Farm Hand Half-Cab: 1960 Jeep CJ5

Rarely do old farm trucks disappoint as it relates to looking cool and just generally bad-ass with faded graphics on the doors. This is an unusual half-cab 1960 Jeep CJ5 that comes from a ranch in Colorado and still wears hand-painted letters on the doors denoting where it did its duty as a workhorse. Find it here on craigslist for $6,500, and thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. 

While we see the traditional soft-tops CJ5s with some regularity, these half-cabs show up far less frequently. I’d wager we even see the RHD postal Jeeps more often. This example clearly comes from a high-desert climate, with a dry body and no signs of major rot. Even better, it sounds like it’s mechanically-sound based on the listing.

The seller notes the Jeep benefits from the following updates: a rebuilt F-head F4-134 4-cylinder engine; new motor/transmission/transmission-case mounts; new clutch and throw-out bearing; new fuel tank and electric fuel pump; and a new battery. The interior also looks usable as-is, but I’d love to see this one with the preserved exterior and completely restored cabin.

That pickup bed can’t hold much, but who cares? I’d love to use this half-cab for an in-town runner, even if the cargo capacity is lacking. However, that first photo makes me think this CJ5 should never leave the open plains of the West Coast, or at least continue to be used as a working rig on a farm. How would you use this unusual half-cab CJ5?

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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I agree Jeff, farm / hunting rig. Not much else to do with it really. Drive to the Village for a cold one? The door lettering does nothing for me, as my name is not Kramer. The hard work is done, maybe the cab makes it worth a little more. Cool rig, but to much money for me.

  2. Howard A Member

    There was a time when every gas station, municipality, and park service had one of these as plow trucks. They literally withered away, which is why seeing a half cab like this is truly remarkable. They are still around, under lean-to’s and in sheds, plows still attached, but sinking in the mud, as the rusty Chevy pickup took it’s place. I’m sure plenty of farms still have these in a corner, so it’s not rare. Price seems about right for Colorado.

  3. IkeyHeyman Member

    You can’t swing a dead cat here in Colorado without hitting an old jeep of some sort. I can see somebody buying this just to have something to do a little wrenching on and to make runs to the beer store.

  4. Matt steele

    Its neat to see but an average Joe like me wouldn’t spend $6500 on it..not that functional

  5. Shaggin’ Wagon

    Before the side by side off road 4 x 4 options became available, something like this was about the only option for running around your farm/ranch. My uncle had an old scout that never saw a public road. Probably never went over 15mph. Usually had a bale or two of hay in the back.

  6. hugh crawford

    Around here the mosquito abatement district would send men out in these with tanks of little fish in the back. They would come out to the ranch and put about a dozen little fish in every watering trough about once a week. The guy that had out ranch on his rute was the nicest guy. I was about 10 and imagined that it was somehow an interesting job to tour all the watering troughs in the county.

  7. hatofpork

    @hugh crawford It is an interesting job! (if you’re Willie Nelson)

  8. S Craig MacDonald

    Colorado ranch, Colorado truck, Arizona plates. Hmmmm.

  9. WrongWay

    Wow, this is another vehicle I hadn’t thought of in years! Probably because they are pretty darn rare, I think! Just don’t see these very often!

  10. Ivan

    It is coming to its new home in Utah!!!!! Very excited!!! Thank you barnfinds!!!


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