Flat Six Equipped: 49K Mile 1991 Subaru XT6

As some readers likely know, I just sold my lightly-restored 1988 Subaru XT6 project. Frankly, I’m glad the seller of a fairly minty 1991 XT6 waited a few weeks to list his, as it looks like a nice specimen – but the opening bid is already approaching what I sold mine for. Find this survivor-grade XT6 here on eBay with bidding starting at $4,100.

Truthfully, it doesn’t surprise me to see one listed so quickly after I brought mine to auction. I had a feeling that, after not seeing another one listed for sale in years, someone had to be holding onto a decent example. *So* many of these XTs are complete rat-boxes that finding one with the combination of high preservation and lots of maintenance is more than obscure; it’s practically non-existent. This one shows under 50,000 original miles and is the desirable six-cylinder / 5-speed / + 4WD version.

This is the same configuration as my car, which means it has pneumatic air suspension from the factory. Surprisingly, this XT6 retains a functional air suspension system, as most have been swapped out after the system failed to inflate (and believe me, repairs are costly – and a huge pain, because replacement parts are non-existent). My car was converted to coilovers, but the seller claims this one will still elevate up and down if you ask it to. The engine bay looks quite clean, but the seller offers few details on maintenance history.

As a late production car, this XT6 sports the funky multi-colored interior. I would have preferred this one in my car, as the earlier ones are just gray mousefuzz in every direction. These oddball Japanese cars are definitely appreciating classics; I know of an enthusiast local to me who prefers GTOs and Camaros but recently picked up an original XT Turbo to hold onto as a potential investment vehicle. I’ll be watching this one closely to see what the hammer price is.


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  1. T Mel

    Obscure and rare are not the same thing

    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      Never said they were…?

  2. Chuck

    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the link and great info. Yah these beauties are fetching a top price now it seems! I’m surprised they started with such a high entry bid, but they prolly figured if you got 4700, then why not?
    Low mileage too, so guess we’ll find out in 5 days : )

    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      I actually ended up with $5,700, so I think you’re right that the seller is basing his opening bid on my sale price.

  3. Wagon master Member

    Rarely seen? I love these but the repairs scare me along with minimal parts availability.

  4. Mark S

    This looks a nice driveline for the Porsche for the other day, not a bad price for a potential donor to get that P car running. Of course your going to need to know what your doing to fabricate that into the Porsche.id from engine it in so I could take advantage of the all wheel drive. JMHO.

  5. XMA0891

    His was an earlier example, but back when folks seemed more inclined to do these sorts of things, my uncle’s neighbor towed his XT to the “back forty” to decompose. My uncle twitched it out, and with some minor repairs drove it for years trouble-free! They’re among the more homely Subies – IMO – but well-built and durable. Mileage on this one is unbelievable! Great Find!

  6. Paul B

    I had an SVX and that was a great car. I always liked the XT6. You don’t see many

  7. Gay Car Nut

    I remember when the Subaru XT was offered. *At the time,* I thought it was hideous to look at. It looked like no Subaru I’d seen previously. I remember saying to anyone who had one “what the hell is this?” I then look at the logo and would say “that’s a Subaru?!” Today, I see one, and I actually like it. I find it more attractive than most cars produced today. My only serious peeve with the cars were the automatic shoulder harness that would wrap itself around your body and neck. The other thing I didn’t appreciate was the full-time AWD that was becoming common on Subarus.

  8. Francois

    Asking bid jumped $2600, still no bids.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      For the $6700 opener, a lot of nice Subaru options are out there which would be much better drivers, and so much easier to find parts for.

      • Jeff Lavery Staff

        Agreed. As much as I thought the car was interesting / fun / significant for its time, I was far too spoiled by my affinity for 80s BMWs in terms of driving pleasure. A cool car, for sure, but not all that fun to drive (purely my opinion – always preferred RWD to AWD).

  9. the chucker

    I saw a clapped out 4WD version of one of these at an ice rally a couple of years ago…he was owning it!

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