Too Far Gone? 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Said to be stored for over 35 years in a barn (probably a leaky barn) this 1970 Chevelle would be a major undertaking to restore.  Every body panel and both doors appear to be suffering from major amounts of rot.  Nearly impossible to believe, this numbers matching car is said to run and drive!  Found here on eBay in Kentucky, sold on a bill of sale only.  With a current bid of $1,525, this car looks like a decent parts car for another project.

If truly running, the engine may be the most valuable part of this vehicle.  The grill, bumpers, and some trim appear okay, so that’s a good addition to the value.  Said to be all original, a closer inspection may reveal other usable parts.  Being a small block/automatic car may have sealed the fate for this particular Chevelle.  Even though it’s reported to be a highly optioned car with power steering and brakes, I don’t think that’s enough for someone to take on a full restoration.

If this was an LS6, Yenko, or COPO car, there may be value in a restoration.  However, if the frame is as rotten as the body, the cost to repair the rust on this particular car would far outweigh the value of the finished product.  There is some paperwork included with this car, but it appears to only be insurance and registration information from the early 1980’s.  If the purchaser wants to title and register this car, it will take some work.  Don’t we all love dealing with the DMV?

I always hate to say a restoration is impossible, because they are not.  Unless there’s a rarity to a car or a sentimental value, a car this far gone is hard to invest the time and money in.  I hope I’m wrong and this car gets a second chance at life, but it’s going to take a dedicated owner to get it done.  Are you willing to take it on?

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  1. Steve R

    Parts car.

    The seller kept pushing how original it is and has matching numbers. Does that really matter if a car is this far gone?

    Steve R

    • Shayne

      I know right? It’s almost as if he’s trying to sell the damn thing.

      People complain bout too little info.. and too much info. Can’t win in the classic car world.

      • Steve R

        I’d just like to see accurate info. I’m not interested in a song and dance from white shoe’d salesmen.

        Steve R

  2. Rabbit

    Pretty rotten, but I’ve brought worse back. It’ll never be show quality, but as a driver? There’s potential there. Some cheater panels & a bucket of Bondo could fix about anything but that 307 (had 2, was never a fan). No word on the trans, but behind said 307 it’s most likely a Powerglide. No doubt it’ll bring tall money & the new owner’ll do a motor/tranny swap.

    • flmikey

      It’s got a turbo 350 transmission…I had a 307 with a powerglide…miss that whine…..

  3. John M.

    It’s too far gone to be restored though it’ll make a decent parts car as mentioned.

    I’d pass on this one.

  4. Dave

    Cars only good for parts that’s it

  5. Steve Bell

    Absolutely crunchy..the.rust must have
    rust. I’m a Mopar guy though, so maybe Chevy guys see potential.

    • Big Mike

      I am a dye in the wool Chevy man, and I have seen some really bad MOPAR’s that true Mopar fan wet themselves over in worse shape than this. That being said as a True Blue GM fan I hate to say it, this would only make a good parts car, but the parts need to be plentiful or it needs to go to the crusher!!!

  6. DrinkinGasoline

    Yikes ! Now at 2150 as I type…Maybe, and that’s a serious maybe, 3k gross profit in parting it out. Not worth the labor involved. Now if it were 1k with a decent profit margin for disassembly, advertising, and shipping of the parts, I would be on board. I’d have to invest in a case of PB Blaster and refill the torch tanks from the git-go.
    Just walk on by…If You see Me on the street…..walk on by, just walk on by (Dionne Warwick).

  7. Pappy2d

    Keep looking.

  8. DrinkinGasoline

    Imagine the average “barn environment”….dirt/gravel floor, with an enclosure allowing a condensation rich self Eco system. Even without the additive of salt, it’s a Vehicle Coroner’s forensic nightmare. It may be a Barn Find but….what is the condition of the barn ??

  9. Jeffro

    Looks like a burnt marshmallow. And I hate marshmallows!

  10. VR LIVES

    Moving to Arizona from Michigan some 25 years ago, has made me forget how badly cars can just rot away. The memory of a county road commission salt truck.whizzing past you and coating the entire vehicle, makes me wince at the thought. This is what became commonplace to so many great cars. Rust In Peace.

    • jw454

      This is all true but, it probably doesn’t have any rattle snakes in it. (Just trying to be funny…. no cut intended.)

  11. Retired Stig

    Concourse D’Lemon. Perfect candidate. Or then again, demo derby car, target practice, maybe high explosives? So many choices with this one.

    • Jeffro

      You had me at high explosives!

  12. AMCFAN

    Too far gone? I see someone dumb enough getting an NPD catalog or equivalent. Then giving their credit card a brisk workout

  13. Andy

    Drive it the way it Is! It’s Sad to think how many thousands of nicer A-Bodies went to the crusher.

  14. david

    Somebody save it. when it’s gone it’s gone. when too many go down that lonesome trail, we’ll be left with zip!

  15. gregg

    Crush it.

  16. JamestownMike

    Yep, too far gone!……..and it’s at $2,150 with 1 day 20 hours left in the auction. UNREAL!

  17. Doug Towsley

    Theres lots of parts cars out there, and theres enough on this one to make a 2>1 project viable. People cant see past the rust,, but I see Power brakes, power steering and a lot of little bits that sure add up. The fact that it runs sure helps,,
    My buddy is redoing a car right now that was nothing but a frame and bare shell. If the price stays low he would be all over this car if it was closer.
    We got a deal on both our Chevelles but the market for viable project cars keeps going up and up… still some deals out there but progressively getting more expensive.
    This is a viable sale car,, it WILL find a home.

    • Steve R

      My gut says there is a good chance this will be a red with black stripe SS 454, probably advertised as an LS6, with NOM and no documentation by this time next year. I foresee it priced at $50,000+, but will be a ticking time bomb to some unsuspecting buyer that didn’t do a thorough inspection or do their research.

    • Mark

      Correct Doug.
      Looks like it still has the original radio! I could use that! Look for that on Ebay and they want a lot of money for them.Plus it has power brakes. Look for that set up couple hundred dollars. Still has some use full parts!!

  18. Doug Towsley

    Meant to add,, Our 68 Chevelle project was also a shell, It was stripped to be a Dragster. We got it for a good deal along with a bunch of parts for it, and a 69 and 70. We sold some, and then bought a very rough car just like this one for another good deal. BUT it had almost all the parts we needed. I spent a lot of time salvaging every last piece useable and our 68 is well on the way to being on the road. I took parts and pieces and made another very rough shell out of what remained out the parts car, and traded it and some cash for my Kit car shell. Its well on its way to being a dragster up in Idaho. WIN-WIN.

    As to paperwork, I cant speak for all states as they all differ, but IF I were to buy this car, I would make it a condition of sale for a NOTARIZED Bill of sale, That and the copy of the ebay sale and payment receipts would get me a title here in my state. It would require a VIN inspection at the DMV but thats $17.00 and hauling it up on a trailer. Big deal. 2-3 weeks later and $77.00 and I would have a clear title.

    Some people see obstacles and problems, Others see Solutions.

    • JCW Jr.

      Doug and what state is that?

      • Doug Towsley

        Oregon & washington, and I have direct experience doing that for multiple vehicles over several decades. Washington is a little more of a PIA in some cases, but it IS doable.

        See the subsections of VIN inspection and possible rejection, But the law requires them to issue a title unless a “preponderance of evidence” suggests fraud.
        In other words they cannot deny a title unless you made a mistake or broke the law. Most DMV employees dont even know their own rules, tread carefully, but theres a way of doing this by the book.

        Here are the rules,See:

        The Department of Transportation shall issue title for a vehicle if the applicant and the vehicle meet the following qualifications:
        (a) The applicant must satisfy the department that the applicant is the owner of the vehicle and is otherwise entitled to have title issued in the applicant’s name.
        (b) Except as otherwise provided in ORS 803.050 (Application) (2), the applicant must submit a completed and signed application for title described in ORS 803.050 (Application).
        (c) The applicant must pay the fee for issuance of a certificate of title under ORS 803.090 (Fees for transfer and certificate issuance) or the fee for issuance of title in another form, as established by the department by rule in accordance with ORS 803.012 (Rules for title forms and fees).
        (d) If the vehicle is a reconstructed vehicle or an assembled vehicle, the applicant must provide the following information in addition to any other information required under this section:
        (A) The certificate of title last issued for the frame of the vehicle, a salvage title certificate issued for the vehicle or other evidence of ownership satisfactory to the department.
        (B) Bills of sale for major components used to build the vehicle.
        (e) If the vehicle is covered by an Oregon title or salvage title certificate, the applicant shall surrender the Oregon title or salvage title certificate, submit an application as provided under ORS 803.065 (Duplicate or replacement certificate) or submit other evidence of ownership satisfactory to the department.
        (f) Unless the department adopts rules to the contrary, if the vehicle is from another jurisdiction, the applicant shall surrender to the department with the application the certificate of title issued by the other jurisdiction, if such jurisdiction requires certificates of title. If such jurisdiction does not require certificates of title, then the applicant shall surrender the registration cards.
        (g) If required by the department, the applicant must submit proof of ownership as described under ORS 803.205 (Proof of ownership or security interest on transfer or application for title or registration).
        (h) Other than a racing activity vehicle as defined in ORS 801.404 (“Racing activity vehicle”), if the department has reason to believe a vehicle was not certified by the original manufacturer as conforming to federal vehicle standards, the department may require the applicant to provide proof satisfactory to the department that the vehicle conforms to federal vehicle standards.
        (i) Unless the vehicle is exempted from odometer disclosure requirements, the applicant shall submit an appropriate odometer disclosure form. The department shall determine what constitutes an appropriate form in any particular situation. The department may make exceptions by rule to the requirement for submission of an odometer disclosure form.
        (2)(a) The department may not issue title for a vehicle:
        (A) Required by ORS 803.210 (Conditions precedent to issuance of title for certain vehicles) to be inspected unless the vehicle has been inspected as described in ORS 803.212 (Inspection of vehicle identification numbers) and the inspection fee paid under ORS 803.215 (Fee for inspection).
        (B) If the current vehicle title, certificate or ownership document is a junk title, junk certificate or similar ownership document issued by another jurisdiction, or has a junk or similar brand or notation.
        (b) The department may adopt any rules it considers necessary for the administration of this subsection. [1983 c.338 §178; 1985 c.16 §61; 1985 c.402 §7; 1985 c.410 §1; 1987 c.146 §5; 1989 c.148 §9; 1991 c.873 §8; 1993 c.233 §21; 2001 c.675 §7; 2003 c.24 §1; 2003 c.655 §100; 2007 c.693 §4]

  19. Rolf Poncho 455

    The radiator hose looks good !

  20. DW

    do I see a freshly armor all coated passenger dash???


    you guys

  22. erikj

    Doug, good info on title things . I,M in Spokane and have a 71 340 duster with no title. had it for over 10 years and no title- I have heard that ,through other states I can get it titled. It was signed off my the state patrol as junk from a foreclosed home and headed to the crusher before I saved it.
    Its a twister duster,fcz (purple) 3spd,v-8 bucket seat car with no rust and 8 3/4 rear. off the road since 84. I am ready to get it done,but want a title to seal the car as mine. Do you know any other options, or anyone for the matter.!!

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