Final Year Survivor: 1991 Honda CRX 5 Speed

The Honda CRX was a common sight on roads from the late 80s until around the late 90s. In the past 10 years or so these things are seldom seen anymore. The second-generation CRX was produced for the ’88 to ’91 model years. Nice examples are hard to find and judging by the aggressive bidding on this one, there is a market. Check it out here on eBay in White Marsh, MD with bidding at $5,100 at the time of writing.


The 2 seater CRX was a sporty economy car known for good fuel economy and reliability.  This era was the glory days of Honda in my opinion. All of the cars in the Honda lineup had sleek, contemporary styling when compared to some of the competition. Reliability and low cost of ownership were great. But I’ll digress, and not rehash the Japanese VS domestic car debate again. Very high mileage was common on these cars and most were sent to the junkyard after simply being worn out. One thing that makes this car unique is the low odometer reading of 105,000.

The interior is beautiful and reflects the mileage. This CRX is the unlabeled DX trim level and is equipped with A/C, AM/FM cassette, and a C/D player which was rare for a base car in ’91. Other models were the top of the line SI and the HF or High-Efficiency model which was rated at over 40MPGs. One downside of this car is the salvage title it comes with, the seller says all repair work was done properly but doesn’t go into details. The included VIN check indicates damage to the right front. I assume the car is able to be registered in all states but the buyer should make sure before purchase. This car appears to be totally rust free which is a huge plus.

The engine bay looks very tidy, here we see the 1.5 liter sixteen valve engine. This engine has Hondas PGM Dual Point injection which is a throttle body type fuel injection, SI models had multiport fuel injection. This car looks overall to be in great shape and will make a fun daily commuter. Hopefully its mechanically sorted out, sometimes these low mileage cars need some refreshing before being able to hit the road. Let’s hope the originality is preserved by the next owner.





  1. 8banger dave Member

    Nice little cars. And you can see the R side marker is popped out a bit and doesn’t line up quite right…and the R door appears to be a bit popped as well.

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    • Big Al

      Looks like it was hammered on the whole right side

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  2. Mike H. Mike H.

    Wow! Interesting bidding for the poverty-spec version of this car. Panel fit on that Sorta-Fit RF fender is awful (check the gap between the hood and fender – sheesh!), the marker lamp sticks out, and what’s happening with the RH door? If it were anything else I’d suspect some wild shill bidding taking place, but the sad reality is that there is an audience for this particular car, and even a poorly repaired low optioned example will bring about some legitimate money from them.

    I hope that the bidders are paying attention there and not being taken in by the shiny paint and cleaned carpets.

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  3. 8banger dave Member

    And if we’re going to keep picking at it, the brake master cylinder looks awfully low – pending front brake job?

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      And the muffler? Many adapters welded on to make that tractor muffler fit where a much, much larger can once lived.

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  4. ace10

    Would that car even pass the Maryland inspection?
    Or the emissions test with that cigar tube muffler?

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  5. Vance

    Back in 1991, I saw a 1989 CRX Si, black., 5 spd, moonroof by the side of the road. It had 30k or so on it, needed tires, and a very small scrape on the right rear quarter. Girlfriend was Honda crazy, she loved it, asking price was 6500.00. We went home, thought about it, and decided to get cash, drive it, and make an offer. Went back, the guy sprinted from his house, keys in hand, and told us he had to get rid of it now because his wife was due any day and the other car was a Jeep. We drove it and liked it, I had the money. This poor guy was standing there just chomping at the bit. I mention the tires and scrape, and offered him 4k cash. He asked 5k, I said no 4k take it or leave it. This guy had shown me his hand, he dejectedly took the cash. Great car, sold it 2 years later for 6500.

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  6. Ken Jennings

    I do not trust people who blacken their windows.

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    • Oregon_Guy78

      I agree, I just get a bad vibe. I don’t like riding in cars with blacked out windows either

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      • Ken Jennings

        What are they trying to hide behind tinted windows? If it is such a great idea, why is it not a factory option?

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    • Stevieg Member

      My son tinted the windows on his car because he has expensive stereo equipment in it & it got stolen once. Now people can’t see in it to know what is in it. He hasn’t had a problem since.
      He has the added benefit of being able to drool at female joggers without looking obvious lol.

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  7. Vance

    Drive through Arizona when its 120 degrees, you will change your mind very quickly.

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  8. Maestro1 Member

    These cars worshipped on the West Coast, generally driven by idiots who beat them to death. I’ll pass.

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  9. Gus Fring

    Caveat emptor.

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  10. art

    Nice looking but the first order of business is to scrub off the ludicrous amount of tire dressing. It looks as though someone used a quart of Mazola oil on them.
    No new tire comes gloss shiny, so why this?
    Bidding will go up as these Honda’s in decent condition are rare these days.

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  11. Scott Member

    Says I can call Susan anytime. My wife might disagree with that!

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  12. Alan Robbins

    Had one just like it, loved it, would almost pull the redline in top gear.

    That being said you hit a an SUV in one of these with no airbags…

    I’ll stick with my daily driver, an I4 Accord Coupe with the six speed manual.

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  13. Jaker76

    Drive it before putting any cash on the table. The right side looks suspect and that muffler??? Lots of questions on this! Yeah t hey were fun little rockets esp the SI!!! Had one but the door not lining up and things, without an inspection in person I would stay away!

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  14. travs66

    When I looked at the posting, there is an AutoCheck box that shows TITLE: Major Issue, ACCIDENTS: Major Issue. This is clearly a salvaged Honda, sadly. This would be a fun car for about 2500, I would be concerned with water leaks on rainy days and alot of wind noise with the lousy panel gaps.

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  15. ChadC880

    Y’ll need to Google Search the VIN and see the pictures when it was wrecked.

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  16. michael kelly

    Definitely T-boned with frame damage.

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