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Finned Original: 1960 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

Who could ever turn down such a solid and beautiful Cadillac? Completely original and stored indoors, this De Ville is the prefect start to an awesome Cadillac project! In running condition, this Caddy has a weathered appearance, but thankfully has little rust to show from its 58 years of life. Described as being complete, this coupe has been bid up to $8,499 with the reserve not met, but the buy it now option of $9,000 still lingers in this auction. Check out this sweet Caddy here on eBay out of Independence, Oregon.

A bit dusty and dirty this 390 V8 is a runner! In true Cadillac fashion, this car is equipped with all the luxurious features you would want out of a modern day classic. I would guess that the brake system needs some attention, and that the drive-train itself needs an overall servicing.

The interior is original, and appears to be in fair condition. The front bench looks very reasonable, as does the back seat. The door panels are removed but accounted for, and it seems that the only thing missing from the interior is the carpet and its associated padding. The dash is in fair shape with only a few very small peppered spots of surface rust and a crack or two in the dash pad.

With just two doors, this lengthy machine is truly a work of art. Rust with any project can be a deal breaker, but thankfully this Coupe De Ville is about as solid as they come. The seller has reported and photographed some surface rust in the front floors and described a quarter size hole in the passenger floor area. I spotted some mild rust in the lower portion of the front fenders but the rockers and quarters are as nice as anyone could wish for. The skirts are reported as being with the car, and the trunk while present cannot be opened. Who knows, maybe there is some neat stuff hidden away in the trunk making this deal even sweeter? Are you a fan of these big finned Americans?


  1. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    I had the same car, though with 4 doors, quite a while back. Bought it for $400, drove it ’til it dropped. White with black leather interior, strong 390. This one shows 33000, quite low if true. Nice project though you’ll have to put a good bit of money into it to bring up to snuff.

    Everything seems to be there, a great project with lots of potential.

  2. Jerry Long

    First car that I ever drove was a 1960 Cadillac model 62 convertible in the same color. It was nearly new at the time and virtually floated down the road.

    • normadesmond

      First car I ever drove also, except I drove it while sitting on my grandfather’s lap! I was 6 years old.

  3. Fink-A-Trailer

    I’ve met the seller. Usually deals in Rolls Royces or “Beverly Hills Hair Club ” quality exotics. Caveat Emptor. Independence is just west of Salem – view before buy!!

    • ags

      Beverly Hills Hair Club? HILARIOUS!!! And a perfect description.

  4. ccrvtt

    What a pretty car!

    Though putting it right would cost a small fortune it would be worth it to the right person. A poor boy could also get satisfaction by detoxing the inevitable biohazards, a complete powerwash, fluid change, a gallon of judiciously applied POR, and reline the brakes. Then simply drive & enjoy.

    What a pretty car!

  5. Classic Steel

    Nice biggggg car showing Americana!

    These boats were six to eight mpg cars when gas was on the cheap and Detroit was king.

    It reminds me of the song “one piece at a time” by JC 🤠. I can hear old Johnny singing loudly it’s a 58 59 60 61 62 …….

  6. John M.

    I wish that I had a time machine so I can go to the era when cars like this Caddy ruled the open American roads. To me, I envision this car as lowered, with spokes wheels wrapped in white side walled rubber along with a nice slick blue paint job and a white leather interior.

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    • Steve

      The majority of people complained that these type of cars got terrible gas mileage and there wasnt enough room for their kids dog and junk so now people like us that appreciate them for their style and performance no longer have a choice. Have you tried to buy a full size two door luxury car in the past 30 yrs.?

    • Poppy

      Rent the movie “Tin Men” for a fun trip back in time. The movie definitely has a ’50s-’60s Caddy-centric theme.

  7. Ron

    I always loved those cars, I like them better than the more popular 59s.

    • Kevin Mummery

      Me too…one of my teachers in high school drove one of these, in a light metallic purple color, and to me it was the coolest car I’d ever seen.

  8. Rock On

    Hope that there’s not a half dozen bodies in the trunk when the buyer finally gets it opened!

  9. Jack M.

    Yeah Rock On, this could finally solve the Jimmy Hoffa mystery.

  10. Dolphin Member

    I learned basic auto mechanics from helping my Dad on Saturdays when he worked on his latest ’50s / early ’60s Caddy like this. He bought them in needy condition, but not that old….this was the ’60s. Fixed them, drove them for a while until the next one came along, and sold the one he was driving. Probably made $500, tops, for his work and the new parts he put into them. This was the ’60s.

    Like Jerry Long above, the first Caddy I drove was a convertible. It had the softest suspension I have ever experienced before or since. You could almost think it had no shock absorbers, except that it did stop oscillating up and down sooner than if there no shocks. A very different era back then.

  11. Michael Gregory

    First Cadillac I ever rode in was the neighbor girl’s metallic green ’60 Coupe DeVille. Started my love of Caddys that day. Had five old ones, but never one of these. Would totally buy this one if I had all the money in the world.

  12. Ron

    Put a modern cts-v drive train in it but leave it stock looking. Supercharged lsa with a 6l90 auto. Beef up the suspension a little and cruise it. It would freak people out when a boat that big hauls ass hahaha!

  13. Philip Maniatty

    I don’t think this car is a Coupe de Ville. It appears to be an entry level 62 coupe. The upholstery trim would be vinyl, not leather. The front door armrest is shorter and power windows were optional.

  14. Gay Car Nut

    Assuming that rust is only on the surface, and it hasn’t penetrated into the rest of the car, and there’s no other serious problems to deal with, it would make for an excellent restoration or possibly restomod.

  15. Beatnik Bedouin

    The ’60s were a toned-down version of the ’59s, the car GM created because management was worried that they were getting ‘out-finned’ by Chrysler (no joke)!

    As Steve said, people complained about the poor fuel economy and sheer bulk of the 1959/60 models.

    Having driven these late ’50s Caddies and the early 1960s ones that followed, the later cars feel much more lively.

    My favourite 1960 Cadillac was the wild custom that used to be parked at the legendary car painter’s, Carter’s, shop back in the early 1970s. This car could virtually stop traffic on Van Nuys Blvd when it was out for a cruise – a real work of art.

  16. Ron

    My dad had a dark blue one back in the mid ’60’s. I remember our metal garage door coming off it’s rail and hitting the rear trunk area. The fin punched a hole in the door like a can opener. Fin came out of it with just a scrape. They don’t make them like this anymore.

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