Flinstone-Mobile: 1969 Jaguar E-Type


Looking at the picture above, this 1969 E-Type doesn’t look too bad. It’s located in Springfield, Missouri, and is offered for sale here on eBay, where bidding is up to $3,300 (and has climbed more than $1,000 since I started writing this posting!). There is no reserve. The car was taken off the road in 1977 due to electrical issues and I’m guessing was stored outside without a cover. How did I come to that conclusion? Look at the interior picture.


After viewing this picture, this is one find I want no part of. I fully realize that rusty metal can be cut out and replaced, but that’s a bit extreme even for me. If you’ve ever watched The Flintstones, you’ll know that Fred’s car is powered by his feet through the floor. I’d rather have an XK inline-6, thank you. However, given the rapid rise in E-Type prices, maybe this is the only way for someone to get their dream car. I just hope the buyer is good at welding!


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  1. L.M.K. Member

    How could they just let it sit out in the elements like that ? This question , in one form or another, is asked over & over again when viewing barn finds….Truly a shame, but not a total loss for whomever is selling it. It’s at $15K as of this moment….

  2. James Mogey

    $15K? Are you kidding? For this rusty nightmare? WOW.

    • TBall

      Right! I couldn’t agree more. I had a neighbor back in the ’90s that had a ’69 Shelby GT500, did the same thing – letting it set outside year-round in MI, wouldn’t sell because “it is a collectable”, wouldn’t do anything with it either. Some folks, I don’t get it. Shame, both that Shelby and this Jag deserves much better.

  3. charles hefner

    Wow $15k and doesn’t even have a title!

    • Glen

      . I’m Canadian, so I don’t know how the American system works, but It says it has a Missouri title from 1971.

  4. Doug M. (West) Member

    So, this looks so familiar that I have to share this story: I bought a 69 Jag convertible looking as good as this only in yellow (back when they were way less expensive). It had rust, but was more in the rockers than the floor, though it did HAVE floors. It was bad enough that the body was sagging making it hard to close the doors. Well, just so happens I found a full E tub (firewall back, fully stripped, but straight and NO rust). I got a steal on it at $550, and spent the whole winter stripping and swapping parts to put a good one back together. The bolt-off front sub frame helps make that do-able. Anyway, many hours into that project. I feel like I still know these cars well. The style and sound of the twin resonators is as good as it gets!

  5. jim s

    the seller also has a 1965 cadillac deville calais 2 door hardtop which i find more interesting. both listing have 6 days to go. interesting find.

  6. JW454

    Hey! Where’s Fred and Barney? They should be able to get some speed out of this thing.

  7. Chris

    Good news is I’ve solved the electical problem. There’s not enough metal for earth/ground current to get back to the battery.

  8. Wayne

    Some people just should not be allowed to own a car.

  9. Howard A Member

    I agree, looking at that interior made me almost blow my coffee. I don’t think people intentionally leave cool cars out in the elements like this on purpose. I’m sure there’s a story here. I’m reminded of an early Avanti that was trashed by one of it’s owners, as it was just an old Studebaker to them. Rebuilding a XKE is not for the faint of heart (or wallet), but it can be done. Again, it’s the same old thing. You could probably find a Jag without the Flintstone floor, and even driveable for what it would take to restore this. They aren’t really that rare.
    Speaking of Flintstones, a funny episode was when Fred and Barney are running to catch a bus, they just make it to the bus stop, where the bus is waiting, relieved, they hop on the bus, and all the people on the bus, pick up the bus, and run down the street.

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  10. mattt

    I’m predicting 50k. These are undeniably beautiful cars but demand has pushed prices through the roof. Only the porsche guys are willing to pay more for less than the XKE worshiper.

  11. MGB Norman

    I got the yellow lens the buyer needs for that left front corner. The buyer is gonna have some scratch if the bidding is at 16K. They can have that lens for, lets say, $89.95. :-)
    and I’ll pay the postage.

  12. Robert R. Member

    FYI a replacement E Type Bonnet sells for: $9,265.00 to $9,550.00. Maybe someone is going to just part this unit out….?

  13. Dan Browning

    I bought a 1967 2 Plus 2 hard top in 1975 from a farm in Lebanon , Ohio .The Problem was the father had a fetish for dogs . He rolled the windows down and let any number of strays use the Jaguar for a dog hotel !Needless to say the strays ate the entire interior . I charged the existing battery added some gas fired her up and drove it home . I put a lawn chair cushion on the seat frame so I could stand the ride. Inline 6 with a 4 speed transmission . like several of you have said some folks should not be allowed to own cars . I paid $2500.00 sold it about 6 months later to make pay roll made a good profit but I have regretted it ever since !

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