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First Generation Chevelle Malibu With 82K Miles!

Originally paying homage to the coast of California, the Malibu name began as a trim level on the Chevrolet Chevelle in 1964. There are technically nine generations of the Malibu, and it remains as the only sedan currently being offered by Chevrolet today. Among a market chock full of large and small options for the American car buyer, the Chevelle and Malibu trim filled in the gap by satisfying those looking for a mid-size car with a little pep in its’ step. Located in Bonita, California, this 1966 Malibu has a starting bid of $20,000, and you can see more here on Big shout out to Larry D. for the tip.

Although not technically considered a muscle car without the SS badge, it satisfied performance needs, and checked a lot of boxes for everyone from your average husband/wife needing a daily, to a youngster looking for flair and some power. The styling of the Malibu edition won over many hearts, and in turn led to outselling the original line’s Chevelle two to one even at its’ inception. There were many options in regards to engine choice, and they ranged from a 120hp six cylinder, to a 396ci Powerglide pushing 420lb-ft of torque.You’ll find an upgraded small block V8 and manual transmission offering with this 1966. The engine bay looks clean and cared for, and the bones appear sound and rust-free.

This Malibu up for grabs, in its’ very clean brown exterior, sports a factory 283 with an Edlebrock aluminum intake manifold and carburetor.  This particular machine is rated at around 195hp and 285lb-ft of torque, while the ever popular Muncie 4-speed moves you through the gears. The seller claims that it is mostly stock, in great shape, and that they cruise around in it every weekend. After perusing each of the eighteen pictures carefully, its safe to say this classic was well cared for inside and out. Although not a “survivor,” you’ll surely be stepping back in time when you get behind this two-spoke steering wheel reminiscing of a time of wide-belted skinny pants and the first acid tests.

The inside appears pretty original with the usual wear and tear you would find on any 50+ year old car without any major restorations. Overall, however, nothing inside seems to need any early attention. What’s concerning is the lack of information in the listing, and that the current owner has only claimed it for one year. Similar 1966’s are fetching figures up to $50K+, so a little more backstory would have gone a long way. But there is a clean title in hand, and if it’s as reliable and as good of a driver as stated, this might be a contender to throw in the mix for whoever is currently seeking a mid-sized, stylistic coupe that’s ready to hop in and cruise.


  1. Cadmanls Member

    Wow had a car quite similar to this one, yep even had an SS hood. They are pretty, mine was a warm small block with a turbo 350. Had factory air in place. Bought it as a runner in NC no interior to speak of and in primer. Had a 307 and powerglide. Never buy a car in primer, I was lucky, no mud but the paint headliner, interior was a bunch of work. Motor, tranny, probably my most extensive project my garage ever turned out. It was every bit a nice as that one finished. Sold it and went down to NC and bought three more vehicles. Ahh the memories. Someone should enjoy this beauty in their garage.

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  2. Big C

    Pretty car! If it’s rust free? Then it’s a gem.

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  3. PaulG

    Having owned several 66-67’s this looks pretty nice, especially with the full gauges and it’s a factory A/C car.
    Almost doubt it’s the Muncie transmission, I believe most small blocks came w/ the Saginaw.
    I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one…

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    • Michael Garner

      Look as I might, but I didn’t see any sign of A/C under the hood….

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      • Rw

        EVAP box is There look passenger side under hood , maybe you need new glasses as does Russ Dixon

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      • PaulG

        Evap box plus vents in dash are the telltale signs of factory A/C

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      • Dave

        Also it’s a completely different heater box.

  4. SirLurxaLot

    I do not like brown cars. But I do like gold cars (as long as the interior is absolutely no shade of brown at all.) I like this car. I think it is gold, not brown. Do any Chevelle afficianados here know the name of this color?

    • Doone

      Champagne gold

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      • Stan

        Free Champagne 🍾 🥂

    • Chuck Dickinson

      The only stock 66 color close to this is Sandalwood Tan, however, this looks much too gold for that. Perhaps it is Sandalwood tan, but perhaps it’s an ‘owner’s choice’ color.

  5. gaspumpchas

    Plenty of red flags on this one. Low feedback on seller, and no visible feedback on seller. And most of the bids are low feedback. Very vague descriptions. Due diligence needed on this one, displays nicely with the BB Hood. Caveat Emptor.

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  6. Gary

    I don’t know the name of the color but I did have one this color back in the late 70’s. Paid $800 for it. Can’t believe the money they get now.

  7. David Sawdey

    YAWN , another Chevelle

  8. Srt8

    I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sirlirxalot. Sorry man, can’t help myself .

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  9. Comet

    Nice looking car. The owner must have been very concerned about thode inner door panels falling off.

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  10. Desert Rat

    Not a muscle car if it doesn’t have ss emblems?? Well dear author, what would you call a copo 427 67-69 Camaro, no ss emblems on these bad boys but these cars would easily kick the a## of just about any factory ss in the 1/4 mile. The only ss that might hang with a 427 camaro would have been a 70 chevelle 454 ls6 but even then with less weight my money would be on the Camaro.

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  11. Keith Hall

    Had the same color 66 SS 396 4spd but with factory white interior, beautiful car wish l kept it. Sold it for $400. as a roller long ago.

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  12. CaCarDude

    This and the ’67 SS Chevelle are my personal favorites in the A body Chevy line. Always a very popular car in my HS days, these and the Pontiac GTO’s. The color on this Chevelle is called Sandalwood Tan and should have a TT code on the firewall vin plate. Wish I was a bit younger, in better health and had the room for this.

  13. Emel

    That’s a nice looking Chevelle Malibu. Buckets are nice too in the era of the Drive-In bench seat. So you’d have to take that….to the back seat. lol
    Could use some more HP though.

  14. Al camino

    195 hp,come on


    you are correct, and the smart response about you needing glasses needs to go back to the sender, as there are not ac compressor connectons to the passanger side. there are two AC pipes that have been disconnected. So who needs glasses now.

  16. RexFox Member

    Nice car, but I would call this a second generation Malibu (first being 64 and 65). It is hard to see on my iPad, but it looks like it originally had a column shifted three speed. Stock 283s with a 2 barrel had 195 horses, but I bet this has a lot more now. Watch out for rust under that rear window chrome. It looks like the trunk has been patched as one would expect with the damage caused by water leaking from above. If the rust has been properly repaired, this could be a fun and relatively economical driver.

  17. Glenn Schwass Member

    Very sweet. 2nd Gen, though, not 1st. Love the color, 283 and 4spd.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Anyone who’s seen the movie Repo Man knows what a 1st gen Malibu looks like.

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  18. Robert Pittman

    My 66 Corvair was a similar color. The literature said it was desert tan with a fawn interior.

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