Forest Find: 1956 Chevrolet

This 1956 Chevy is said to be just a two-owner car and in the same family now for more than 30 years. But at some point, the family lost interest and it found itself sitting out in a beautiful forest in scenic Albany, Oregon. The automobile doesn’t look to be the high-end Bel Air model, so it must be either the entry-level 150 or the mid-range 210. It’s available here on Facebook Marketplace for the asking price of $10,000 OBO.

The generation of Chevies produced between 1955-57 became known as the Tri Fives and the ’56 models would be the mid-way point. Little changed from the year before (other than taillights and turn signals) and the 1956 Chevies would see a production of about 1.6 million units. Of that number, 150 2-door sedans would comprise 82,000 copies, and the 210 2-door sedans another 206,000. So, this forgotten Tri-Five is in one of those statistics.

This ’56 doesn’t look as though it has been mobile in years and no mention is made what may be wrong with it other than what time and Mother Nature has done to it. It comes with three engines (does that include the one in the car?), a spare Powerglide automatic transmission, and all sorts of other parts, many NOS. The reported mileage on the car greater than 100,000.

The once grey sedan’s paint job has long ago succumbed to the elements. This 150 or 210 likely has rust in places we can’t see, and all the chrome has been removed. The front clip looks as those it easily detaches as a photo of it separate from the rest of the car has been posted. The seller says the car must be moved as soon as possible, so cash is king. The asking price sounds like a lot for a car with as many unknowns as this one may have.

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  1. 8banger Member

    10k? Good lord.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Roll another one,
      Just like the other one.
      You been holding onto it,
      And I sure would like a hit!
      Don’t bogart that joint my friend,
      Pass it over

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  2. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Two Owner car? Who, Father Time and Mother Nature??

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    Actually ten big ones doesn’t seem too bad when you consider the cost of all that Mossy Oak cammo.

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    • Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

      And like snowflakes, Mossy Oak Camo is always a 1 of 1, so there’s that…

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  4. Ian C

    The removed front end is a fiberglass one piece unit. I am not sure if it is worth fixing, but it would make an excellent yard art car!

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  5. JCA

    I heard the second owner was a Sleestack

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  6. Derek

    10 dollars, more like.

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  7. Bud Lee

    Looks like a giant chia-pet .

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  8. 370zpp

    Swamp Thing, your car is ready.

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  9. Skorzeny

    It’s haunted.

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  10. TimM

    10K I don’t think so!! I’ll just plant my garden in the soil I have here now instead!!!

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  11. George

    They had goals of a hot rod, or further rodding it.

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  12. SDJames

    Get it running, keep it watered and enjoy the heck out of it!

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  13. Steve Clinton

    A ‘back-to-nature’ Chevy with an asking price of $10,000 OBO. And it’s not even April Fools Day.

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  14. Steve Clinton

    “56 Chevy two door coupe second owner in the family over 30 years comes with deplicate parts. 3 engines power glide tranny nos parts. Message for phone number price obo need moved ASAP Albany oregon. The car is 10000 obo ten grande.”
    Can we say ‘spell check’?

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  15. Mike

    Another Hillbilly trying to strike it RICH… has to be in the Tenn Hills.. where when they add on to their house..they just go out and find an old school bus.. tow in next to the house..and WALLAH… another Bedroom….and dont forget the refrigerator on the front porch. ..LOL… talk about Moss? Look at their house roof… what a mess…will it ever end..? I doubt it… thats the way they
    are brought up…

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  16. John C.

    yes sir, she has set in this spot for years, but let’s not take 15 minutes to clean her off before we take any pictures, we would have to increase the price if we did that. SMH.

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  17. Jim in FL Member

    No words can describe this desecration…or the obnoxious greed of the seller…

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  18. Tort Member

    I would think someone would have heard that these cars had been very popular for quite a few years and were bringing good prices and would have sold it when it still had value instead of it sitting out in the elements for years to rot away.

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  19. Pete

    Well since nobody else has said it yet. Awe Hell it will Buff out just fine.

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  20. Kevin

    🤣…I usually never use emojis, unless texting one of my kids,what a joke, car looks ready to melt into the forest!,knock a 0 off,and someone might want it for something….other than a bottomless pit,I have no idea,another shameful example of a once great car,left to rot away!

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  21. Johnny C.

    Albany Oregon is a very WET area… lots of rain all year round. That moss will actually root into the sheet metal. Sitting over open ground would eat the underside. If the owner were to power wash what’s left of this unfortunate beast, it would likely either disintegrate or fall apart. The price isn’t even believable, so in closing let’s play a few verses of “Beautiful Dreamer”!

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  22. Gray Wolf

    There is an ass for every seat but____

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  23. Don Eladio


  24. Paul

    That is a crime leaving that car out to rot in the woods. Possibly a hanging offence. sad, just sad.

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  25. Ryan Naro

    I’d pay 10k in pennies for it.

  26. Joe Bru

    if it comes with 3 BB chevy engines running, maybe worth it…

  27. Rant Winters

    Knowing a little about that sort of wet moss… Every single clump you remove will reveal a spot of rust where that sort of moss has been doing what it does best, break things down. Price is to much by two zeros, and that 100 bux is what you PAY to the junkyard guys for towing it away. Delusional.

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  28. Greg Goodwin

    People these days havent learned the concept of proper use of the decimal point!!
    Properly, it should look like $100.00

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