Farm Find: 1975 Corvette Project

As some of you likely recall, I bought my 1980 BMW 320/6 project off of a farm over a year ago. Thankfully, it was stored indoors for years up until the point I discovered it, when the previous owner moved to a smaller house. This Corvette was not as lucky, as it was apparently shoved into the woods instead of the barn and now bears the brunt of its long-term neglect. Find it here on eBay with no bids and no reserve. 

Why is it the cars needing the most work come from sellers with the least amount of information? No word on whether the engine turns or if its numbers matching. Based on the level of debris, it hasn’t been touched in quite a while. I’d simply plan on a new crate motor while this one takes up space on an engine stand and a rebuild is considered at a later date.

It’s never good to see a windshield blown out. I’d try to be optimistic and consider the possibility that it was damaged upon removal from the forest, but the glass appears just weathered enough that it’s been punched out and sitting on the dash for a while. This obviously spells danger for the interior components, and water intrusion has likely been fierce. The seller’s seemingly intentional ignorance of these demerits is a cause for concern, too.

The seller discloses there is rust in the frame, “…but it appears to be OK.” Not sure how those two sentences run together, but you’re on your own for deducting just how bad the corrosion underneath is. The Corvette was farm-stored near Sandston, Virginia, so while the climate may be temperate, this example still experienced all four seasons its many years in the woods. Fortunately, the low entry bid and no reserve still means someone could take home a decent parts car if needed.

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  1. Bill

    Twenty five grand to restore a ten grand car. No thanks.

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      Parts car.’75 is just garden variety. IMO&500. buys it.

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  2. Mason

    The only thing that may be worth something is the wheels and tires and some chrome pieces

  3. Jeffro

    What Bill said!

  4. ccrvtt

    No comparison to the recent green one. Just shows how important it is to take good care of the good ones we have left. This is just a pile of regret.

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  5. Dave Member

    What Bill AND Mason said!!

  6. Brian R

    Well the reserve is appropriate…. $0. That was my first thought….More money to restore than it will ever be worth.

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  7. LAB3

    If you where going to re engineer a C3 from the ground up with a new chassis, modern suspension and brakes, powertrain and a custom interior then all you would need is a body. If that where the case, why choose a 75?

  8. Big Mike

    Ditto to what the other 3 guys said!!!

  9. sparkster

    ditto to all of the above comments. Too many smart people on the site today.

  10. Pookie Jamie P

    Current bid is 1,150. Where are you guys getting 25 grand? Great project.

    • DAN

      Twenty five grand to restore

  11. Big Al

    For once, I’d like to see a car that has been restored from a condition like this neglected hulk. I doubt if this one is even a parts car.

  12. capt Doug

    Any one research the VIN # for any real reason to buy This??? Thanks

  13. Rock On

    Not much better then the charred remains that was featured last week.

  14. GDT

    I have had 4 corvettes over the many years. 67, 74 and two 78’s. How can that be a legit 75 when it has a chrome bumper and squared rear end. That did not come on the 74 & 75. The 74 was a split down the middle and the 75 was molded smooth across.

    • Scott

      Front and rear bumper skins are missing from this one…

    • Pa Tina

      Front and back bumper covers are missing, along with any reason to ever look at this car again.

  15. jw454

    If you had a very nice wrecked one that needed lots of parts this may be the answer.
    A friend had a pristine 1958 Impala convertible in the early 80’s that was in an accident. We bought one out of a junkyard and in no time the nice one was back on the road. The complete front end, a couple of frame sections, the right quarter panel and a bunch of trim. It all came in handy. The car looked great (again) when it was finished.

  16. Vintage Car Loner

    This is a car to rat rod. Too far gone to economically restore but mostly there. It could be a fun cheap rat rod if bought for no more than $1500. And I don’t even like rat rods or even patina for that matter.

  17. BMW4RunninTundra

    Been looking for a set of Ralleye Rims for my old 91 Caprice Classic Wagon beater! The cost, currently is about what a set will run me. Unfortunately, the rest of the car (?) would come with them! Would cost me more in the long run, than just buying a set, stand alone. It’s SO sad to see a C3 relegated to the woods and left to rot!!! I want a C3! Just can’t seem to find the “perfect deal”. I.E. decent body, frame, drive train and most of all PRICE!! Don’t care about concourse, or even “good” driver condition. But at least “acceptable” condition. This poor thing doesn’t check any of those boxes. Sad!

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  18. Scott

    Parts car… The ‘bird cage’ has probably rusted badly…..

  19. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Think this was the work of an ex old lady….known more than one car that had all the windows knocked out of it…….

  20. Pete

    What a shame to see this Corvette like this I am always amazed at how many collectible cars are rotting to the ground because owners refuse to fix up or won’t sell

  21. Richard

    I live in sandston if anyone wants more info I can go look if you contact seller. Very humid climate, things rust bad. Been a mechanic for 15 years and oldest I worked on was all original 50 ford custom deluxe coup. No charge.

  22. ACZ

    Windshield smashed out and left outside? This was the first year with a catalytic converter. If memory serves, that meant the first year with a metal floor pan. If you don’t see any water in the floor now, that means there is no floor, or roof support. Boat anchor.

  23. Mike Williams

    I agree, not worth restoring or even getting to run.

  24. dennis

    Another of hundreds of thousands of rubber bumper C3’s.. Nothing special, just a plain old base coupe. A shame, but there’s tons of nice drivers out there for under $10,000 Had 2 77’s in 15 years and each one I was lucky to walk away with $1200 more than I put into them. Doing all the paint and just fixing what was wrong with them plus some weatherstrips and of course tires. They were bought cheap too.

  25. AMCFAN

    I am with the consensus. It isn’t worth saving and no need to shed a tear as there are a million other plastic bumper Vettes out ther that can be had for just a few dollars more running with windo glass..

    The seller says the car has been setting for 15 years. Could have been moved to it’s found location at that time but my guess is it has been parked a lot longer. Those tires Good Year GT+4’s were sold in the late 1980’s. Rear wheel bearings have to be set up. The brake calipers all need rebuilt. Then all window glass. Just too much money to even make operational.

    Amazing to me is the seller would have benefited had he taken a day or so to prepare the car before selling. No way to hide the neglected condition for sure BUT a shop vac and a power washer even if you had to rent them would be cheaper then taking to a car wash. It could have netted him a few hundred dollars more at least for the effort and give the car a little more hope.

  26. Jared

    we chopped a nicer c3 in half to make a corvette swing out of it.

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