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Ford GT Wannabe: Fiberfab Avenger Kit Car

When Ford designed its GT, the car inspired worship among enthusiasts the world over. Soon known as the “GT40″ due to its 40” height, the sinuous sports car became the object of any manner of paraphernalia, including models, posters, books – and actual life-sized replicas. More than twenty tiny companies have made Ford GT look-alikes, with varying degrees of visual accuracy. Fiberfab is one of these, beginning with its Aztec. The Aztec arrived while the GT prototype was undergoing a re-design thanks to poor race results. It was not a replica per se, looking only vaguely like the real thing, but it sold pretty well and inspired the Aztec II, then the Avenger, and its V8 iteration, the Valkyrie. Here on eBay is a VW-based Fiberfab Avenger, bid to $21,100 in a no-reserve auction. The bidding has been spurred by the car’s attractive colors and reasonable condition. However, the seller notes that the new buyer shouldn’t plan to drive it far, due to a clutch issue. It’s located in Phoenix, Arizona with a dealer who specializes in kit cars.

The Avenger sits on a 1967 VW pan with a rear-mounted, air-cooled, dual carb’d VW engine paired with a manual transmission. The seller adjusted the non-working clutch but remarks that it should be replaced soon. The brakes work well and the car has a new fuel pump. The distributor has a transparent cover and situated in the bodywork is a clear plastic window just above it, so if you’re feeling romantic, you can watch the firing order at night. The twin air scoops are not part of the Avenger kit and they’re overdone, but they do mimic the look of the ’66 Le Mans winner. The wheels are staggered vintage Ford items clad in Pirelli Cinturato tires – check that date code!

The interior hasn’t been completely reassembled since the clutch work – the buyer will need to reinstall the seats. While you’re at it, the sale does include a set of black lap belts. That ’66 Le Mans winner we referenced? It was a right-hand drive car with the gearshift to the right of the driver – not a common layout at all. And unlike the original, this car comes with a modern stereo.

Typical of fiberglass, panel fit is not perfect and the seller notes that the paint has nicks and scratches here and there. I do like some of the details – the striping doesn’t say “GT40”, the wheels are boss, the interior is good-looking. But the current bid does seem like all the money; what do you think?


  1. Melton Mooney

    Sort of making me re-think the potential of VW kit cars.

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  2. Jay E. Member

    This is a nice presentation, someone put a lot of work into the details. It is Phoenix, can’t imagine driving there much without A/C.

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Good looking car. The linkage on that right handed drive car must be something else.

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    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations Dave at OldSchool Restorations Member

      ” right handed” ??? This is LHD and a typical setup for VW Bugs with rear engine.

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      • James

        He was talking about the 66 lemans winner being a rhd.

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  4. Bruce

    The biggest problem with all the fiberfab kits is the hanging of the doors, installing the door locks and window mechanisms. this car seems to have solved those up to a point but that car will get hot quickly and will be in serious need of an air conditioner of some kind. In addition vision out is not great to the rear. Those rear humps really limit vision more than you might expect and the almost flat rear window while not unless but it is close.

    That is the bad the good is that the bodies were very well made and better than some fiberglass cars from other small makers. The light weight makes the performance better and the lower center of gravity does the same. Depending upon engine output you will be somewhere between a VW and a 911 in terms of performance. To every policeman you will be like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I was never in one at night so I can not say anything about the headlights or interior lighting but one should take care about the rear glass reflecting light back to the front glass. More than one maker has made that mistake. These can be great fun but they are also extremely limited with that in mind enjoy.

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    • AnnasBigBananas

      Build a chassis, cage the interior and targa the roof! What more could anyone do? Still a third the cost of a real GT…

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  5. Glenn Laughman

    This is one of the coolest kitcars I have ever seen. I fell in love with the Bradley Gts when I was a kid in the 1970s.This is really a amazing kit build. I wish I had the room .

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    • John Eder

      And they didn’t smear any excess plastic model glue on the exterior surfaces…

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    • AnnasBigBananas

      …just park it in the driveway to piss-off the neighbors or HOA. Especially early Sunday mornings when you fire it up for church.

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  6. James

    He was talking about the 66 lemans winner being a rhd.

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  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Thanks James. And sorry Dave, I believe I flagged you by mistake. I was trying to respond to your post. Take care, Mike,

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    Nice body if the bid doesn’t go too high one could take that body and put it on some frame with a V8.

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  9. Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

    I often wonder why people that design and build a very nice fibreglass car like this, don’t put a Ford V8 motor in it? A VW engine? Not ever! I was part of a team that built a fibreglass sportscar in South Africa which we named Zeus, and it was mounted on the customer’s own Bug chassis, although the finished article looked quite acceptable it still only drove like a Beetle. Total waste of effort so we closed down after building 21 of them.

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  10. Air cooled Member

    Neat car 20Gs? Engine looks good, Weber carbs,alternator, chrome. But not here! in a buggy id say. Flat Porsche 6 & transaxle. Definitely not that swing axle. That would be a blast A/C or not. I’d like to have it.

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  11. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    At roughly 1500#’s assembled, this would go like stink if a 400HP Suby motor were pushing it around!

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  12. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    There seems to be a lot of these as unfinished kits, and even some of the mostly complete ones I have seen are not over $10k, but this one does look nicely done for what it is.

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  13. AnnasBigBananas

    Well executed example! One of the finest Iv seen since the 70s. Downside is/was the underpinnings. Should’ve gone the extra $$$ with a period Porsche drivetrain, etc. But for a quaint Ventura blvd.cruiser or early morning Mulholland Drive dash to church….this little gem does the trick.

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  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    No Gurney Bubble? Pass.

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  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $24,200.

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  16. chrlsful

    all the drawbacks of the original w/o any of the performance additions?
    Nope, I’ll take the Zuse.

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  17. Frank

    24k and it needs a clutch? No thanks

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