Fire Sale: 1970 Dodge Challenger

Before this 1970 Dodge Challenger experienced its trial by fire, it must have been a pretty special car. The supplied photos tend to indicate that it was a fairly-rust-free car, but the addition of some recent artwork can’t disguise the fact that those days are long behind it. Located in Miami, Florida, the Challenger is listed for sale here on eBay. The listing has opened at $5,000, but there have been no bids to this point. There are 42 people who are currently watching the listing, and you can’t help but wonder if this is out of some form of morbid curiosity.

In the listing description, the owner demonstrates a sense of humor by listing the exterior color as “rust.” Originally, the Challenger was finished in Black, which would have made it a pretty intimidating looking car. You can see by the warped and twisted steel that the Challenger has gotten awfully hot, and this doesn’t bode well for the car’s structural integrity going forward. Once steel has been this hot, all sorts of issues can be experienced with characteristics such as tensile strength. I have seen cars with similar levels of damage to this one restored as track-day cars with roll cages installed, but rarely do they find their way back onto public roads. You can call me overly cautious if you like, but the last thing that I would want to find is that the structural integrity of my classic has been compromised while I’m in the middle of a crash.

The news inside the Challenger is no better than it is on the outside, and this is hardly surprising. While manufacturers do their best to minimize the flammability of interior trim, you can never stop carpets, vinyl, plastic, and foam from igniting. When you look around inside the car, you can once again get some idea of how intense the fire was. About the only salvageable items are the seat frames. This is a crying shame because the interior used to be home to Black-trimmed bucket seats, a floor console, and Rallye gauges, including a tachometer.

For muscle car enthusiasts, this is the moment where you might have to weep a bit. Under the hood of the Challenger was a 383ci Magnum V8, producing 335hp. This was backed by an A-727 TorqueFlite transmission, while the Challenger was also optioned with power steering and power front disc brakes. It isn’t clear whether everything is numbers-matching, but the one thing that I have noticed is that the damage in the engine bay is nowhere near as bad as it generally is on the rest of the car. There is a real possibility that many of the mechanical components might be able to be saved, which would be a good thing. It is also worth noting that the Challenger still has its original fender tag and Arizona title.

Look, some of you might look at this 1970 Dodge Challenger and see it as a viable restoration prospect. I’m not going to say that you are right, but nor am I going to say that you are wrong. What I will say is that if someone does take it on as a restoration project, they will have a lot of work ahead of them. If they manage to actually restore it to its original condition, they will also have a very desirable car parked in their driveway. Would you be a person who is willing to take it on, or do you see its future as a donor car?


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    Re-Jag roadster.

    • Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

      Yes. Mate it with the Jag and wind up with a baby bucket.

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      • bry593

        Is low carbon steel heat treatable? Would the primary concern be the loss of strength due to relaxing of residual stresses causes by cold forming? What parts of this car could be reused? Would it best serve as scrap metal or yard art?

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    • Glenn Schwass Member

      I’m sorry but even if the engine and trans are alive, what on this burned out wreck is remotely worth $5k?

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  2. flmikey

    The sight of these pictures could make a grown man cry…I would have if I were the owner of this…5K seems lofty to me, but I guess the market will decide if it is worth the money…

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  3. Classic Steel

    Hmm must be list your cadaver car week .
    So this is what good times at the insurance auction means.. I guess we should all see if go out in some boats with radar to try to fish out a new rusted out hull listing. 🎣 😜😏

    Its a toss up for me with jaguar 🐆 challenger and 🦅 bird. 😆 to buy. I guess it random strips of paper and draw one..

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  4. Gary Bortz

    Unfortunately, all it seems good for will be a parts car.
    Pull the drivedrain and save some other ride worth saving.

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  5. Ralph

    This looks like a car from the Ted Vernon fire, he was the guy on the staged reality show “South Beach Classics” until it was cancelled because he got a domestic disturbance beef.

    He ran an open air junkyard disguised as a used classic car dealer in Miami for years, then he had a cleansing arson….err fire, and now he’s trying to sell this junk.

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    • rpol35

      Really? I wondered what had happened to him, he seemed to have a high level sleaze factor about him.

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      • Ralph

        That guys been selling questionable classics and specialty cars in Miami since the 70’s.

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      • JOHN Member

        I used to watch the shows just to see how bad his cars were, the statements he made about many cars were not even close to accurate, the majority of his cars appeared to be turds. But, what did you expect, at the end of the day is a used car salesman…

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    • Glenn Schwass Member

      I’m sorry but even if the engine and trans are alive, what on this burned out wreck is remotely worth $5k?

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  6. Superdessucke

    Hot car.

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    • LARRY

      Heh heh….hot car.. lmao good one

  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I don’t think “viable restoration” applies to this crispy critter. It’s barely a parts car.

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  8. Sal

    Other then hanging xmas lights on it, and I wouldn’t even waste my time doing that… why would anyone keep this car? (if it had any sentimental value, then it wouldn’t be for sale)

    Shouldn’t the insurance have paid for the loss? Call the newest recycling facility and see if they will pick it up for scrap (and free).

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    • Glenn Schwass Member

      Yes that guy in Miami was so shady. Not as bad as the desert guys who just painted wrecks and sold them as restored but close. His wife dumped him too. She at least was fun to watch and didn’t seem as slimy as her husband.

  9. JOHN Member

    I’m kinda digging the graffiti…

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  10. rpol35

    Stick a fork in it, it’s done!

  11. Keith

    YES Will Fox, You get it! Mopar freaks will pay any amount as long as it is a old Mopar! Wow! I guess stupid is and stupid does, that is for the Mopar freaks.

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    • 36Packard

      I have owned many a Mopar, it was the family brand back in the day and I have a soft spot in my heart for them, but believe it or not, I am starting to agree with you. The prices have gotten out of control. What I do not understand is that years back, most people looked down on them, the resale value was crummy. What changed? Why the crazy universal desire for them now?

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    • Chris M.

      Yes Keith, the only truth you’ve spoken… Stupid is as stupid does. The irony in you saying that is staggering.

  12. Keith

    WT@! Really?

  13. jimmy the orphan

    Toss this on the pile with the Jag,T-bird,GTO,cuda,and the rest of any rusty junk here today…………………………………JIMMY

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  14. TimM

    What the heck!!!! That’s what happens when you drop the hot glass pipe on the floor while driving!!! Is this barn find or fire sale???? I don’t think there is one useable part on this thing!!!

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  15. LARRY

    I guess its getting harder to find decent vehicles for barn finds unless youse guys have a great sense of humor..or just scraping the bottom of the rusted barrel or maybe uhhh trying to fill some empty space???

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      It was good for a laugh and ended up getting more action than a nice one would have.

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  16. canadainmarkseh Member

    I’d take the rear axle assembly otherwise shove it through the shredder.

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  17. Mike

    Looks like a core engine, trans and rear end to me. $500 is as far as I’d go and that would be pushing it.

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  18. Poncho

    $5k for a big piece of toast? Ouch! Good luck to the seller and wonder what the buyer is thinking if they shell out that kind of money. I don’t even see parts adding up to that $.

  19. Michelle

    This is the case ,,, when a 15 year old girl is driving her fathers “” hot car “” no punt intended ,,,,, texting … drinking 110 proof moon shine ,,, smoking “ lady Jane “” all at the same time !!!!!!

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