Fantastic Camaro Collection For Sale

The owner of this beautiful collection of four Chevrolet Camaros is testing the water. These cars are not for individual sale, so if you want one particular car, then you will need to purchase the lot. Barn Finder Pat L spotted the fantastic collection for us, so thank you for that Pat. Located in Henderson, Nevada, you will find the Camaro Collection listed for sale here on Craigslist. To become the next owner of these magnificent cars, you will need to break out your wallet and hand the owner $260,000.

The first car to consider is the 1969 Camaro Pace Car. Finished in Dover White with Hugger Orange graphics, it is a stunning looking car. This is a numbers-matching car, with a 375hp 396ci engine under the hood, which is backed by a 4-speed transmission. The owner describes this as a nice daily driver, and I personally wouldn’t mind being the person who drives it daily. The presentation of the car is extremely nice, and it really doesn’t appear to be a car with any issues. We can just get a glimpse of the dazzling orange and black interior trim, and judging from the way that these cars are all presented, it should look pretty good in there.

Rubbing shoulders (fenders?) with the Pace Car is a 1969 Z/28 RS. Once again, this is a numbers-matching car, and the condition of this one is nothing short of stunning. This is because this car has been the subject of a full, frame-off, nuts-and-bolts restoration. Powering this beauty is the 302ci V8, producing a healthy 290hp. This is backed by a Muncie 4-speed transmission, while the rear end should be a 12-bolt unit. Finished in Hugger Orange, this is a car that has an attitude, and that isn’t a bad thing.

Why have one Z/28 when you can have a pair? The Cortez Silver car is another ’69 Z/28. Once again, this is a numbers-matching car, and the owner refers to it as being a good daily driver. What a decision to make. Do I drive the Pace Car daily driver, or do I drive the Z/28 daily driver? Honestly, life can be really tough at times. Once again, this is a car where the presentation looks close to perfect and given the fact that the owner does appear to not only be an enthusiast but a perfectionist, I don’t find this at all surprising.

If you’re going to own a collection of Camaros, I guess that having something up your sleeve for those sunny days isn’t such a bad idea. How does a ’67 Convertible sound? Once again, the car is a numbers-matching vehicle and is fitted with a 327ci V8, although it isn’t clear what sort of transmission is fitted. Finished in Marina Blue with a white top, it’s a car that represents a pretty nice way of enjoying the wonderful weather that’s on the way.

Most people would be ecstatic to have any one of these beautiful cars parked in their garage. The opportunity to own the four is not one that comes along every day. I have little doubt that this collection will sell, and I will certainly envy the new owner.


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  1. Ike Onick

    I predict each car will be sold individually. What is the point of the package deal edict?

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    • TracRat

      I only see 3 cars?

      • Ron

        Look at the rest of the article, not just the first picture…

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  2. TimM

    Really nice cars!! $260,000 is a lot of money!! A little over $85,000 a car!! Wow!! Priced out of my range!! I guess I’ll just keep buying beaters and fixing them up!!

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    • BW

      That would be $65,000 per car.

    • Mike H. Mike H.

      $260,000 ÷ 4 = $65,000.

  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I can see the pace car and orange car going together to a collector, the other two being sold separately…but they’re all pretty awesome.

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  4. Lynn Dockey Member

    Some guys have all the luck!!!!! I can’t see the big bumper guards on the orange one. Check that. I blew the pic up and I can see them now

  5. Coventrycat

    Without these cars, mullets wouldn’t exist.

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    • Ike Onick

      Wrong ’em boy-o. These were for real men. The 1980’s Secretary-named- Donna Camaros were for the mullet-boys and their pathetic mustaches.

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      • Troy s

        Ike…And for all the chicks with their gobs of hair spray…we can pass right by the eighties!

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  6. greg Millard

    TimM – there are four cars in the lot;

    4260/4 = ONLY $65k – sounds kinda reasonable but who would want 4 of anything the same?

    cheers, Greg

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    • TimM

      I stand corrected Greg Millard!! That’s a little more reasonable for the high end models!!

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  7. Troy s

    The silver one is all I need, that caught my eye right off. I don’t think I could drive it daily though as high octane race gas is kinda expensive, what other fuel would work in these high compression screamers?
    All four are gorgeous cars, not much of a pace car fan, even with the L78, but, yeah, definitely that silver/black Z machine.

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  8. Ron

    Highly unlikely they will bring $260k together or separately…

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    • Barry L Klotz

      These are Amazing!!! Hope the owner gets the price for them that he deserves. They are worth every penny. Thanks for the memory.

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  9. 38ChevyCoupeGuy Member

    Better move them away from fire lined curb before they get towed.! 😂

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  10. h5mind

    The seller is so tight for money they have to post a quarter million in classic cars on a free classified site? The cars may not squeak when they run, but the owner most certainly does.

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  11. mainlymuscle

    I support the valuation ; right time and place ,one could realize $300k out of this group.Even at a quick sale at Mecum’s ,240-275 would be the range.

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  12. IkeyHeyman

    You have to wonder how serious the seller is. First he says he’s “testing the waters”. Then he says a buyer has to take the package deal, he wants to keep his “babies” together. And as noted, he’s advertising them on Craigslist, not the best place to attract buyers able to drop 1/4 million $ on some cars.

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  13. Don Page

    Here’s what one collector car value estimate of the price for the Z28’s. Depending on the options, the Hugger Orange Z28 is worth at least $87,700. What he means by “daily driver” condition is subject to interpretation. His asking price may not be to far out of line.

    Collector Car Value Report
    1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z28 302-290hp (8cyl-4V) 4M

    #5 #4 #3 #2 #1
    2dr Hardtop 14250 31675 51200 64000 87700

    Power windows 3%
    4-wheel disc brakes 25%
    Cowl induction 5%
    Cross-ram induction 25%
    Dlx int (RPO Z87) 5%
    Manual steering -5%

    • Don Page

      Pace car values.

      Collector Car Value Report
      1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 350-300hp (8cyl-4V) AT

      #5 #4 #3 #2 #1
      2dr Convertible 7975 21200 36350 49000 69100
      Pace Car 2dr Convertible 9575 22275 41000 54000 76500
      2dr Hardtop 3775 12150 26450 36500 54700

      396-325hp (8cyl-4V) 20%
      396-350hp (8cyl-4V) 35%
      396-375hp (8cyl-4V) 60%
      4spd manual trans 7%
      Air conditioning 12%
      Power windows 8%
      Tach dash w/gauges 5%
      RS trim 10%
      Cowl induction 5%
      Endura bumper 5%
      Dlx int (RPO Z87) 5%
      3spd manual transmission -10%
      Manual steering -5%

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      • Frank Sumatra

        Has anybody on BF ever sold a car for what the Price Guides quote? I highly doubt it.

      • Don Page

        1967 Camaro values

        Collector Car Value Report
        1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO 327-210hp (8cyl-2V) AT

        #5 #4 #3 #2
        2dr Convertible 5750 13800 18900 28800

        2dr Hardtop 2375 7675 16700 23050 34600

        327-275hp (8cyl-4V) 15%
        350-295hp (8cyl-4V) 15%
        396-325hp (8cyl-4V) 40%
        396-375hp (8cyl-4V) 75%
        4spd manual trans 7%
        Air conditioning 12%
        Power windows 3%
        Tach dash w/gauges 10%
        RS trim 15%
        230-140hp (6cyl-1V) -20%
        3spd manual transmission -10%
        Manual steering -5%
        Column shift -10%

  14. TJohnson

    I don’t think he’s overpriced, depending on the condition of the pace car, it could bring $100-$125k by itself. L78 pace cars don’t grow on trees!

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  15. Don Page

    Collector car price guides base their pricing on several things. Condition, options, demand & actual sale prices. All first gen Camaros are in high demand & the Z28 & Pace car are extremely high. He’ll probably get close to his asking price but might have to separate them. The big question for me would be the the condition of the “daily drivers” & what options they all have.

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  16. Doug B Member

    Lot’s of BS floating around here. Seller and commenters. And several math wizards. Good for a laugh, nonetheless.

  17. Tom Justice

    My question is why is this listed on Craig’s list when there are so many better places, like this one and BaT, to list where real car people will be sure and see it. If it wasn’t for Pat L none of us would probably have ever seen this; not that most of us could buy them.

  18. Paul

    I would like to pull the blue 67 convertible away from the herd and buy it….He seems to have it already separated…I will be watching!

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