Finalé Body! 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

UPDATE – The seller of this interesting Fiero saw that we featured it and reached with more information and some corrections. Rather than rewrite the article, we have included a copy of their email below. They also sent us better photos of it!

First off, I’m in Brunswick GA, not Florida. A lot of people are ragging on the interior, the article should be updated that the car was completely built in the ’90s, and while it might not be to todays’ liking or preferences, it was period correct for that era, it’s like a time capsule inside, over 25 years ago. Its black leather and deep red velour, and sure, the fabric could easily be changed if desired but that would be like pulling out the custom interior from an ’80s custom van or the diamond tucked interior of a Cali vintage lowrider.  It’s not a new build or something put together using dated style.
Also, this is an all-original design by famous Formula 1 racecar driver Peter Ashdown of England.  He debuted it at the Geneva Motor Show in 1994, I believe. The kits made after 2000 by Archie in Chicago were slightly different and didn’t bear the build plate and other minor details. The custom interior pieces are all from the PISA Corp, located in Arizona I believe.  Back in the ’90s, this kit sold for $5k in England plus shipping via container, not a cheap fee either. Over 100 man-hours to build the exterior, not counting prep and paint and interior.

FROM 11/28/2021 – Barely identifiable as having started life as a Pontiac, this shiny red sports car wears a UK-sourced Finalé widebody kit. The modified 1988 Pontiac Fiero in Brunswick, Florida may be the only one in America, and one of 32 in the world, according to the seller. It comes to market here on Craigslist, and the asking price of $16,000 buys a 78k Fiero equipped with the most desirable power train, the V6 five-speed, a collectible car in its own right. Add the exclusive British body kit and you’ve got one rare beast. Thanks to reader Pat L. for spotting this interesting mid-engined classic.

The red velour and black vinyl theme may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s just as unique and in-your-face as the wide-body kit. Another specimen found on the web looks slightly more normal, but also more stock and less interesting. An additional set of wheels and tires are included.

Most Fiero kit cars look either A. Ridiculous or B. Like a less attractive Fiero. The Finalé, a creation of Candy Apple Cars, so completely transforms the mid-engine two-seater that few non-Fiero owners are likely to recognize its starting point. Not only that, it looks pretty good from all angles.

The factory 2.8L (170 cid) made 135 HP in an age where anything over 100 HP was considered “sporty.” I’ve logged some road trips in a V6, five-speed Fiero, and while they won’t win many drag races, there’s something special about the road-skimming driving position and the happy growl of the V6 just behind your head. Backing up is a miserable task in these cars, and I developed the same strategy employed by delivery drivers, always back IN while you control the road instead of backing OUT into traffic.

A stock Fiero understeers at the limit, and the owner of the car I drove, a motorcycle racer, fitted sticky tires up front and skinny snow tires in the rear to balance the handling, something I don’t recommend unless you know what you’re doing. Another 100+ HP would also help. Most drivers will simply say the car corners “like a go-kart,” because pushing any car to its limits on public roadways can lead to disaster. We would expect the wider stance of the Finalé body and modern rolling gear will plant this mid-engine sportster like glue in a non-racing situation. At one point a Chicago company was producing the kits in America, and at least one V8-powered version exists, from v8archie. As a big fan of GMs L67 supercharged 3.8L V6, I’d consider that well-documented Fiero swap as well. Have you seen a better-looking Fiero body kit?


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  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    If GM bought the rights to this kit and put on a decent turbo it could’ve saved the Fiero IMO.
    That interior, though not unusual for the era, is just plain FUGLY..more like what something you’d expect in a “Superfly” Cadillac!

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    • Terrry

      I was looking for red fuzzy dice and “Rooster” engraved somewhere on the dash.

      Like 2
  2. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    And lets not overlook that “dune buggy” steering wheel. That can go, along with all of the “velour” nonsense.

    Like 11
    • Gary

      Yes, pretty tacky. Should have kept the original body, be worth more. Esp now the 88s are starting to get the attention they deserve.

      Like 8
  3. michael e snyder

    I didn’t think the Fiero could be made worse looking…Looks like a Nissan 300zx

    Like 3
  4. mike

    I didn’t think the Fiero could be made worse looking…Looks like a Nissan 300zx

    Like 3
  5. Ike Onick

    The Grand Finale.

    Like 3
  6. Mikefromthehammer

    Lose the Bordello Red Velour seats, then you would have a looker (instead of a hooker).

    Like 5
  7. W72WW3

    I can taste the vomit in the back of my mouth in regards to the interior.

    Like 5
    • nycbjr Member

      My thoughts exactly lol

      Like 2
  8. Malcolm Boyes

    Looks so much better with the wheels in the earlier pix. Must say..I like me weird ( I also own a VW Thing!)..

    Like 5
  9. CCFisher

    I see nothing here that is an improvement over a stock Fiero GT.

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  10. David

    This is a Fiero kit I was inches away from buying back in the day

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  11. Larry Ragans

    Brunswick, FLORIDA is certainly a rare city find! How about the car being in Brunswick, Georgia, instead?

    Like 4
    • James

      Agreed…there is no Brunswick, FL…

      Like 1
  12. Howie Mueler

    It turns heads everywhere, yes but for all the wrong reasons.

    Like 6
  13. That Guy

    The interior would look great in a ’63 Impala lowrider. Here, not so much.

    Like 3
  14. Karl

    I saw the car and knew of a company that made a kit to put an LS7 into a Pontiac like this, then I looked at it and thought what a waste for a beautiful engine!

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  15. Slomoogee

    The body kit on this Fiero detracts from the overall appearance, and I can’t quite get the words for the interior. The 1st and only thought about it was finishing my model interiors as a kid. I believe it was called Funny Fur

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  16. Mark


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  17. rjc Member

    That body is a definite improvement from the stock body. Interior not so much.

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  18. Stan

    If only GM could’ve dropped the old Grand National Buick 3.8 turbo into these from the factory..

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  19. Melton Mooney

    Great, but what about the mediocre (even for its time) driveline and suspension.

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  20. CCFisher

    No disrespect to the seller, but that bordello-inspired interior would have been just as out of place in the 1990s as it is today.

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  21. FrankD

    If it had hydraulics to go with that interior. It would be a winner at any low-down show-down show.

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  22. Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

    I don’t get all the snark and trolling. I think it looks great and I’ll bet that seat is very comfortable to sit in and a really fun ride. I’m also fine with the so-called brothel interior. We see a lot of crap in BF with ridiculous prices. Here we have an owner who has clearly presented a vehicle in great condition at a decent price for what it is and almost all of the comments trash the poor guy. For crying out loud, real Xmas spirit, folks.

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      Upon further reflection I have to say “x 2”.

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  23. Ron

    Based on all the photos that are shown in this listing, I have seen 3 different types of wheels, and 2 different steering wheels. You’d think the seller would post pictures of exactly what someone is getting for their money.

  24. Sam Shive

    A Pig With Lipstick …….. IS STILL A PIG

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