French AMC: 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible

UPDATE 1/13/19 – The bidders didn’t meet the seller’s reserve back in April of 2018 when this incredible 1985 Renault Alliance convertible was listed on eBay. They now have it listed here on Craigslist with a reduced price of $4,900 or trade. This sure looks like the nicest one that I have ever seen, how about you?

FROM 04/02/18 – When the top goes down the price goes up. That’s usually the case, although this 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible, as nice as it is, has a current bid price of under $3,000 on eBay. The reserve isn’t met and I’m assuming that the reserve is at least double the current bid price. It’s located in Orlando, Florida.

This is probably the nicest Alliance that I’ve seen, convertible or not. This thing looks absolutely perfect to me. I’m sure that there has to be a flaw somewhere and if there is one, someone will scout it out. Let us know in the comments. Ok, I see one now, the gap on the right side of the hood and top of fender is a bit wide compared to the left side. Hopefully that can be adjusted.

The seller says that this car has “Exceptionally low, original miles.” It does in fact have just 59,780 miles on it which is around 1,811 miles a year. They go on to say that it’s a “true survivor, this Renault has had a pampered life in Ocala Florida. Garage kept by private owner and driven on sunny weekends.” It looks as nice as any of our newer cars do and much nicer than any of my older cars look.

These cars don’t get too much love here, but I sure like the look of the Alliance, especially in convertible form. It’s a shame that the drop-top photo is cut off like that but what a nice design. With the top up, maybe not so much but with it down it looks great in my opinion. The “power, convertible top works flawlessly” according to the seller.

The interior looks equally perfect other than some discoloration on the carpets. And, it’s a 5-speed for at least a little enjoyment behind the wheel other than getting a sunburned forehead. The seats look perfect both front and rear and the seller says that “the vinyl interior is nearly perfect.” There are no engine photos but it has Renault’s 1.7L inline-four with around 78 hp so the 5-speed will come in handy. This looks and sounds like a well-kept example and it’s just in time for spring!

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  1. SAM61

    It does have a very nice profile with the top down. Lower the suspension a bit, minilites, meaty tires, Raybans and a beret….ready to cruise!

    • Miguel

      I always thought it looked like the poor mans BMW convertible. That is why I bought one.

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  2. Dovi65

    Real nice looking droptop, especially with the top down. Great color combo. I am in the market for an older convertible, and this one isn’t too far away.

  3. Alan (Michigan) Member

    No AC…..

    I think that the seller’s assertion that it would be a “whimsical addition to any collection” is a curious way of saying that this is not a serious car? Hmmm…

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  4. James P Bandy


    I had one…a dealer’s wife car…automatic…very neat for a “scooter” The most slickest top folding I have ever seen..electric and perfect…Try using that with BMW/AUDI/JAG… fact I have thought of trying it in a Jaguar XJS I have….Engine is OK, but DO NOT break a timing belt!! NOT GOOD

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  5. Achman


    More like costume jewelry….

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  6. johnfromct

    A former friend was head of sales for an auto parts manufacturer to all the big auto manufacturers. I thought I wanted one of these Alliances. He told me that they were repeatedly pressured to cheapen parts from steering shafts to bearings in order to drive out costs, regardless of the impact on reliability. They walked away from much business rather than do that. I fortunately passed on the idea of buying one new.

    The Alliance had some brilliant ergonometric designs but history proved that reliability was not its forte. Only buy this if you drive it as a novelty.

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  7. ramblergarage

    I owned 3 of these one new one in 86. I have an 87 now that I put over 100,000 miles on.

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  8. glenn

    nice cars very playful but one problem the brake pedal was set way too high that you had to actually take your foot off the gas and life it up high and then push down. i guess it could be fixed but its such a hassle

  9. BOP Guy Member

    Haven’t seen one of these in years on the streets. When they came out, the first one I saw had the top down. Looked good. But the reliability reputation killed them. Interesting piece of history…..

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  10. Fiete T.

    “Jewel” used in describing a Renault product. Prime example of poetic license…

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      The word “jewel” has more than one meaning, Fiete T. I was referring to a visual jewel.

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  11. Rustytech Member

    These were not the most durable cars ever built, but they were fun to drive. This appears to be in excellent condition, and a great price for some drop top fun.

  12. Wayne

    Strong drive train. Easy revver engine. Always change the timing belt if you don’t have a receipt for when it was done last. “When in doubt, change it!”
    Sold my GTA Convert last year.

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  13. charlie Member

    A great car to pull behind your RV for tooling around the campground and to see the local sights. And when it breaks down, as it will, you just take the RV out and tow it home. Friend had a little GM convertible (a Sun something) which he towed from NH all around the country behind his big diesel RV and had a great time.

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  14. Dennis M

    The Alliance was an OK car, pretty much like most others of the period with a better more ergonomic interior.

    The GTA on the other hand was treat to drive, lots of power and handled like a slot car!

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  15. GP Member

    I had 6 or 7 of these in the 90’s, Good mileage and with 150 to 200,000 never used any oil. I wouldn’t mind having this one. Great color.

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  16. h5mind

    I found a red GTA coupe in a local junkyard for $150 which had been T-boned on the driver’s side, preventing the door from closing. For another fifty bucks, their shop attached a come-along and pulled it back into position. I drove the wheels off that car- best handling FWD car I have ever owned. Under the skin it was entirely upgraded from the standard Alliance- 2.0 OHC engine, suspension, brakes, sport seats, etc.

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  17. That AMC Guy

    Although these cars had their good qualities (clean design, great gas mileage, clever touches like pedestal seats) overall they were junk. Grievously underpowered for American conditions (1.4L with AC and automatic trans anyone?) and many started falling apart not long after delivery. Back in the 1990s when a 1980-something Toyota was still seen as a great used car buy you couldn’t give these away.

    The only good thing that came out of the Renault-AMC tieup was the Jeep Cherokee. Other than that it was a train wreck. For an inside look at went on with AMC and Renault see the book “The Last American CEO” by Jason Vines and Joe Cappy.

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  18. angliagt angliagt Member

    I heard from a Friend (Dale Ice) who is big into
    French cars,that someone sold one of these to a buyer
    in France,for a good price.Seems that the convertibles
    were never sold there.

    • Aribert

      This is another ASC OEM conversion. Was not uncommon for an OEM to do North American convertible and not offer it in other markets.

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