. Woodie Man

    I have to get with the program! 4 door post sedan for 5 K! Yikes.

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  5. Chuck

    My first car was a ’57 Chevy four door like this one. Same turquoise color. I paid $10.00 for it in 1969. According to Google, that would be $66.63 in today’s dollars. I was in far better shape than this one.

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  6. GOPAR

    I really don’t see how anyone could go wrong on this car with all the extra parts for $5k! I realize it’s a four door, but for cryin’ out loud……. If someone is looking for a true classic at entry level price, I’d say GO for it!

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  7. Tommy

    Family Owned! Looks like it is pieces put together that were from cars owned by many families!

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  8. Mark S

    There is going to come a day when the four door cars are more rare than the two door cars. Especially if we keep parting them out to restore a two door car. For a younger guy with a family wanting into the car hobby this would be ideal. As was the case back when it’s car was new this is a family mans car. I hope it gets restored for the purpose of Sunday drives to the ice cream parlour. Nice find.

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  9. Richard Ochoa

    Another NICE Parts car for my ’57 B.A. 2 Dr. Hdtp!!!! :-)

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