Fantastic Finster: 1973 Mercedes-Benzillac

We have seen quite a few crazy mashups here in the hallowed halls of One Barn Finds Tower but this really is a funky one. And by funky of course I mean, I love it! This is the love child between a 1959 Cadillac and a 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450SL. Hey, this may be the least unusual pairing in Hollywood, California where it’s located. It can be found on Craigslist with an asking price of a mere $3,000, a fraction of the typical plastic surgery procedure in Hollywood. Thanks to Miguel for sending in this tip!

I automatically think of Batman or the Batmobile when they first see this car, other than the chartreuse color. I’m not sure if even the caped-and-tights-wearing-crusader would be seen in a lime green Mercedes 450SL with 1959 Cadillac fins on the back though, would he? I could see Robin driving this car, no question about it. I think it would be a fun car to own no matter where a person lives and no matter if they wear a cape – or tights. I’m assuming that no usable, restorable 1959 Cadillacs were harmed in the making of this car, or I hope that they weren’t.

How this car isn’t already being loaded onto a trailer and heading to our garage is beyond me. Imagine the PR that a car like this could have for any business (scratching gray whiskers, getting the accountant on the phone to check on vehicle write-offs). Being a 450SL instead of a 450SLC, there’s no steel top to attach a magnetic pizza delivery sign to but I could figure something out. The seller talks a bit about the history of this cool car: “You’ve seen it in Music videos. You’ve seen it on Playboy TV. Now it can be yours! There is only one Mercedillac; it is the only one in the entire world (to the best of my knowledge). The creation of a remarkable artist, this automobile stands alone as an attention-grabbing statement of individuality.” ‘Nuff said right there, eh?

Wait, did they say Playboy TV? Remember how I always talk about interiors needing a “deep cleaning”? Yeah, let’s say that again here – think mobile pressure washing service, better safe than sorry. As cool and unique as this car is inside and out, there are problems with it. And I mean structural and/or mechanical problems, not aesthetic. “The driver’s side door needs an exterior handle. The interior is, well, idiosyncratic. There [sic] floorboards in the front are about rusted through.” That’s not good, especially for what I would have imagined was a car from dry, southern California. I don’t even want to know how the floors got so wet but I’m hoping that it’s related to having the top down. On the car I mean, come on, get your minds out of the gutter!

The Mercedes-Benz 450SL would have had a 4.5L V8 with a decent 225 hp and the seller says that “It runs… barely. The engine is essentially solid and a new fuel pump was just installed, but it needs work. As does the suspension and possibly the drive shaft.” They go on to say “You can drive it away, but I wouldn’t go far and recommend a tow.” So, add $800+ to the price if you live anywhere east of the Mississippi River. Still, I can’t think of a car in recent memory that would pop as many eyeballs as this Benzillac/Mercedillac/Cadimercillac.. er.. than this lime green Mercedes-Benz SL 450 with 1959 Cadillac fins grafted onto it!

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  1. Nathan Avots-Smith Member

    Oh my goodness, Scotty, you definitely win this round of Head-to-Head Benzes! Reminds me of Homer Simpson’s eponymous car…

    • RichS

      Here’s our 24Hours of Lemons car – The Homer.

      • Chebby Member

        WHOA that’s excellent! It’s a leeettle bit cheaty that you didn’t start with a big floaty American POS like a 1976 Monte Carlo, but you guys nailed it. Nice job Rich.

        “We need more BORT license plates….I repeat….”

      • Motorminder

        I also liked it as “PorcuBimmer, the only BMW with the pricks on the outside”. Quality work boys.

  2. Howard A

    IDK, American fins on a German classic, messing with forces they have no idea. ” Ve von’t allow such foolishness, bringk een ze builder for qvestioningk”,,

    • scottymac

      With the weak ‘Benz engine, sounds like it’s time for a 500ci Cadillac V-8 to complete the transformation!

  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Being sold in Hollyweed explains a lot. For 3K put it on a pole in front of your Quaker Steak & Lube. Looks well done, I would like to see it with the top down. Nice find Miguel.

  4. canadainmarkseh Member

    As crazy as this is the proportions are pretty good and the work looks well exicuted. First of all I would not want to have this car it looks like somthing that carrot top should be driving, but if I did own it I’d gut that interior and go with a grey fabric instead. Second if the floors are the only rust then that’s no a big deal to fix as is replacing u joints on a driveshaft. The fact is a good going over would make it road worthy. I got to say it’s not the fins that turn me off its the colour it needs to be more subdued I’m thinking metallic silver. JMO.

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      I’ve often thought that a set of theses fins would be cool on a smart car. A baby bat mobile comes to mind.

      • Steve in Charlotte

        Well, here ya go! Close enough. LOL

      • canadainmarkseh Member

        That is cool thanks for posting Steve thumbs up to you.

  5. Mike B

    Yeah, Aretha started writing a song about it, but it’s tough to rhyme “chartreuse”.

    • TriPowerVette

      drank too much mateus…?

      artistic license abuse?

      designed by a blind recluse?

      The uploaded image is my own design. It seems to complement this entire thread. Then again, I was young(er)… I had an excuse.

  6. 2cool2say

    Listen up fellow Barn Find readers! Scotty is trying to lure us into mocking this car. Don’t fall for it, stay strong, rise above the need to insult this vehicle. Remember, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And if that doesn’t work, how about, “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything.”

    So, with that in mind, I say, nothing at all with one eye shut…

    • Mark S.

      WHY would someone do this to this once dignified automobile.
      Looks like a florescent green nightmare with white leopard seat covers.
      Sorry, I tried to control it.

    • Rodent

      Beauty is sometimes in the eye of the beer holder…..

  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    No words.

  8. sir mike

    California….all you need to say…

    • Rich

      What a nonsense statement. You can find people who customize their cars poorly (or not) in every state.

  9. Madmatt

    What a waste of some good fins…,
    that will get you a seat at beezlebubs dinner table..,
    It is almost evil at best, but it can’t be ignored…that is for sure….LOL…!

  10. Dan

    What a turd…..

  11. J Paul Member

    Here’s my positive comment: “At least it has those much more attractive, smaller 1973 bumpers!”

    After that…I got nothin’.

  12. Ian C

    I would daily drive this in a heart beat!! (After putting a different engine/trans in it) It would be worth it for the reactions you would see.

  13. Poseur Member

    Trying to decide between throwing up &/or silently acknowledging the ‘nads on whomever created this abomination.

  14. Dean

    Tow truck will charge you an abomination adder in addition to hook-up and mileage

  15. Beatnik Bedouin

    This car has been making the rounds of Social Media over the last few days.

    My reaction is: “Get thee to a vomitorium..!!!”

  16. JTC

    Needs color matched shag carpeting.

  17. Brent

    I understand cus I’ve been to hollow-wood. Unfortunately.

  18. Wolfram

    WTF, in my country you go to jail for something like this

  19. Scott Rasmussen

    Just saw this car in the movie “Too Late” on Netflix. Come to think of it, that might be a good caption for the ad.

  20. MFerrell

    This is awesome, I don’t care what y’all say.

  21. Ron

    1 Word— Rediculous !!

  22. Don H

    I just thourgh up in my mouth 🤮

  23. Peter S.R. Member


  24. Lance Nord

    Man… that thing looks like it is getting ready to take off and fly! Something about it reminds me of the Batmobile. I think I would two tone it black over grey with bold orange pinstripes… just like the Batmobile!

  25. Davis

    Batman, there is a car for Robin.

  26. RoughDiamond

    Looks to me like all that’s missing is a launch pad, a couple of rocket boosters and the countdown T-minus 10, 9,

  27. Barney

    See what happens after to much alcohol in ones life.

  28. Scott Tait


  29. Rodney - GSM

    “Damn, I know I parked it here someplace, I just don’t see it”

  30. Steve A

    Needs a miniature 59 Cad grille! LOL
    If it was closer to me I would probably snag it up just to do that to it! 🤡😛

  31. dcowan

    It’s a good thing that car is in California. Otherwise my girl would be pissed to find it in my driveway.

  32. Mark Hoffman

    just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…..

  33. Suttree

    Daily Driver

  34. Bill Shields

    Could be worse.
    Could have had the wood interior from the 4×4 barracuda/valiant wagon from earlier.


    I’m in Hollywood for the rest of the week.
    Gotta see this critter in it’s actual setting.

  36. Dovi65

    Ummm… err… uhhh … be positive, Dovi; say somethin’ nice …
    You’ll never lose it in a crowded mall parking lot on Black Friday??
    You’ll never worry about it being stolen??

  37. 68custom

    hereh in the Sarasota area a guy has a Miata with the same wing treatment it is well done but uglier than sin!

  38. TriPowerVette

    Offiziersbursche, Putzer! (Batman in German).

  39. Rspcharger

    Confirmed it’s in Too Late:

  40. Chris

    I’m….I’m….I’m speechless

  41. SamM

    What the ever loving hell? This friends, is why booze, bondo and spray bombs don’t mix. The interior adds a true wtf aspect to an already outlandish train wreck that is difficult to attain, what with the shade of green used. I am impressed and nauseated at the same time! Bravo

  42. Richard Brown

    That’s a 450 SL-Dorado !!

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

  43. waynard

    eeeew. I’m going to need to take a shower now.

  44. Steve H.

    I love it!

  45. ChuckF 55chevy

    Make a Batmobile, take out stock taillights, replace with fake jet exhausts, custom the front end with a giant fake jet intake, Lambo Doors, paint it black….. voila show car.

  46. Levi andrus

    Its in holly-weird.that explains it all r.i.p. to that poor 59 caddy that gave its life

  47. Jerry

    Who cares about the car. It’s just waiting for a 350. That’s the first time in my life I ever said that. I must not think much of the car. Whatever turns you on.

  48. Tiberius1701
  49. john

    That car is not…not for the timid…

  50. Clay Bryant

    Some of the finest German craftmanship I have ever seen. Should be in their German Museum but the demand would be so high they would take all the other Benzes out and burn them when they realized that this was the styling exercise every one really wanted, A real “Bunz”getter…………

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