Family Owned Survivor: 1940 Hudson Super 6

Having remained with the original family until recently, this 1940 Hudson Super 6 is claimed to be 100% original, and having only 33,000 miles. With plenty of paper work, and its stunning originality, this Hudson is a real beauty. Offered at $17,500, find it here on craigslist out of York, Pennsylvania.

The interior of this Hudson is breathtaking. The seat is currently wrapped in a cover, but it appears the original seat upholstery is undamaged. Laid out in a beautiful symmetrical appearance, the dash is a fine yet subtle work of automotive art. With no apparent flaws, it is easy to believe this Hudson is a low mileage example. Even the floor mat shows little wear, and still bares the Hudson name.

Take a moment to look at, and appreciate, the fine work and detail that makes this Hudson so beautiful. The lovely plated door hardware featuring deco paint highlights. With this close up, you can really examine the interior upholstery materials as well. It appears bright, and unaffected by time, showing no evidence of dry rot, water spotting, or fuzz balling.

With this Hudson comes a fair amount of information on its history. We are always excited to see vintage photos that have remained with the car. At a quick glance there is an image dated 1979, showing further proof of this Hudson’s history. Unfortunately there are no images of the engine and bay, but after examining the car, we imagine it is in pretty good shape. With that being said, the engine is not a runner, but does turn over by hand.

Wearing a beautiful patina after 76 years, this Hudson is a gem. Having some obvious wear on the paint, this Super 6 still shines nicely in the sunlight. Most of the original paint remains, with only a few areas where the paint has chipped, or worn off. There is no visible rust or rot, and the chrome and glass look excellent. The lovely coupe body is stylistically similar of other American made automobiles of the time, but who doesn’t want a two door coupe?  This being a 1940 model means it has the shorter wheel base, arguably being a better looking car than the 1941 model. With a rich past, and a beautiful future, what do you think of this Hudson Super 6?


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  1. Rock On


  2. Scotty Staff

    The definition of gorgeous!

  3. Vince Habel

    About 20 miles from me. If I was looking to buy a car it would be in my garage.

  4. KeithK

    Dear future owner, please, please , don’t change a thing on me. Make me run again and enjoy me like cars were meant to be. I don’t want to live in a museum and I need out of this garage. I don’t aspire to be shown on any lawn but a car show now and again is ok so I can be shared with others. Thank you , Hudson.

    • DrinkinGasoline


    • Cleric

      Get her running and drive her on pretty days. Throw a couple of lawn chairs, a cooler of sandwiches and beverage of choice in that bucksome back end, and head to the country for the day. But don’t go all custom!

      • DrinkinGasoline

        You betcha !

    • Seth

      And nothing was changed. The engine was cleaned up and it got overdrive. It is a beautiful car and fresh out of restoration.

  5. DrinkinGasoline

    This is one car that i would clean up as much as possible. Make sure all of the mechanicals and fluids are squared away along with some new “correct” rubber at the road and enjoy it. I would have to install a gas ration sticker though :)
    She’s an art deco beauty !

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    This is something that we’ll never, ever see again – good work boys

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    I find it strangely hilarious that the “Thumbs Down Troll” actually believes that his/her click has any relevance whatsoever. Makes one wonder what goes through the mind of someone living in their mom’s basement….no, nevermind, I don’t wanna know :)

  8. Rock On

    DrinkinGasoline- I always pictured the “Thumbs Down Troll” as the kid who got picked on at the playground and got sent home with a wedgie.


    What a gorgeous car. I would almost kill to own it and its right out my back door and I mean back door. If anyone needs someone to put an eye on it let me know as I can almost walk to it. Geez im so jealous that I will never be able to own something so stunning. I think the price is a bargain.

  10. Jim Mc

    Take a close look at the dash photo and the documents photo. The dash photo shows the radio in the center with two vertical wheel dials at both left and right side. I’ll bet the left is on/off/volume, and the right is manual tuning for stations.
    There are five push buttons below it, I’m guessing for presets. Above those on the dash are little ‘windows’ which look like they hold the pre-printed call-letter ‘cards’ that are in the documents photo (the black with white text sheet to the right).
    Tune into your station with the right side dial, preset the push-button (pull out and push in as in later era cars?) and insert the call-letter card into the above corresponding slot. Repeat four more times. Genius.
    The little touches like that (which was actually a big deal at the time) as well as the aforementioned door handles, and the absolutely beautiful dash itself are part of what makes this car the treasure it is.
    I hope it’s preserved as such.

    Like 1
  11. Scott

    Had a ’40 Super Six. Great cars, good club support, could buy all parts I needed with some looking around. Very smooth and quiet motor.

    Lower buy in price than a Ford or Chevy. Fewer vendors when you want to buy something.

    The price is a bit high I think when compared with other Super Six’s you can find.

    Loved my Super Six. If it were me, I would spend about the same and buy a Packard 110. Much better built cars.

    • Scott

      Also, the ’40 Hudsons were transitional cars. My favorite grill. There are parts such as the overdrive were one year only.

      Like 1
  12. Andy Frobig

    That seems steep for a non-runner with no under hood pics, but it is a very handsome machine. I wouldn’t change a thing other than making it functional.

  13. Peregrine Lance

    DrinkinGasoline–When you’re ready to acquire that Gas Ration Sticker, let me know. I’ve got a whole Govt. BOOK of ’em! /Perry Lance

  14. chad

    24 or 6 pic on the CL site (follow the link). Wish my 9 yr old puter would display them!

  15. Howard A Member

    What a neat style, which is why, much to our (my) dismay, will most assuredly become a hotrod. ( whatever you want to call a non-stock restoration) We’ve been over this and over this, and the allure is just too great for someone with a pile of cash not to go gonzo, and that’s what will happen to this. If it was a 4 door ( even then) maybe someone would keep it stock, but a coupe(?) like this just isn’t a Ford or Chevy, and I’d bet someone is lining up the cash right now to redo it, because it’s so different. I know, get your “thumbs” out, but the reality is, that’s what will happen, and that’s ok too.

    • Bill

      Fortunately, it was purchased by a member of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club who will be keeping it stock.

      • Seth

        That member is my Grandfather. I helped restore this beautiful car.

  16. geomechs geomechs Member

    So many good comments here; I can’t think of anything to say except that I agree with them. As an owner of a barn find/driver, all I can say is that this one is deserving of the same treatment as mine got/is getting….

  17. Randy W

    just a note on the mileage. It appears someone along the way had taken an awl or punch to turn over the miles. This sneaky trick was done a lot in the older days, also I noticed the over spray in the trunk area gas filler pipe, I wonder if the car was repainted some time back. Needs to have a real close look at this car Maybe not so original as it may seem.

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