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Five Quarter Ton Kaiser Jeep Fun: 1969 M715

1969 Kaiser M715

The M715 Kaiser-Jeep vehicle is nicknamed the “five quarter ton”, due to its one and a quarter ton troop or cargo carrying capacity. It was produced between 1967 and 1969 with more than 33,000 copies built. This 1969 model was originally equipped with an overhead cam six cylinder engine. That engine apparently wasn’t known for reliability, so this truck is now equipped with a small block Chevrolet 350. It’s offered for sale here on craigslist in Biloxi, Mississippi for $1,900.

1969 Kaiser Military Jeep

The owner says it was located three hours north of the coast, and was not in the area when Katrina hit. As with any other vehicle, I would want at least a little bit of independent verification of that, even if nothing more than a careful personal inspection. He also says it has been sitting for years, and that he purchased it directly from the Defense Re-utilization Marketing Office, and it comes with a bill of sale only. Being of military origin and purchased directly from them, I’m wondering if possibly this vehicle never had a regular paper title.



The seller says it has floor rust, but is mechanically complete. It has been sitting and the mechanical condition is unknown. While he is clearly flipping this vehicle, the asking price of $1,900 may be attractive to some four wheel drive owners or military enthusiasts, who want to own a rig that everyone else on their block doesn’t already have. This platform did see military service in Vietnam and Korea, and the government of South Korea apparently still uses a variant of it, now manufactured by Kia. So what do you think? Is this military pickup worth picking up?


  1. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    I have probably owned more of these trucks than any other individual. They are wonderful vehicles. I think I have owned over 60 of them since I bought my first one in 1977. These are a huge upgrade from the M37/54 Dodges they replaced. Parts are easy for the,most part and they will drive highway speeds. Nearly everything is available from the local NAPA store if you know the interchanges. I love the original 24V systems. This is a great price, I sold my last one for 7500.00. The California CDF picked up so many that they had a shop dedicated to the maintenance and modification of them. They converted many to small blocks but had to quit doing that because the guys would take them out to play, get a little air with all the power and RPM of the 350 and blow the engines. I had several with rods hanging outside the block purchased from them. Many were repainted red by them as well. The orignal buyer should have received an SF form 97 when he bought the truck, a federal government release of title. That is the form you take to the DMV to get a civilian title. To improve the trucks, free wheeling hubs are a big help and I used to change out the water proof distributors, wires and plugs for common civilian ones. The biggest trouble the army had with the engine was they would over torque the cam cover bolts and cut the rubber gasket, then they would leak like a sieve. Otherwise they were a good engine. With the Internet. Every part is available today but some are expensive, like the waterproof distributor caps and plugs. Simply wonderful vehicles with enough common parts to simplify availability and enough military to be cool.

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    • Avatar photo Rancho Bella

      Thanks Dave.

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    • Avatar photo Dan B.

      Great overview. Much appreciated.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff N

      I just picked one of these up and I’m having a hell of a time finding tire solutions other than expensive custom rims. Do you have any insight or Solutions you would be willing to share? Please contact me at ATXpowdercoat@gmail.com

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    • Avatar photo Britt Halsell

      I would love your opinion on a 1967 M715 for sale in my neighborhood. It’s in original decent shape, except somewhere along the way an automatic transmission found it’s way into the Jeep. Assuming nothing is left of the original transmission, what kind of job is it to amass the parts to return it to a 4 speed?

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    • Avatar photo Bryan Bishop

      over 60!! im having a hard time securing just 1! this has been my dream vehicle since i bought my first jeep when i was 15. Now 27, 4 jeeps later, i have yet to own such a beast! Soon to come as soon as i can find one.

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    • Avatar photo Sherman S Green

      Dave Wright, I’m starting to look for one of these trucks can you help me out?

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  2. Avatar photo artichoke330

    I drove one of these in Korea back in ’68. A wonderful vehicle. So much more civilized than the M151 it replaced. The canvas fit tight and the heater could handle the Korean winters. It would climb the side of a mountain, even in snow. The only problem I encountered was the throttle cable would freeze before the engine warmed up enough to keep it thawed out. That first turn down the road in the morning could get pretty exciting!

    I’m glad this isn’t close by or I’d be tempted to add it to the collection.

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  3. Avatar photo Rancho Bella


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  4. Avatar photo Alex

    I’ve been lusting after one of these for years. It sits back off of the dirt road going to my river house. The owner (to the best of my searching) is in prison where I am assured he will live out the rest of his life… So I don’t know if I’ll be able buy it or not. I’m still pursuing it. I remember seeing the truck running when I was young (80’s early 90’s). This one looks like a good deal, I guess. I love the look of these and the removable top. It would be an excellent around town truck when everything gets sorted.

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  5. Avatar photo Mike

    There is a group of Military Trucks Duffs near me by a short haul, and they collect and put them back into top shape, My Dad’s shop repainted a few of them back to Army Drab Green. I might have to go see if they have seen this ad, knowing that bunch they would jump at it and buy it for another one for the collection. They have one of the Jeeps that my Best Friend’s Dad bought back in the late 70’s from a Government surplus sell from a Depot in Texas.

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  6. Avatar photo dave moses

    I an looking for a M715 and do not have a lot of money to spend. any help would be apricated. I can be contacted at ed40578@yahoo.com

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  7. Avatar photo Hugh Pickrel

    NICE! I can’t find anything but Hummers out here west of the Mississippi! I have been looking all over for a M715!

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